Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The only child

- by KParthasarathi 09 Dec 2008
Rajee and Ramjee made an ideal couple. She is an engineer working in a multinational bank. He is also an engineer with an MBA to boot working in an IT company. They had a nice apartment with two cars and were earning very well. While she is charming and attractive having won a Miss college contest, he was a tall, dusky and handsome guy. They loved each other and life was passing smoothly. She did not however like his frequent jaunts overseas on official business.
She was fond of babies and yearned for children. Even while young she used to carry in her arms the babies of her siblings much to their relief and play for a long time with them. Unfortunately they were not blessed with one even though she desired one very much. She was disappointed but never made public of her longing. Ramjee however did not show much enthusiasm for an early child possibly because he wanted their carefree romance to continue without a child to spoil it. Her parents were also not unduly worried as in some cases delays are common. The couple was also very young.
It was therefore a matter of great jubilation when Rajee conceived finally. She was thrilled and very excited with happiness. While Ramjee appeared happy for her, he did not show much enthusiasm. Possibly he felt that they were being burdened with a child so early. That could be the reason he did not share the joy with Rajee fully though he was very considerate and supportive throughout her pregnancy. All the religious functions associated with the birth of child were gone through with gaiety by families on both sides.
She finally delivered a charming baby boy. The parents on both sides were delighted. It was a month after the advent of the new born. One night as he was lying in the bed with her nursing the baby, Ramjee spoke softly. He told her." Rajee,I think it is enough with this one child. You wanted one very much and you have it now. No one will speak about you with derision.”
She asked in surprise "Why do you say all these? I have been watching you. You have not been your usual bubbly self and often morose. If you do not want more children, it is ok by me. Why do you have to put such a long face? I have not seen you playing with the baby too.”
“I have to tell you now, Rajee.I love you immensely but unable to suffer the terrible ache in my heart for a long time. It looks as though it will burst. I cannot share it with anyone else. I have decided to bare it all. Listen carefully. When we didn't get a child and you were anxious about it, I decided to test myself medically. Unluckily I had found that I can have no progeny and that I am physically unfit. The condition it appeared is beyond repair. I had not the heart to tell you then and kept it to myself. I hope you understand the full import of what I am telling you. I do not want to get anymore into this. Take it from me my love for you is not a bit reduced for whatever reason.”
She was shocked and uttered a cry as she fell on him sobbing inconsolably. When she regained composure and started to speak, he said ‘Rajee, No need. Let it remain with you forever. I am not interested. Don’t be afraid in the least. I have no intention to let you down. My lips are sealed. This baby is our son. Only ensure that we don't get any more. Do you understand?”


  1. An exceptional husband. But all said and done, she cheated him. She could have gone for adoption.
    Good style of writing, though. Best wishes.

  2. thank you ayesha, i didnt uderstand the article at all, as i did a peripheral reading only, not because i dont like to read, but for the tight schedule i have at college, now to comment, as she said, an exceptional husband..
    and good article, feeling bad for myself for ont understanding in the first reading.

    betweem. thanks for those comments and visit to obnoxiousmind Mr.KP

  3. ohhh all that ends well is no tragic story ha?
    however, let me say, there was something about this story that i didnt understand ...
    the crux of the whole thing seems to be hanging in the air! maybe!

  4. Thanks Deepu for the comment.I visit your blog daily.Reg the story
    certain things have not been made explicit and left to the imagination of the reader like Rajee cheating on her husband unaware of his diability.Pl skim thro it again.

  5. Thank you for dropping by at "Waves", Parthasarathy. In your comment about US,I think you meant 9/11, right!! 7/11 was a typo, I think! Or am I missing something here!


  6. thats well said there ...
    and i agree with you
    unelss we get out of our getto mentality and venture out to the dark, nothing differnt will take place

  7. Hey, very nice story..a word of advice though..put more spaces between the paragraphs..the posts are a bit hard to read..Keep blogging!

  8. Thanks,Sheba, for the comments.Iwill make the blog more reader friendly as advised.
    Keep visiting my space