Thursday, June 4, 2009

Unresolved question

Rajesh was attending his thirteenth interview. He did not have any professional qualification besides the graduation degree. With no practical experience he drew blank wherever he went. To add worth to his CV he did some short term courses in a computer software institute. He hoped he stood a chance in this organization as it did not stipulate prior experience as a requirement. He wished to be in their office half an hour before time but he was held up in the traffic. He was rushing inside the large lounge of the building when he collided against a gentleman who was also in apparent hurry. He was in late fifties in full suit. His brief case fell with a thud on the floor and his spectacles also fell down. Rajesh immediately stooped down to pick the glasses and the brief case. Luckily there was no damage to the glass. Rajesh apologized repeatedly for rushing. Although the gentleman was initially annoyed, he soon forgave him as he appeared mollified by Rajesh’s good manners.
When Rajesh saw the elevator getting filled with people he ran to get into it. When he saw the gentleman also hurrying behind him, he held the doors of the lift for the gentleman to join. The elevator was already jam-packed and Rajesh squeezed himself to make way for him much to the annoyance of other passengers. Rajesh smiled at him and was sort of relieved when the gentleman returned his smile and thanked him for holding the lift for his sake.
When Rajesh got out in the 14th floor and saw the large number of candidates waiting, his spirit sagged. It was already 10 am. The interview hadn’t started. From the discussions amongst the waiting candidates he learnt that there were only ten vacancies against the nearly hundred young men and women competing. He was not sanguine about his chances and wanted to be done with the process quickly. He used to pray for success earlier but the repeated rejections made him lose faith. Nevertheless he did pray this last time.
Many candidates went in one after the other and when they returned he failed to see a smile in their faces. His turn came after nearly two hours. When he went in he saw to his great dismay the same gentleman whom he had knocked in the lounge sitting in the chair. His heart sank and he was sure that he stood no chance after the unpleasant incident. He made a feeble attempt to smile. Much to his surprise the gentleman recognized him and said “Was all your hurry to attend this interview? It was the same case with me too.”
He then put Rajesh at ease and asked him questions generally about him and his family. There were no testing questions relating to the job. Rajesh felt that the interviewer was being just courteous and this too will be one more unsuccessful encounter. When he rose up to leave, the gentleman said obliquely with a smile on his face that unpleasant incidents sometimes yield pleasing results.
When Rajesh got his appointment letter later, he wondered whether it was the fruit of his last prayer or the disagreeable accident in the lounge.


  1. dear partha,
    miracles happen.''more things are wrought by prayer than this world ever dreams of''.
    thanks for avaluable message and i'm busy completing my postnow.
    happy blogging!i'm sure you will have a sound sleep,after writing value added posts. sasneham,

  2. Nice one. Coincidence or destiny...guess both worked in Rajesh's favour!!

  3. A good way of telling people that having good manners can pay off !!



  4. Incidentally a coincidence!???
    Coincidentally an incident ??!

  5. Everything that Happens,it all Happens for the Good.....Ellam Nanmaikkay...........


  6. Nice post, you know sometimes it really helps to control ur temper and not unleash your anger...You never know when that one moment of anger will lead to something bad...

  7. amazing story...just loved it..bought a smile on my face :)

  8. hmmm ...
    do i need to say anything here ....when you know what i m thru ...
    me in the awaiting list!!!! expectations ...

    not all are Rajeshs ...

  9. good story sir.. and finally the gates are openf or me :) am here.. but i knew it was going to happend as soon as i read, he collided ! :D