Thursday, February 19, 2009

A happy encounter at Denver

Rajiv still remembered the girl whom he had gone to see some four years back at the insistence of his dad. He had just finished his M.S at Tallahassee varsity after his B.Tech in IIT.His parents wanted him to get married soon. They have heard of many youngsters falling in love with the young American colleagues and marrying them. But he wanted to settle down in a good job first before marrying. When his dad told him that he had already promised to bring Rajiv to see the girl, he could not refuse. He however told him that he had no intention of marrying for the next two years and that he was coming to see only in deference to his wishes
He didn’t remember the name of the girl he saw, some Sujatha or Sumitra.She was no doubt tall, good looking, a M.C.A and had just joined a prestigious company. He liked the way she giggled and the dimples on her both cheeks.But then he steeled himself to resist the temptation to say yes. He heard subsequently the girl was disappointed and wished to marry him.
He did his PhD and had settled himself well in his career. He was still a bachelor and his mom was looking for suitable match. His dad had passed away. He was on his way from Boston to Sanfransisco.The plane had developed a technical snag and stopped at Denver. It looked a long wait was ahead, may be about 6 hours. There was nothing available to eat except some coke, tea and snacks. He was hungry. He whiled away the time walking in the lounge. The hall was full mostly of Americans, a few Chinese and Mexicans. When he went to the last row he saw a lone Indian girl in jeans and T-shirt. He smiled at her, and she returned it. Emboldened he went to her. He wanted to kill the time chatting with someone from his country.
“Can I sit down here? I am Rajiv of San Francisco on way from Boston and stranded here. I am a Tamil from Chennai.” he said.
“By all means, please sit down. Good that we have got company. I am Sumitra, call me Sumi. I Live in San Jose. But I too belong to Chennai” She replied.
After some pleasantries, he said I am famished. Nothing is available in this wretched place.” She laughed and said, “I have some parottas given by my cousin who lives in Boston. Let us finish them. There is adequate for both of us.”
The dimples when she laughed took him to the day years back when he saw a girl for matrimony. What a striking similarity, he thought.”Were you ever in Adyar? I remember to have met a girl four years back at a house near Ambica stores. That was a corner house and I saw the girl in an apartment in the first floor.”
She said, “Yes, my parents still live in that area and I too remember an young man visiting us to see me. He had done his M.S.But we were disappointed when we later learnt that he had no intention to marry but came along with his parents in deference to their wishes. I felt it was not fair on his part to dupe the other side.”
“Sumi, I am not sure whether I am the guy you are referring to. But I did go to see a girl in that vicinity. I forget the name of the girl’s dad. My dad is no more for me to check. Let me pin point some specific thing in that house for you to confirm whether it was your house, I had visited. I have a vague memory of a big doll of Krishna with flute in hand and cow inside a show case in the corner. There was a big brass lamp of about four feet high kept by its side. Do they strike you as relevant?” he asked.
“Yes, you are the same person. You had even declined the coffee given to you and instead took a coke. Am I right?” she said.
“Wow, I am the foolish guy who lost the God sent opportunity. You must be married now. I am yet to marry.” he lamented
“No, I am still not married. My mom is looking for one.” she blushed
“Wow, how lucky we are that the plane had developed a snag. Would you marry me? I am sorry for what I did then,” he replied as he offered his hand”
When she produced hers, he drew her close and hugged her unmindful of the amused glances from the waiting passengers.


  1. Hi Sir,

    How ru? Actually, I just dropped by in a hurry to see what you've posted. But when Shree Krishna welcomed me, I couldn't steel myself to resist the temptation. Yielded :)

    And, yes, the story is really wonderful.Strange are His ways to bring people together. You've beautifully described it.

    A small suggestion.... I feel the conversations after they meet in the airport are quite dramatic. Except Shree Krishna's idol, may be, you could have made rajiv forget the rest of the details like place, home and so on.

    How do you think it would have been?

  2. Nice story....
    Krishna does play around for a while and bring us gems....He is surely really great and He is the reason for them to reunite.... mani told, it looks like the dialoges are a bit dragging and dramatic.... if you thnk i and he are right then do try and bring in some changes....but trust me, well written....

  3. A nice story with a beautiful picture of Gopal.
    Thanks KP.

  4. Thanks Manivannan,MY World(?) and Ayesha for the comments. The point raised is well taken and will be taken care of in future.

  5. An interesting story and clearly brings out the fact that nothing can beat destiny.

  6. A nice story for Valentine's day. Simple, sweet and romantic. Well written. Conveys the saying ' Matches are made in heaven'

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  8. Its funny where life takes you, funny but beaytiful coincidences. A very cute post:)

  9. opps made a spelling mistake, thnk got too engrossed in the post. Great work:)

  10. Nice story for the right season. simplicity & the style of script makes the story sounds great & funny.

  11. i loved this story :),,,god does make us meet the one for us if we r patient i guess..:)

  12. and thats romantic :) that ia all what i can say, sorry that i took my time to comment. hope i let you know the reasons n me mail.