Monday, October 26, 2009

A good deed

The bus was jam packed.Nalini never expected this.When her two wheeler refused to start she hurried to the bus stop.The threewheelers were plying but all of them had passengers.She waited for more than ten miniutes for an empty auto.She had to reach her office on time for a meeting.It was cloudy with the threat of rain.She took the bus to avoid the rain.There was hardly any space to move.The men were virtually breathing on her neck.She could not stand the stench of their body odour.The conductor asked her where she was bound for.When she mentioned he tore a 4 rupee ticket and thrust it on her hand.She proffered a fifty rupee note having no coin.Hedeclined saying with asperity in the voice ”No Change with me.Give me the exact amount.”

She replied “Sorry, I have only one two rupee coin.Please help me.I will take the balance later when I get down.”

He whistled the bus to a stop and said heartlessly “Give me back the ticket.Please get down.Be quick”

“It is drizzling outside.Please help”she pleaded

Even as the conductor refused to listen to her, an elderly man who was sitting in a seat near her said ”How could you do that? Don’t you see it is raining? Here is a five rupee coin.Give her back the ticket.”

The conductor insolently gave her the ticket and one rupee to the man muttering some unintelligible swearing.Nalini was dumbfounded as this happened quickly.”I don’t have change.You can give me back whatever you have.Take this fifty rupee note. she said

“Never mind, four rupees is not a big amount.Are we not human having sisters and daughters like you? Forget it” he said as he got up to alight at the next stop.He did not look very affluent from his tattered shirt , a pair of cheap chappals and the bristle on his face.Nevertheless in her mind ,this face of the kindly man from among many onlooking passengers was etched .

It was two months later Nalini’s dad called her and asked “Nalini, do you have any plan to go out? If you are free, why don’t you accompany me.I am going to the orphanage of which I am the president to select a new manager.The old manager had left the job.You can join me and help me in the selection.What do you say?”

Nalini was very happy and said “I will gladly join you.Give me five minutes .I will change the dress and be here soon.”
The orphanage was a trust property of her father’s trust.Her father being an industrialist and a philanthrophist founded this institution to help the hapless children.They were taken care of well,given good education and vocational training too as they grew older.The previous manager was very efficient and managed it well.Her dad wanted to choose a good man.As they sat down in the room,she asked her dad what was he looking for in the candidates.Her father said that he looked for some one with experience in running such an institution and capable also.

The candiadates started coming one by one.Some had experience but looked for a good compensation, while some had no experience and were willing to work for any salary and a few others had no commitment to work in such an institution.Her dad asked her to give rating on a scale of 0 to 10.At the end when one elderly man entered,Nalini immediately recognised him.His beak shaped nose and the bristle on the face was unforgettable.He was the good Samaritan who came to her rescue in the bus two months back.He showed no sign of recognition and stood deferentially.Nalini asked him to take his seat.

Nalini’s dad asked him” You don’t seem to have any experience in such an institution.You had worked in a private company in an ordinary position.There is no managerial experience also.How do you think you are suitable for this job?”

He was silent for a few seconds before he spoke” True, I have no experience.But I have a sincere wish to serve in such an institution. But I have many children .I can look after these boys and girls as if they are my own.I will bestow the same care as I give my children.I may not have the requisite experience but I think I will discharge my duties conscentiously to the best interests of the hapless children.I need this job also incidentally to maintain my big family.”

“We don’t pay much.OK .Let me see.Please wait outside.We will decide in another thirty minutes” said Nalini’s dad.
Nalini turned to him after he left the room and said “Appa, I think experience is good but not an essential parameter.What I look for is something else.”

“OK, who have you chosen out of the seven we have interviewed?” asked her dad

“My vote goes to the last gentleman” she repled

“What? What are you saying? He has no experience at all and has worked as a clerk in a private firm.He has not an iota of adminitratve experience.I have already crossed his name”he said.

“Appa, I think experience can be gained on the job but there is one qualty that cannot be gained.It is inherent in a person.For an orphanage with luckless children devoid of love and affection of parents, what is needed is compassion and a concern for them.The rest are all immaterial.All the others came looking for a job while this man said he came to serve.” said Nalini

“How can you be so credulous and say this man has compassion? Do you know him or go merely by his words?” taunted her dad

Nalini then related the incident that took place two months back and clinched the decision in favour of the old man.

A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one good deed


  1. I really loved this post.. Gr8 work

  2. Action speaks louder than words and it surely does million folded :)

  3. i dunno what to say, but your story is beautiful...:)

    observations: you did not put space yet every after paragraph...:)

  4. KP, may be I am being a bit critical here...but I have come to expect some mindblowing twists from your tales! Keep writing :)

  5. the conductor hardly counts the money when i give him to take my ticket .. coz he knows by now that i give him the xact amount in coins ... coz i have had similar xpernices, thuogh never been asked to move out ..

    i thought you would stop it with her reaching the place, but the differne you make is when you go bring other incidents ...

  6. heyy..was a nice read..njoyed it completely.. 'A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one good deed' so true it is..:)

  7. The story reminds us to do good and be good unto others. Someday, the good will come back to us, 2-fold! Each story of yours as a moral for us to take back home. Keep it coming KP!

  8. Another of your wonderful creations. Indeed, I second Avin's opinion 'Actions speak louder than words'. We earn a reputation by whatever actions we do, and by the way of our conduct in our society.

  9. Dear Partha,
    Good Morning!
    an interesting story!
    When i wake up in the morning,
    Into stories like 'Good Deed',
    I really feel,Partha,
    I have some good values to hold on,
    And an action has an equal reaction.
    I thoroughly enjoyed your post,
    And i strongly feel that,
    Conductors should attend some awareness classes,
    On how to behave with the passengers.
    Partha,you reminded me my visits,
    To different orphanages,
    My Kunjettan was the treasurer,
    Of an orphanage in THIRUVANANTHAPURAM,
    and he used to do service on holidays.
    We used to visit the inmates,
    My Little Star n Maza teaching them,
    Or entertaining them.:)
    looking forward to more interesting stories,
    wishing you a great day ahead,

  10. Very True! It takes nothing to be good to others, but since life has become a platform for give and take, no one wants to give something for nothing..the divine vessel of goodness is not visible to everyone, its only filled up by those who are good and then pured in front of God, so that he can keep a track of his real followers, after all everyone cannot be picked to be allowed into heaven.
    A great story indeed!

  11. Thatha :) I'm here after a long time... :D Very nice read :) This somewhat relates to job, career shaping too isn't it?? Very crispy story :) Loved it :)

  12. u have to teach me the art u put into writing...i loved the way u moraled the entire story...really touching, when people think of doing something, i hope they look upto ur stories and remember and act.

  13. Hi Parth,

    Know who my best storyteller is online? :-) It's you!

    Looking forward to more.
    Have a good day.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  14. KP Sir;

    see? your post looks so much better now...:)

    thanks for taking my unsolicited're one of the best story teller i met here at blogville...

  15. Very true and thought provoking!!!

  16. dear Uncle,
    I too,like many others who have read the post,pray for that gentleman.A wonderful real life experience.Felt as if I was travelling along with Nlini. Amazingly,the write up I ve posted in my malayalam blog was also one related to my bus journey...:)

  17. Sir..kudos to you for writing such honest posts!!

  18. Beautifully written, Sir !
    The best index to a person's character is how he treats people who can't do him any good.Good character is more to be praised than outstanding talent. Most talents are,to some extent, acquired. Good character, by contrast, is not given to us.Either we have it or we don't !

  19. Actions do speak louder than can preach all they want, but unless it's followed by action, its of no use..Nice story...

  20. AWESOME!!!

    I loved this story very much :-) Only thing the conductor's reaction was, I feel, bit dramatic. Otherwise it's really wonderful sir........loved the way you related both the incidents :-)

    Admirable work indeed!

  21. Nice post. And very true - the reactions of the characters.