Tuesday, September 17, 2013

55 Word Fiction

1. Hello
Yes, sir
I need one small information.
I am new here, Sir
Call someone else
No one here
What crap?
True, Sir.All are dead here except me
What bull shit you are talking?
When everyone is dead, how can I say they are alive?
Where are you speaking from?
I am speaking from mortuary.

2. On the house
“Bartender, pour me a stiff drink”
He gulped it and asked for another.
Another, another followed five times
Tottering he rose and said
“Join me all of you. This one will be on the house”
“Settle the bill” said bartender
“Do you trust a drunk after five glasses of heady stuff?
I remember nothing”

3. No vacancy
There was ‘No Vacancy’ board hanging 
I pointed out the one key hanging on the key board 
 “It is not available for rent” said motel owner
“Why?” I bellowed
“It is haunted by five ghosts”
I insisted on staying
Next evening the owner was heard telling" That room not for rent. Haunted by six ghosts"

4. A leap
She stood on the parapet wall on the terrace of tall building
A few visitors were watching sun set on other side
Her life was empty.She will soon be at peace.
As she was to take the leap, she thought of parrot in locked cage.
She jumped.... on the terrace and ran down the stairs

5. Faux pas
Navin was online
“Have you told your mom about our wedding?”I pinged
“Not yet”
“Tell  her soon. The old hag may object”
“I fear she will”
“Inform her we have been living in for two years” I said angrily”
“It is your problem. What can I do?”
“Who is this?”
“Old hag.Navin has gone down”


  1. Liked all of them though my fav being the one about mortuary!!! Great stuff for internet bugs :)

  2. last one is good..I really dislike youngsters who call spouse's parents.budha hag or whatevr..I feel that parents should nevr be ridiculed like that..

  3. Namaste...
    interestingly titillating, all of them, thanks for sharing your wonderful mind via your stories.

  4. LOL. 55-words fiction mein bhi twist?? :)

    Destination Infinity

  5. I liked all of them but my favourites are first and fourth!

  6. my favs fourth and fifth... excellent

  7. Really loved the fourth one. Amazing collection of 55 fiction.

  8. In a simple and short way narrated ones!!! My fav one is Hello :)

  9. Too good, only you can put big ideas in to a nutshell and still give the feel of a full length story!

  10. No. 4 gets my vote!

    You've got true skills KP!

    Are my eyes fooling me, or the word count is only approximate?!