Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kindness is like a boomerang

It was drizzling and dark .Sekhar had driven his auto (three wheeler) all day long.He normally worked up to 9pm but it was already 10pm and wanted to return home near Tambaram.He could not refuse a young man who wanted his wife in labor to be rushed to a maternity clinic.Having done that, he was driving the vehicle empty back home.It was a busy highway with heavy traffic. He was very tired and driving slowly.
It was then he saw a crowd of people gathered in clusters on the left side of the road a little yonder despite the slight drizzle.Cars, buses and lorries were whizzing past.Some slowed down near the spot only to speed away once they knew it was an accident.Sekhar stopped his three wheeler at the edge of the road and went in.It was a gory sight he saw.A two wheeler was lying askew damaged and bent with the wheel turning in the gust of wind.. One man was dead with his head smashed to pulp. Another was lying in a pool of blood. There were no policemen around.The culprit lorry and its driver had sped away.The people in clusters were talking amongst themselves and did nothing to save the young man who was battling for his life.
Sekhar pushed in and looked around with derison at the onlookers.He went near the dying man and felt with his finger at the nostrils..He could discern a faint warm breath. The guy was not yet dead.but he needed immediate medical help.He called one sturdy man to help him lift the man to his auto.
Someone said” We have sent a message to police.They must be on their way.”
Another made a gratutious remark”There is a death in this hit and run case.It is a police case.We should not disturb the evidence. Let the police come.
“Don’t you see the young man is dying? When the police come, he would have gone for ever” someone bewailed
Sekhar.said”Fie upon the evidence and rules.A life is at stake.Come on, someone help me in taking him to my auto.Soon the auto with the young man sped its way to the nearest hospital.Some worthy noted down the number of auto in his note book.
The nurse at the reception said “This is a police case.Have you informed them?”Sekhar got annoyed”I will answer all questions later.Arrange for immediate medical attention.The man is dying and the bleeding hasn’t stopped..Please be quick”’
A doctor came rushing and the man was wheeled to emergency immediately.Sekhar was waiting for two hours.He did not leave the place It was nearing 1 am.He knew his wife and mother would be greatly worried.It was then the doctor came out and patted on Sekhar’s shoulder.”Don’t worry.The man will live.There are some major fractures but life is not in danger.You brought him in the nick of the time.Had there been a delay of even ten miniutes he would have been a lost case.You saved this man’s life.Are you a friend of his or related?”
“Thank you doctor.You are a god in living form.I don’t know him.I saw him lying on the road with none in the crowd doing anything.I decided to bring him here whatever be the rules, I could not let this man die on the road.”
Doctor said “Do not worry.I will speak for you”
It was a month later Sekhar was arraigned in a court for disturbing the evidence in a hit and run case of death.The rules were like that in those days when people were scared to help the injured.They would be made witnesses and dragged to courts frequently.
The kindly judge who heard the case ruled” Here is a good Samaritan who is brought before me for having broken the rules when in fact he had saved a precious life of a young man...Going strictly by the rule book, I am compelled as a judge to levy a penalty of Rs 500 but as a fellow human being I record my genuine appreciation for Sekhar in showing a rare courage and admirable compassion to a man battling for life and offer to pay the fine on his behalf.He is discharged from the case.”,
The entire people in the court were speechless including the prosecuting officials.It was a week thereafter on a Sunday morning, Sekhar saw a car stop opposite his house.When he came out to see who it was he found the judge smiling at him .After the pleasantries, the judge said”Sekhar I am indebted to you for my life.You had saved that day none else than my son..Here is a small token of affection and gratitude for you which you must not refuse to accept.” He thrust in the hands of a bewidered and surprised Sekhar.a cover containing Rs 50,000.
Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns


  1. Lovely story in your usual inimitable writing style. Reminds me of this.... 'Whatsoever you shall sow, so shall you reap.' :-)

  2. Namaste...

    Kindness/boomerang, it can be as long as aone understands that it may not originate from the place it began.

    Keep writing and I'll keep reading
    stay blessed and have a grand week

  3. hey nice story..but u know what if a judge is related to the victim he is not allowed to sit for the hearing :) but again miracles do happen and give our life a sudden bend..something that we had never expected but something that happens for the better!
    Great story by a good samaritan:)

  4. ohhh this one makes me reminded of a story i read somwhere...
    you may have read too.. "paid with a glass of milk"

    nice one sir...
    good to see you coming up with pleasent and lovely stuff back to back :-)

  5. I wish the politicians in TN who left the policeman to die would read this.

  6. Throw away ..
    it flies around ..
    it will come back again ..

    Throwing boomerang
    sky reacting, throwing back
    booomrang.. boomerang.. :-)

    This story make us blogreaders happy and we feel like a child to throw the boomerang away !!!

    Great story :-)

  7. a nice write + a nice read + leaving a nice message..'kindness is like a boomerang'..:)

  8. Wow! When I came to the part of the story where the judge announces the judgement, my heart recalled the line from '3 idiots' - "All is well". It seemed like a miracle with judge offering to pay the fine himeslf. But the twist at the end was simply superb. That was a wonderful ending to an equally wonderful, gripping story.

  9. Such a nice, feel-good story! Lovely writing!

  10. Are there any good samaritans on the road for real now a days?
    Each one of us should ask this question to oneself !!
    A good moral story.

  11. Great story and a great moral.
    Though it leads me to question, what if the victim was in no way related to anyone? Wouldn't Sekhar have been "punished" for actually being a good Samaritan? That's how sad our society is.

  12. It's amazing the way you are still churning out stories! You seem to have lots and lots of material in your head :-)

  13. another great piece partha...will come back for more.

  14. First time here. I liked what I read. Its has a powerful message. If only we have people like Sekhar, many lives can be saved.

  15. Hmm.. its one that was an encouraging one! not for expecting money though..