Sunday, November 28, 2010


" Vinitha, are you aware that Neeraja eloped with her lover last evening? "asked Viji

“How come, she seemed good and was hardly married for a year.Her husband also looked decent,”said Vinitha to Viji.

“How do I know,she must have been compelled against her wishes to marry by parents”said Viji

“Once married, should she not cut off her relations with her lover,"inquired Vinitha

“Who cares, I have seen him visiting her on a few occasions.All old values are changing topsy turvy,”lamented Viji

Vinita said in a hushed tone, ”I must concede one thing.Her lover looked very handsome like Tom Cruise while her hubby looked so ugly.Had I been in her position I would have also run away from such a hideous guy.”

Viji laughed saying,“Do you know Neeraja was carrying? Whose child it could be, I wonder.”

“Oh my god,,I hear a horn,my husband has come.Sorry Viji..I will have to make coffee.I am dying to hear the rest..I miss the serial after the recent scam.My husband is glued to the only TV we have.”


  1. This is very very good...a thriller with a twist, nice!

  2. Beauty is not in the face !!!
    Beauty is a light in the heart :)

    is beautiful to somebody !!!!
    Love of beauty is taste.
    The creation of beauty is art.... :)

    Who is Tom Cruise ;-)

  3. the odd news has to spread as well ha?
    scam of a different sort :P

    that pict looks so if you clickd it

  4. Helloooo uncle...hw r u ????

    after a long time....

    Thats was a nice story ..and TV serial concept is superb..hehe..keep it up...

    take care of your health...

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  6. this is the kind of t.v serials we get to see these days.Good one.

  7. This happens very often at my place too...Hehe!!I dont watch Serials..but then, I do like to hear keeps on bugging mom for that...

    She would say the story and maybe during tht dad or bro or hubby might come in and they also would seriously listen to what we were talking...

    At the end, they would ask, About whom are you talking..and then we would reply..."SERIAL"... and then comes "Bahhhhh!!!"


  8. hehe...nice one gramps... d ending was totally unexpected :)

  9. hmmmmmmmmmm.....interesting, these gossipers however sound very shallow.

  10. News mongers, top rates...

    may their tribe decrease!!! :P

    oh oh...why we always have these on the tubes?

    not a good influence to tv addicts na..:P

  11. nice description;now a days ladys gossip about serial charecters too.infact even iam one of them ,sometimes its fun to discuss about these serials.:)

  12. good one.
    serials! they are the same everywhere.

  13. Felt like I am at home and my mother is gossiping with her mother ;)
    Hope you are doing great