Friday, February 29, 2008

Dhoni's dubious gloves

There was not much noise from Indian side about the right or wrong of Dhoni using a pair of gloves that was not in conformity with accepted standards.Questions nevertheless arise.Was not Dhoni aware that the gloves he was sporting were made with the webbing different from ICC specifications? To say that he has been using these types of gloves even in test matches earlier is no answer when the gloves breached ICC specifications. We have also heard in the past of complaints that one Indian player was using bat wider than normal. Who is responsible to ensure that all the playing equipments used by our players are strictly as per rules? If it is the manager’s responsibility,is it not proper to seek his explanation as to how he allowed this lapse.
Handing over the gloves after being commented upon by Ian Healy and ordered by the match referee and taking the normal pair does not absolve Dhoni of the wrong done initially by him.The match referee might have let him off being the first time offence but has told him not to repeat the mistake.But for our BCCI to let Dhoni off without a stricture just because he is the captain and also for the reason that no one presumably pressed for it is a bad precedent. That someone in another team had a golf ball in the gloves is no argument for using gloves with unacceptable shape for better advantage. A wrong cannot be righted by another wrong. One cannot be faulted for presuming the spectacular catch to dismiss Adam Gilchrist would not have been possible without the advantageous gloves. Such act even if innocent from a captain himself detracts from our creditable performance and should be viewed seriously. BCCI's silence is intriguing.Would it have remained so if Gilchrist had used a similar gloves to dismiss Sachin? After all the captain should not only be a role model for the younger players but also seen so.

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