Friday, April 23, 2010

The silver lining

My marriage also started as a huge celebration full of hopes and dreams about the future.But I learnt very soon that the road to happy marriage was far from smooth.I still remember my dad cautioning me against my hurried choice I made.But I fell for my husband’s looks and the dimple on his cheeks.I was 22 then, rash and immature and was swept off by his magnetic charm and great physique.Within a year, bitterness and resentment grew in our hearts.Basically he was not a family man and lacked commitment to nurture relationship and willingness to accept responsibilities.An easy going man,home for him was only for sleeping with wife when he chose to without any thought of the burden it carried.His wife and her sensibilities were never on his radar..

I had lost my mom at an young age and it was my dad who brought me up with all affection and care.He did not marry again lest his attention for me would be reduced.When he became sick nad was unable to manage on his own, my hubby stoutly refused to have him with us .I was compelled to put him in a senior citizen home.Not only he did not visit him even once, he tried his best to prevent me also from meeting him.

It was a listless marriage that lasted seven years mostly due to my effort to hold it and ended when he became physically abusive after his excessive drinking habits.An uncle of mine, a lawyer by profession , helped me in getting the divorce.Luckily I had no child from this failed marriage.

It was when I joined the Japanese classes I met Hari. In the same level three as mine.He was around 35 but looked much younger for his age.Dark,tall amd muscular he exuded masculine charm.One day I noticed that he was looking at me intently and when he saw me gazing at him,he gave me a warm smile.When I returned the smile, he collected his books and came to sit by my side.Our friendship that started abruptly like this grew over the days.He was employed well and took to learning Japanese as he travelled there much on business.

He said he was a divorcee.His wife left him a couple of years ago when he objected to her meeting her old flame regularly when he was away on tours.He had a son from her aged seven years living with his parents at another town.We were meeting regularly and found Hari vastly different from my former husband in the care, concern and affection he bestowed on me.

It was the last day of the Japanese classes and he suggested that we go for dinner.I felt inwardly that it is likely to be a memorable occasion.I dressed very well for the occasion.I liked him and felt he would make a good partner for life.But there was still a nagging doubt as he had not mentioned anything about his intention to get married again.He was probably hurt by the treachery of his former wife.I was also not sure whether he would be the same after the marriage as my earlier experience was bitter.My former husband was all sweetness before the wedding but turned out to be a totally different man afterwards.I wish I had consulted my dad.

The table was already reserved in a secluded corner hidden by large pillars.I saw a large vase with a bouquet of roses as we neared the table.I liked the ambience.As he drew the chair for me to sit,which has never been done by the former, I felt like hugging him then and there.

When the maître d’ came closer, Hari requested him to get a bottle of the best wine and then leave them alone for a few minutes.He poured in two small glasses and dramatically went on his kneels before me to my embarassment and said “ I love you.Will you marry me?” I never expected this to happen with such suddenness that I wa srenedered speechless.

“What Shriya, you seem tongue tied?” he asked

I woke up from the reverie and said”Yes, I deem it a great blessing.I love you,” Tears filled my eyes as he gently slipped a diamond ring on my finger.he hugged me tightly for a few seconds.

“We will have a simple registered marriage in two days.I will take you after the dinner to the large apartment I have fixed for us.We can move in there immediately after the marriage.Let us rush through the dinner now as I have another urgent work to do along with you.”

Hari did not tell me where he was going nor did I ask him. I was leaning on his broad shoulders as he drove and was lost in blissful thoughts about the sudden proposal.Soon the car stopped and when he asked me to come out, I saw it was the senior citizens home where my dad was staying .A thought quickly crossed my mind whether any of his parents were living there But .I remembered his having said that his son with his parents.

When I looked at him in askance, he said”Yes, Shriya.We are going to your dad to seek his blessings and to inform him that he would be moving in to our house in two days.”

I was choked with emotion as I heard him and had no words for this man who was so thoughtful and caring. I started crying even as he wrapped his arms around me. I said “ Honey, do remember that we would be going to your parents too for the same purpose.”


  1. Lovely Narration Partha! And same is the case with all your posts yet wondering why these stories always talk about pain, separation and chaos! Wish to see and read some humor stuff as well from you!

  2. Very nice story. Very apt title. I love happy endings. In life we meet all kinds of people, good and bad. I am happy Shriya did not let her previous relationship break her faith in future relationships. Very nice!

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  4. Dear Partha,
    Good Evening!
    A story that inspires readers to believe in second chances!:)
    When Shriya got divorce,she could have brought her Appa back to her rented house!That would have shown the real love between daughter and Appa!
    It is a nice feeling;a HARI can happen...........:)
    Thanks for the union of two hearts that love.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

  5. Very touching story
    with a romantic end :))
    Everyone needs a second chance !!

    Have a relaxing weekend
    Anya :)

  6. A very touching story does give a second chance , it's for us to realise, and accept it.

  7. Wow, such human beings are a rareity to see today...still there r such loving hearts in this world that keeps it going...

    Love long..Live long...

  8. The perfect fairy-tale it :)

  9. What a beautiful love story? You now write about love and romance KP...a very good influence of other friend-bloggers!

    I so like your story! Finding someone like that man is now difficult! Well, fairytale endings only happen in stories na like this one!