Sunday, February 8, 2009

The magic of the kite

Dinesh and his wife Savitri along with their 6 year old son had come to South India on vacation. They had been planning this visit for a long time. Chennai was their last point. They had not seen a beach in their life. They had reserved one day in Chennai only for this purpose. When they went early in the evening, they were taken in by the bewitching beauty of Marina beach. The warmth of the long stretch of sands, the view of the vast expanse of sea with its roaring waves in the azure back ground and the accompanying cool breeze transported them to heavenly joy. Both had wanted to stand in the water and enjoy the waves lashing at their feet. They had never envisaged the great problem that arose from their son Varun.Eversince he came to the beach, he was cross and irritable.He did not want to walk on the sand. He complained of pain in the leg. He cried that that they should not go near the water. He was throwing up all sorts of tantrums. Not all the cajoling and appeasing with candies, ice cream, and ponyride would make him budge. He stood adamant refusing to move and wailing at the top of the voice. He was afraid of the water. The couple were at their wit’s end not knowing what to do. They didn’t want to miss enjoying the beach but were averse to make the boy cry further.
It was then one young boy of Varun’s age who was returning back home with his dad came towards Varun. He handed over the thread of the kite he was flying to Varun.Varun was elated and got immersed in keeping the kite afloat in the sky. He stopped crying and was able to stabilise the kite with the help of his daddy. All his petulance had vanished and he was walking with his parents towards the water. There was no resistance as he was busy keeping the kite in position.Dinesh and Savitri took turns to stand in the water with the waves breaking on their legs, and drenching their clothes. It was an exhilarating and new experience. The sun was still shining but they had to leave to catch the night train to Delhi.
When they started walking back towards the waiting car on the road, they saw a young boy again of Varun’s age crying and refusing out of fear to move towards the sea. He squatted on the sand, and wailed hysterically with his parents looking helplessly.Varun was amused. His parents smiled remembering the antics of Varun a couple of hours before. They were surprised when Varun walked towards the crying boy and handed over the thread of the kite that was still floating up in the sky. The same metamorphosis from fear to joy came about in the boy’s face with Varun walking proudly with his parents towards the car.


  1. nice story sir, a different one from you, love reading :)

  2. Really liked this story. Well written as usual.

  3. The thread of the kite passed from one person to another is a beautiful way of expressing the act of sharing happiness.

    Thank you, Parthasarathi for spreading joy :)


  4. Thank you all for the comments and encouragement

  5. Theres a lovely idea behind the story:) Thanks and all the very best to you!

  6. Gosh! You are a thinker. Very interesting, motivating and mind blowing concept!

  7. Thanks Sana and Anu for the nice comments

  8. Hi!!! Spending time in Marina beach is a real great feeling. I am fortunate enough to have enjoyed Marina Beach for three decades. Having born in Triplicane, Marina Beach, Chepauk Stadium, Beach Cricket and Sri Parthasarathy Temple are unforgettable experience.

    Early morning Suprabatham from nearby Sri Parthasarathy Temple, the soothing sound of namaaz from a far off mosque, Sahasrana parayanam and the sound of horn from the motor cars that rarely ply on the beach road and the beauty of fishermen coming out of sea in the rising sun are all memories that will last for life time.

    And above all your writing adds more beauty to that.

  9. such a lovely 1....:)...
    children bring out the simpelest solutions to al the problems :)...the best way to grow is to interact with the kids..
    a very cute story..