Thursday, June 5, 2008

The feminine charm

-by KParthasarathi Thursday, June 05, 2008
It was 7-30pm and the sky was getting dark. The road was a bit desolate and the lights were few and far between. The office crowd had thinned out. There were not many on the road that had many sprawling IT offices in the interior of big compound walls. Cars were of course whizzing past at great speed. Sunil had a meeting at one of the offices that should have been over by 6pm. But it started late and he was held up. His wife had taken his car as Sunil had said that he would come home in a taxi. As he was walking with the brief case in one hand, he saw a young woman virtually running from the opposite direction towards him. He could see that she was afraid of something as she was frequently looking behind her shoulders. About thirty yards behind her, he saw two young men trailing her and increasing their pace to close the gap. Sunil wondered how these young ladies dared to walk alone in lonely stretches without the security of numbers. As the distance between the woman and the young men reduced, she ran faster towards him. When she was a few yards from him, she shouted “Raghav, how are you? How come you are here at this point of time?” Sunil looked behind to see whether anyone else was behind. When he saw none, he turned towards her wondering to whom she was talking. By that time she had clasped his hand with hers and said hurriedly in a low voice “Please save me. These fellows are chasing me for quite some distance and keep whistling. I think they are wicked men and their intentions are not honourable.Please pretend that we are friends.” Sunil immediately forced a big smile on his face and shook her hands vigorously talking to her some meaningless nothings enthusiastically. The stalkers on seeing the big built Sunil conversing with the young woman went past them possibly looking for another prey.
After they left, the young woman thanked him profusely and said that but for him she would have been in deep trouble. She said that she would walk with him up to the auto stand. She looked very attractive when she smiled. When they walked together she actually snuggled close to him which Sunil relished and thought she had not got over the shock and fear. When they reached the auto/taxi stand, she hugged him with smiling eyes in gratitude for his help. She took a three wheeler and Sunil a taxi.
When he reached home, his wife was already there. He told her proudly how he saved a young woman from the clutches of rogues but did not mention how she walked with him rubbing shoulder to shoulder. When he changed his dress, he found to his great shock that his wallet was missing from the rear pocket of his trouser. He had kept Rs. 6000 in cash besides a few credit cards and ATM card. He notified immediately the banks about the loss. They drove to the police station near the IT offices to lodge a complaint. The kindly SI after listening to his woes sympathetically said “You are the thirteenth loser this month. This is a new strategy. The woman and the two men are part of a gang and deprive gullible men of their belongings. The woman being good looking and well dressed, people fall for this trap. We are trying hard to catch them with a decoy walking daily. They are clever and have not so far fallen into our snare.. We are sure to get them. Don’t worry. We will get in touch with you.”


  1. Your post reminded me of the increasing crimes of varying degrees committed by such gangs and women to be particular. The latter gender seem to use their exquisite traits in the game of manipulation in such a way that their involvement in any mishap seems to be unbelievable and generates only sympathy. The latest incident of the Maria-Grover is one such instance where the woman used heinous tactics to her advantage.What was earlier known as the feminine charm is now replaced by feminine harm.

  2. Very good sense of humour, Parthasarathi. A small price Sunil paid for "which Sunil relished."
    On a serious note, not all women are like the woman in your story.
    Your work conveys social message without sounding like sermons.