Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gift of love

Sunil was steady with Pinky.They were in deep love and planned to get married after she finished her post graduation course in a few months.She was busy preparing for the final semester examinations.

“Pinky, you need a break.All work makes Jane a dull girl.Let us go to the lakes and row in the moon light.It will refresh you.I will be at your hostel in five minutes.Be waiting at the gate”Sunil said on her mobile.

She changed into a light woollen for it was chilly outside and hurried down.He was waiting in his tiny red Maruti with the engine purring.She hopped in only to find herself wrapped in his sinewy arms.

“Not here.The security is watching.Let us go to lakes” she demurred.

The sky was overcast and the wind a little strong.Sunil said “We will row a short distance.It is cool and the lake is beckoning.”

They took a small manual rowing boat and went to the middle .She was leaning on his broad shoulders listening to his soft singing of the latest love tune.She in turn sang and life seeemed all rosy and beautiful.They spoke of their plans for the future after she finished her education.

It was then the wind became very strong with the small boat swaying from one side to the other and uncontrollable.”Let us go back, Sunil.I am scary”Pinky said

Sunil asked her whether she knew swimming and when she answered in the negative, he gave her the single life jacket in the boat telling her “Wear it now.I will row close to shore.You can always swim to the shore safely if something happens”

“What about you?” she asked

“I will swim my way.Don’t worry.” replied Sunil

There was blinding lightning followed by deafening thunder accompanied a gust of strong wind.The small boat toppled when they were about hundred yards from the shore of the deep lake.

Pinky reached the shore after struggling in the darkness and rain.She waited for Sunil little knowing that he did not know to swim and that the only available life jacket he gave her was his gift of love.


  1. A very touching story. True love indeed. Nice story though a sad ending. Well written.

  2. Dear Partha,
    Good Morning!
    This is a well expressed love story;but why didn't the gift of love give them a life together?
    The story could have had a happy ending.
    You are really good writing romantic stories!:)
    Wishing you a wonderful day ahead,

  3. :(
    A very touching writeup.
    I reread it. is what we call true love, quiet a rarity in todays world.

    Well done.

  4. So romantic story :))
    with a sad end :(

    You will never know true happiness until you have truly loved,
    and you will never understand what pain really is until you have lost it...

    So touching wonderful romance !!
    Very well written :))
    Thanks KP

    Have a nice weekend

  5. well,
    nice story as always...
    just reminded of another story i read somwhere, where the guy offers his helmet...

    girls always get away in love! :D

  6. People always love happy endings. That's how they would rather have their own lives be. So it bothers a bit a person to see something that does not come up to that set criteria. Yet after all has been said and done for and against happy endings, the fact remains that life is not always attached to a happy ending. That's only for fairy tales. Life is more real and often heart-rending.

    Still at your storytelling best... not one diminished :-) Have a good day!

  7. Hey Dost,

    That was a tragedy...very unlike u to right a story with a sad ending...

    Uhm, its divine to have such love in ur life...else, what we see today is the boyfriend pushing the girl into the lake so that he can have new!!!

  8. Lol, I goofed up the spelling of "Write"...tht shows how tired and sleepy I am..that I just scribbled down the wrong spelling...

    So kindly re-read my first line as Very unlike u to write a story....


  9. That was an anti-climax KP! But still, just shows what love can do to people :)

  10. I thought this was going to turn out to be anti-hero with him pushing her into the lake and saving himself with the only life jacket! But I guess when you're really in love, you become selfless!!

  11. It's not that the story has an unhappy ending. It is the depth of feelings and emotions behind that small gesture that makes the story all the more beautiful. Love is not only sharing things, it is about sacrificing oneself without a second thought. When we talk of true love, it ought to be selfless.
    I liked the story very much...keep it up!

  12. A beautiful love story? Nope! The ending is just tragic!!! How could Pinky live without her love?

    I will not!

    I don't like this story of yours! Not at all!