Saturday, April 3, 2010

The misfired surprise

Sharath literally doted on his wife Vasanthi.Married for four years, his world revolved around her.They were a happy couple and the love only grew stronger over the years.It was Vasanthi’s birthday the next day.She had not reminded him about it.She felt he should remember if he really loved her that much as he constantly professed.There was even a tinge of disappointment that he did not mention what he proposed to do the next day.Till last year it used to be a fun day with him planning in advance,smothering her with all gifts and taking her out for a show followed by a great dinner.There was not one hint of what awaited her the next day.Her ego would not permit her to ask him or even obliquely remind him of the occasion.

Sharath wanting to surprise her left his office early and went to her favourite shop for salwar khameez in his locality.It is only here she bought her dresses and spoke well of the shop for the good quality, wide variety and reasonable prices.Though he accompanied her to the shops, he had absolutely no idea of her likes and dislikes, the colour, the texture and the type of dresses.He would nod his head vigorously in agreement whenever she asked him whether he liked the dress.

When he was at the shop and told them he wanted firstclass salwar suits, he could not specify what he specifically desired when they asked him.They showed many from the bewildering varieties they had stocked.It was then a young lady of about the same age as his wife entered the shop.There were not many customers except these two.It was off season.She was of same build and complexion as Vasanthi.An idea struck him as to why not seek her assistance in the choice.

He went to her and said”Madam, I wonder whether you can do me a favour.Tomorrow is my wife’s birthday.I wish to surprise her with a couple of good salwar suits.I am not good at selection and actually don’t know what to buy.It is mind boggling.Would you help me select in two or three dresses?”

She smiled and said “Why not? It would be my pleasure.Tell me what stuff are you looking for, salwar or churidhar, party wear, embroidered varieties or casual?

“I leave it to you.I think she would prefer salwar. Whatever you would choose for your birthday should work out well”

“What price range?” she asked

“Price does not matter.The stuff should be good.There is no limit” Sharath replied

She smiled and said “You seem a very generous and loving husband.OK, let me select for you.”
She asked the shopkeeper to show her different varieties.She chose one and placed it on her and asked Sharath “How does this look on me? Do you like this colour.The material is good and the price can be negotiated once we decide?”

“It looks great on you.Please choose two more of a different types” he replied

She selected a few more repaetedly testing on her and asking for his approval.Finally when they had decided on the three, he asked the shopkeepr to pack.She helped him negotiate the prices as he didn’t know what they actally cost.

It was at that point a shadow crossed at the entrance and in entered Vasanthi. She had come to the market to buy some urgent provisons and entered her favourite shop to see whether they had any new design..She was surprised to see Sharath there.“Hey Sharath, you never told me you would be coming here.What brought you here?” she asked

“Nothing just came here on the way to home.Would you like to see some stuff?” he asked.

“Why not, if you wish to buy for me? “she said with a smile

When Sharath asked the shop assistant to show the varieties, the foolish assistant blurted out “Is this in addition to what you had already bought for that lady?”

“What? What are you talking about another lady” she asked in shock and turned around to see none.That lady was not to be seen when Vasanthi started talking to him.

Vasanthi asked the shop assitant whom she knew well as she was regular customer “What was it you were mentioning about the selection made already? Can I see them?”

“It is already packed in three bags after that lady chose them.She had even bargained the prices.”

When she took out the costly suits from the threebags, her rage and suspicion grew uncontrollably.She threw the dresses down in anger.

”Who is the lady for whom you bought these? Where is she? Why had she disappeared when I entered?” she asked Sharath.

“She was here a while ago. I sought her hep in choosing the dresses.She is a nice lady.I don’t know when and why she left” he spoke softly with an embarassed look

“She is a nice lady, is it? Do you know her earlier? Why did you ask me to see some stuff if you had already selected for me with the help of your lady friend? I don’t like this at all” Vasanthi asked

Sharath got angry at the shop assistant and shouted at him”What were you blabbering? How do you know I bought for her, you fool?”

This enraged the shop assitant who said “How would I know it is for our madam.That lady tried each dress and you said the dress looked great on her..Not once you said the dresses are for your wife.”

Vasanthi shouted in anger”Enough of this humilaition.I am going home. .I don’t need anything from you.If you bring them home , make sure I will throw them out”

It was at this point of ftime , the young lady emerged from the trial room and seeing the dresses she had chosen lying on the floor asked Sharath with a smile ”You were planning to keep it a surprise for your wife.How come she has seen them already?”

She came to Vasanthi and said “Happy Birth day wishes in advance. I hope you like my selections for you.”

It was then Vasanthi realised her mistake and Sharath’s wish to keep the gift a surprise.She snuggled closer to Sharath who thanked his stars for the much feared storm that vanished as quickly as it came..


  1. ohhh me here fisrt???
    great ..
    as worth reading as ever ..
    bt i had thought to see some 'Eastry' thoughts niway!!

  2. Vasanthi should not have shouted hastily but that happens. It is nice on Sharath's part to surprise her

  3. :) hmm.. shouting.. especially in front of others, is quite immaturish..

    by the way is forgetting the birthday such a big offense that many men i know shudder at the thought of forgetting their woman's birthday.!!! whats the big deal if the man makes her feel really special but forgets her birthday..

    good for that guy anyways, if that lady hadnt come back he would have suffered whole of his life :)

  4. girls' b'days are over-rated! trust me.. it s nt a big deal... i dont know abt other! bt i know quite a few of girls- who keep it quiet.. or even do not celebrate the whole thing coz of cosmic/astronomical reasons!

    shouting at a person in front of so many people! thts so wierd!

    anyway... it was written well- in a way made me accept things which i usually find so hard to accept!

  5. Uhmm...Thank God, the other lady was around...else can imagine Sharath's plight..haha!!!

    Shouting in front of others is immaturish..but at the same time we can't say it is weird...afterall, Vasanthi's MangalSutra ki Sawal hein...Any female can lose their logics and could over react...the weird behaviour can be justified...

    The same would be the reaction in a vie versa situation also..Men are also not much different and holy...uhmm...

  6. Silly woman..his wife...every relationship is based on trust if you dont trust the other person what use is the relationship!!

  7. The earlier post and this one are both based on suspicion. Never judge in haste is the moral of the story.

  8. Poor Sharath! Good that the storm vanished quickly...very nice read!

  9. Vasanthi? Sharath?

    what a beautiful name...:)) perfect combination...:)

    but at some point not a perfect couple! what a temper one could have in a public place? i don't admire it at all!