Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A blind date

Akshay was just 38 and his wife Amrutha 33 when tragedy struck.As she was returning in her two wheeler in the last lane a lorry driven by a drunk driver wanting to avoid an imaginary obstacle ran over her sunffing out her life on the spot.It left Akshay and his nine year old daughter Nandini shattered.Life was no longer the fun they were accustomed to and a pall of gloom hung there.With the help of an aged woman relative who had none to look after life gradually began to move along.

Both Akshay and Nandini missed Amrutha for different reasons.She was a soul mate and companion for Akshay who doted upon her.They were a loving couple .During day times the work took his mind away from her memory but the nights were a pain.He spent sleepless nights thinking of her.Nandi a sharp girl knew her dad’s plight and spent time chatting with him relating to the happenings of the day at school and amongst her friends.She also knew that not all these could fill the void created by Amrutha’s absence.

Nandini had a teacher Subhasri who took a great liking for her for more than one reason.Firstly the girl was a brilliant student topping the class,took part in many extracurricular actvities and above all had a pleasant disposition. The tragedy in her life brought the girl closer to the teacher.Subhasri herself was just 29 and had her share of misfortune also.Her marriage had ended in divorce within a year as her husband could not consummate the marriage.She did not marry subsequently.
Nandini and the teacher grew so close that the girl confided in her all matters including the pitiable condition of her dad.She had taken one day the photo of her mom along with her and her dad.Subhasri was struck by the beauty of her mom and the matching handsomeness of her dad.The little girl took a great liking for the teacher and even wished her to take the place of her mother.She fed the teacher all the happenings in the house and how her dad was loving and gentle.She gradually kindled an interest for her dad in the mind of the teacher and they often talked most of the time about Akshay.She also spoke daily about the teacher to her dad and showed her picture in the group photo of her class.Akhay noticed that she was good looking and attractive.

There was an excursion and Nandini wanted to join.She knew her dad would not permit.She said to the teacher when they were alone”Miss,I wish to confide in you one thing on the condition that you will not betray me.I have a strong feeling that my dad is interested in meeting you.He often on the pretext of asking about my lessons brings you up in the talks we have and enjoys my telling about you.He had asked many times why I am not bringng you home.I want you meet him as if to seek his permission for sending me on excursion.You can also talk about me in general.But let it look as though you dropped in casually to look me up on the way home.He will be greatly pleased.You don’t have to worry as he is a nice person.Will you please do that?”

Subhasri was delighted at the prospect of meeting him.She thought to herself who knows what God has set in store for her and may be if He wished this meeting itself could pave the way for a happier outcome.She readily agreed to come on Saturday at 4pm.

That night after dinner Nandini in the course of their chat mentioned to her dad” Appa, I wish to tell you something.This is my hunch.I think my teacher is showing excessive interest to know about you and often brings you up in her conversations with me.She said she would be coming this Satuday to meet you apparently to take your permission for sending me to the excursion on Sunday but I suspect her real intention is to meet you.Appa, I like her immensely.Next to my mom,she is the one closest to my heart.I feel happy and comfortable when I am with her.Sometimes I feel how nice it would be if I can stay with her always.Don’t ever give an inkling of what I told you now.Do you have any objection in her coming here?”

“Why should I have any objection? I would be pleased to discuss with her about your performance in school.Ask mami to make some nice snacks for her.You can also buy a gift item for her” Akhsay said happy at the prospect of meeting her.He wondered whether she would be interested in anything more

It was 4pm Saturday and the bell rang repeatedly.Akshay wondered where Nandini had gone and hurried to open the door.He found an young lady of great charm smiling at him and introducing herself as Nandini’s teacher.Once they were seated Subhasri said “ Nandini was frequently asking me to visit her.She had asked me to come at 4pm.Where is she?”
The aged mami said Nandini had gone to her friend’s house to get some note book.

Akshay said”She will come soon I hope.She has a great liking for you and even expressed her desire to be with you always.You have cast a spell on her and won her love.I am very happy as she lost her mother at very young age.”

Both liked each other and they were talking for more than two hours.They found out each other’s interest for a marriage and how such a denouement would make the girl happy. .It was agreed that the next day when Nandini had gone for excursion, they would meet again over a lunch to take the matter forward.

Poor Akshay was not aware that it was his dear daughter who had arranged this blind date.


  1. A nine year old can go to that dad I must say!

  2. cool...this reminds me of one of the movies where theres sharukh and kajol and a little kiddo...i forget the name, but lovin' reading ur stories all over bedtime stories start from after the other

  3. Sweet. Reminded me of a Bollywood film.:-)

  4. its nice.. with a happy ending.. but a bit too tough to be true in real life.. and thats why its called a story!

    keep writing.. will be reading the rest one by one..

    take care..

  5. interesting, usually kids hate to think of other person in their parents' role nah! anyways was a nice story with a different touch.


  6. typical KUCH KUCH Hotha hain style.....

  7. haha .. great ..
    the way you began i thought you were back at your fav topic again ....
    but you had the twist ready for mnaking us smile ... :-)

    in any case, i guess, i doesnt matter what you write, if not for your writing skills, for who you are, you have all of us around you ...

  8. Wonderful story
    you can write touching lines
    its always a pleasure to read your posts :-)

  9. I am amazed at how regularly you update this blog with the short stories. Wow!

  10. In one word, AWESOME!!

    Reminds of the good old film, 'Ekaladi Kanmani'

    But, on the contray, today's children are smart, eh? :-)

  11. Dear Partha,
    Good Evening!
    first tell me,how is Delhi?too cold?:)
    nice romantic is a mixture of ups n downs.surprises do occur.this story is interesting.
    you know what,some people just dash into our hearts!by a smile,word or look!
    wishing you a wonderful weekend,

  12. am making up for lost times in your space...

    i liked this story. the girl was made the greatest mediator, if only to make both her dad and her teacher happy.

    happy ending KP!

    nice, very nice story...:)

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