Thursday, August 19, 2010

Raju's luck

Raju had lost his way in the dense forest.He had come along with friends to explore the green forest on a Sunday and spend time with nature savouring its raw beauty in all its manifestations.His enthusiasm took him deeper inside till he lost his friends and the way.He tried to reach them through his mobile but the battery had run down.It was only 2pm but looked dark.He heard unusual and strange noises and was afraid of reptiles.He got scared and started praying even as he kept moving into the maze finding no clearing or brightness of sunlight. Something soft and cool slightly rubbed on his cheek and he jumped startled that it could be a python from the overhead branch.He could see nothing and moved away quickly.

He was relieved when he saw an opening a little brighter.When he went nearer he found to his great relief and glee an old man of indeterminate age sitting under a tree.He was sitting with his legs crossed in Padmasana , had flowing white beard and his eyes were closed obviously in meditation.He sat quietly before him waiting for him to open his eyes.Raju was afraid to disturb lest he got angry and refused to help him find his way out.Minutes clicked past and it was almost an hour and he was still sitting before him when the weird noises around him grew shriller and louder.When a fly sat on the edge of his nostril he could not stop the loud sneeze despite his attempt to smother it.The old man opened his eyes and surprisingly smiled at him.

In a soft voice that was almost a whisper, he asked “Son, what are you doing in this dense forest? It is risky to be here with wild animals roaming about.”

He prostrated before him and said “Swami, I lost my way here and could not find my friends with whom I came.I am afraid I have strayed deep inside the jungle.Can you please help me get out of the forest?”

“I have not seen a human for several years ever since I came into the forest as a young boy in search of meaning of life.I am not normally visible to others eyes.Lucky you could see me.I am pleased with you.Ask me three wishes.they would be fulfilled immediately.’

“My first wish is to be out of this jungle” he said

“”It will be done immediately after you express your other two wishes” said the sage like person

“Swami, I love Swarna my colleague very much but she is not reciprocating.Can you make her fall in love with me please?” asked Raju

“What is your third wish? Tell me quickly before I become invisible to your eyes”

“Swami, I cannot believe at my luck and I wonder whether I am dreaming from my sleep’ Raju said

He heard his mother waking him up shouting “Raju, you said you had an interview today. .It is late .Get up fast as it is already 8am”
Did Swarna reciprocate his love? I am not aware.


  1. Raju is still waiting to know abt swarna's feelings I suppose...he better tell it fast before it is too late...a swamiji might not be able to really help him....

    nice one...refreshing...a totally different from your other pieces........

  2. very amusing!!.and so different too!!

  3. An occasional light piece from you makes for a good balance in writing. Have enjoyed reading this. Thanks.

  4. A good one. as usual surprise at the end!

  5. Good he woke up to the realities of life.

  6. haha..that was good!
    A refreshing change from your usual style. Reminded me of the joke about a sarkari employee accidentally stumbling upon a lamp and getting three wishes out of the genie inside the lamp. He asks for wealth, women and the genie grants them immediately. His third wish: "I wish I never had to work again in my life". Poof! He's back in his office!

  7. lolz, swamiji was intelligent he knew how to grant all three wishes by turning them into a dream!!:)