Monday, March 24, 2008

Lamentable behaviour of BCCI

by KParthasarathi Monday, March 24, 2008
The news report that Kapil Dev and Wadekar have not been invited for the function to be held at Chennai to felicitate Anil Kumble for taking 600 wickets is shocking. The only obvious reason could be their association with Indian Cricket League (ICL). Kapil Dev or Ajit Wadekar are not poorer for this slight by the board. They come out as courageous men who will not buckle under pressure to disown ICL.It is BCCI that cuts a sorry figure and making itself a laughing stock.
Why does BCCI nurse such a grudge against ICL? In the corporate world we witness today firms dealing in the same product and competing in a highly competitive market do not exhibit such mutual animosity and hatred as BCCI shows towards ICL.In fact such competing firms form industry associations to protect their common interests. Why should BCCI display such intolerance? Do they want a monopoly in cricket? These are days of free market and the best one survives.BCCI is selling cricket and so does ICL. The attitude of ICC towards such T20 outfits should be uniform. What if Australia or England start one, would ICC deny recognition? Why the step motherly attitude to ICL and preferential treatment to BCCI?
All former captains except the two have been invited and may be rewarded in some way. To exclude these two for having defied its diktat not to join ICL is one form of encouraging slavery. The auctioning of players is in piece with this attitude. It is good to remember that the invitation is for the role played as former captains and not whether they are in employment or not with ICL presently. The two should not be mixed. It smacks of school boy’s peevish behaviour. The other former captains should en masse ignore this function without failing at the same time to felicitate Anil Kumble for his scintillating achievement. What the board does to these two ex-captains may be dealt to others also on future occasions. The players should exhibit solidarity. Such a step alone would send the right message to BCCI which is being run as a private fiefdom and not as a public body to which one billion Indians identify themselves. It is fondly hoped that saner counsel would prevail and the mistake rectified in time.

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