Saturday, October 30, 2010

The blue balloon

The young boy of ten years was at the window from the fourth floor watching down the busy road.The only door to the room was locked outside.A scary man with scarier mustache was sitting outside and peeping in once a hour.The boy was crying thinking of his mom,papa,his younger sister and the dog.It must be more than ten days since he was locked up.The only mistake he did was to stop on his way from the school to answer an unknown man asking for directions.The next moment a van pulled up by his side and he was dragged inside.He did not know where he was taken and why they brought him.

it was then he saw a blue balloon floating in the air wafting towards the window by the gentle breeze. He saw the balloon fellow on the road filling gas and letting them fly above after binding them to the cart.This one had escaped from his hands somehow.The balloon rested on the window sill when a breeze started moving it.The boy acted with alacrity in catching hold of the thread to retrieve it. it was quite big.for bringing in through the grill.He tied it there.He tore a sheet from the notebook in the school bag that was also dumped along with him in the room.He scribbled some note, tied it to balloon and let it fly.

Little Rohan who was dragged by his dad to the hairdressers for a haircut saw a blue balloon resting on the tree.He stopped by and insisted that his dad gets it for him if he were quietly to get the haircut.His dad managed to get a hold on the hanging thread and slowly got the balloon..The note was in his hands.

In the evening the boy heard hurried footsteps and loud noises outside his room.The room was broken open and policemen entered to rescue the boy. The scary man along with his accomplices in this ransom bid were seen in their custody.The scribbled note could not give the exact location but the boy was smart to describe the view from his window and the McDonalds shop across the park.

But then who is the real benefactor- is it the balloon, balloon man who let go the balloon by his carelessness, the unwilling Rohan for his haircut,his dad, the Mac Donald’s shop or the policemen?


  1. Like the Vikram and Vedhaal story..... mmmm.....

  2. Dear Partha,

    Good Morning!
    I loved the story.I love balloons and I was watching the person filling the balloons with gas.My eyes expanded out of wonder.
    I still buy balloons.
    Thanks a lot Partha,for making my day!:)
    The balloon is to be thanked.The person did not let it free.It happened...........
    Let us thank Him,the Supreme Power!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

  3. Its destiny...when it is pro human is sets everything right!

  4. Beautiful story gp, I loved the description of the big blue balloon :)

  5. When God wants something to happen... he connects everything to bring it about.

    Have a blessed weekend.

  6. Destiny; it was bound to happen, it happened
    Good one

  7. Wonderful story. I think all have played a part in this. We cannot isolate anyone's contribution. But the major credit goes to the boy in spite of being so young had the presence of mind to scribble his predicament, though the result of his effort he had no control. With out HOPE, no one can ever succeed.

  8. Woww Beautiful Story. Very Well Said About Destiny :) :) Boy's Intelligence Is Very Much Appreciated :) :)

  9. Interesting story!
    I think all played their part, thanks to the Divine.
    Great Thinking KP uncle!

  10. Thank god...for his foresight to give the boy the intelligence to use the balloon for a rescue...thank god that he let go the balloon from the guy's hand...Thank god for making Rohan cry and making his dad get the balloon and the note...Thank god, for giving that father a good heart to act accordingly and not just throw off the note thinking it was some prank...

    Thank god, that he didnt let any harm to be done on the body by the kidnappers before help could reach him...

    In short, Thank God, for what ever even the boy had learnt a lesson...Never talk to anything could happen to anybody these days...uhmm...