Sunday, June 7, 2009

Unseen presence

Rajesh and Ragini were made for each other as everyone in their IT office would testify. Be it in intelligence or good looks or the cheer they spread around both of them matched each other. They were in deep love for the last three years and were waiting for a year more for Rajesh’s sister’s wedding to be over for them to tie the knot. This did not however stand in the way of their spending their time together all the waking hours in the office and outside in malls and multiplexes. Their parents also knew of their love and respected their wish to wait for a year to get married.
But destiny had something else in store for them. Many things had happened in the course of three years.Ragini got married to Dinesh an executive in a MNC and she was a mother of a baby boy. She had not joined work and preferred to be a home maker at least for a few years till the boy grew. She no doubt remembered Rajesh frequently initially after marriage but she tried hard to forget him. Dinesh was a loving husband and was very considerate to his wife. They were very happy.
It was then one day Rajesh found Ragini along with her baby in the stroller in super market they used to visit frequently. He was not happy seeing her with a child and was upset that she chose to ignore his love for her by marrying someone else. He did no want to talk to her on his own but managed to stand in the same aisles where she was choosing her things to catch her attention.. He saw her turning towards him many times but did not show any recognition of him. He felt bad that she did not even show the courtesy of smiling at him or greeting him. He went once or twice very close to her hoping that she would talk to him. He was very pained at her total indifference as if he did not exist at all. What happened, he thought, to all the professions of love, the promises made and the many stolen kisses? How she could be so heartless and cruel, he wondered. He could not recollect any single unpleasant incident to mar their relationship. In fact he was handsome and highly qualified and was in senior position. What went wrong that she should ditch him? Before giving up his intention to find the reason for the change of heart, he decided to make one last effort. She had moved away by about ten yards and was nearing the gate. She was evidently in a hurry and called her son who was playing a little away “Rajesh, Come here immediately. I am leaving.” What a treacherous woman to name his son after him after rejecting his love, thought Rajesh. Unmindful of others present he screamed at the top of his voice”Ragini, wait for a moment.Ragini, Ragini, Please wait. Do not go away.” She moved on as if she did not hear him and got into the car and drove away. He was embarrassed and turned around. Everyone in the shop was minding his or her own business with none taking note of him. He wondered why such indifference towards him by all even when he had screamed loudly as if he was not present there at all.
On exit from the favourite supermarket Ragini’s thoughts returned to Rajesh as she was driving back home and the horrible accident three years back. She remembered the night they were returning from a housewarming party thrown by a colleague in Rajesh’s two wheeler. Though Rajesh kept away from alcohol, she clearly recalled how he succumbed to peer pressure that evening and had a few glasses. It was drizzling and dark. The lorry traffic and the Omni buses to the various towns were heavy. There were no traffic lights in that long stretch of road and the vehicles were moving at great speed. She knew that Rajesh was a careful driver and yet in that darkness he failed to see the speeding truck when he changed the lane. Ragini recalled how she lay in the hospital unconscious for months. Luckily and surprisingly to everyone she regained consciousness and started gradually recovering. But she could not easily digest the news of Rajesh’s tragic death on the spot that was divulged only when she was better. The only thing she could do to perpetuate his memory was to name her son after him.


  1. good story sir.. i had to read it a couple of times to get it, as i dint notice the title..:) it confused me a lil but then its all clear :)

  2. if everything happened as and when we wished and wanted ..i think life wouldnt be as worth living and exciting as it is ...

    some happenings in life allways keeps us wondering with a 'why' brimming on our lips ...

    nice story sir ... as always ..

  3. dear partha,
    i feel embarassed for a late visit.i was excited about my new post and you are so humble not to mention a single word about your post.
    an unusual story well narrated.your unseen presence is inspiring and encouraging for many.
    happy writing.

  4. good story! A slight attention towards paragraph aligning will increase the readers.

  5. This story reminded me of a couple of films on similar theme... Very well written, Sir..

    It is a little scary too... To think that there are unseen presence all around us !!!

  6. Thats a very nice story, extremely interesting and higly tragic. I hope it never happens to the people who decide to spend their life together..Its a scary thought...

  7. Rajesh didnt seem to get a passover and doesnt know the fact that hes dead...guess what? i saw an exact same theme on ghost whisperer tonite..but it was between a kid who dies and his mom..did u ever think of sending ur stories to a movie director? amazing themes partha.