Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I close my eyes to dwell on you
Far away you are from my view
I try and try to capture you in my eyes
Only to find you vanish in a trice

Softly when I go off to sleep
I hear your silent steps upon the deep
The music of your bells keep the rhyme
Tinkle, tinkle do the bells with anklets chime.

Thy soft steps drive away the crowding thoughts
Emptying the mind of earthly pleasures.
Melody of thy music on lute seeps into me
The dulcet melodies gush merrily through me

The proximity of Thy pervading spirit
Suffuses my heart with indescribable joy
Enveloping my whole self in perceptions anew
Penetrating the pores of my deep, deep soul

O Krishna, when You leave me dreaming
I am once again covered with a blanket so dark
Reveling in all mundane hopes and smart scheming
Moving away once again from Thee in my pettiness
(My first attempt. I wrote this at the gentle persuasion of a good friend of mine.)


  1. Hi KP;

    This is great! Thumbs up!

    Congratulations to your good friend for being able to persuade you and you did it with flying colors...:)

    Keep up, write some more coz your first attempt is really, really very beautifully done!

  2. WOW!!! you wrote a poem! :) i love it ... do write more... i was indeed why there were no new posts from u..!

    very good attempt.. !!

  3. a poem??????????
    goodness ... now thats something really differnt from you ...

    me just came around to say a big thank you for your wishes...
    now i have a reason to shake hands with you for this superb work here...

    never knew, you could paint such master pices with words...
    really nice

  4. well written,the true devotion towards krishna...

  5. Wow!!
    Very well written ....
    Your lines are so beautiful !!
    Its a wonderful poem :-)
    Thanks for sharing.


  6. heyyyy...poem frm u..quite hard to believe but was awsumm..frst atempt nd u did wonders..:) rlly,those lovely lines nd beautiful words, created a magic..you are a pro...nw cum up with more of such kinda work..great it was..!!!

  7. Good poem on Krishna, Krishna's namesake :) Keep on writing more.
    Why not write one on a reunion with Him?

  8. clap clap clap ...continued!!!
    Im so happy you wrote a poem and such a beautiful one :)
    Happy to see you back with a bang!!!!
    Hope youre doing well!!

  9. articles, stories et al.....so many up your sleeves and now a lovely poem from you...WOW Mr.Parthasarathi, you seem to be a King of all trades...
    great going......
    a new direction your pen has taken...hope it pens many such poems and enthrals your readers.

  10. Very beautiful. Shows that faith nevers lets one down!!

  11. Congrats! That was indeed a very well-written poem...and coming from you for the first time made it all the more special...keep writing!

  12. lovely poem... you should write more like this. god himself will be very pleased. keep it up.

  13. Your love for 'Parthasarathi' is nicely captured. Do write more poems. :)

  14. the meaning of the poem is so soft n beautiful. nice :)!

  15. Beautiful! Glad to be your 100th follower:)