Monday, March 17, 2008

Kind act is its own reward

by KParthasarathi Monday, March 17, 2008
“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around” is a quote from Leo Buscaglia.Here is a story of how the life one boy was turned prosperous by someone who had a kind heart and who remembered that n one of us has gotten where we are solely by pulling ourselves up from our own bootstraps and that we got here because somebody bent down and helped us.
Ramesh saw the milk woman Sarada leaving the milk packets in his verandah daily when he left for his early morning walk. One morning he saw a young boy around fifteen dropping the milk packets. The boy looked familiar and when Ramesh looked at him enquiringly he said that his mom was sick and that was the reason he took care of her beat also. Ramesh asked him”What is your name? Do you also deliver milk daily?”
He replied “Murugan, Sir.Yes, I help my mom and actually supply more number of houses than her. She works in many houses during day time too and is unable to exert herself much.” He said he was studying in class 10 in a government school and is a topper in the class. When Ramesh asked him what his aim was, he kept silent for some time. When prodded he said “I am not sure whether I can study further. I need to earn immediately. My dad does not live with us.” When pressed further to spell out what his ambition was he said he wished to do a diploma in automobile engineering and start a workshop. Ramesh went for his walk after asking him to come along with his mom the next day.
When asked the next day why Sarada would not allow her son to do a diploma in engineering especially when he was studying well, she bemoaned her lot and said “Sir, you know my husband is a good for nothing man. I have one daughter too. I work in three houses besides delivering milk. The girl sells flowers. The income is hardly adequate to meet the essential needs. Where will I go for his tuition fees and books?” Ramesh fell silent thinking over the matter. His wife intervened to say that the bright boy should be enabled to realize his ambition. That clinched the matter. Ramesh told Murugan that he would support him financially with tuition fees, books and a monthly assistance of Rs 100 on his assuring four things. The conditions were that he would continue to help his mother in the distribution of milk and that he would study well to get high marks in the diploma course also. The other conditions were that his sister should also be helped to pursue her studies and that Murugan should return the money advanced for his education after he settled down in his business. He was doing this on trust and hoped Murugan would not betray the faith. The boy was overcome with emotion as he fell at Ramesh’s feet.A smile spread across Sarada’s face.
Years passed by and Murugan earned his diploma in automobile engineering in flying colours.Ramesh helped him to get a bank loan to start a small workshop. Starting with his Maruti, he recommended the workshop to his friends. In a couple of years, Murugan got steady business and slowly expanded the workshop. One Sunday he came along with his mother and sister with a basketful of fruits. He placed an envelope that contained a cheque for the amount spent by Ramesh.Murugan prostrated before him and said wiping the tears from his eyes “You are a living God to me. But for you I would be distributing milk to houses and my sister would be working as a domestic help in several houses. She is now in class 12 and may join a college. I am well settled in business. My mother is getting well deserved rest. All these because of your timely and kind help”
Ramesh returned the envelope telling him that he had no intention of taking back the money and that he imposed that condition only to make Murugan realize his responsibility and study well.Murugan placed the envelope again at the feet of his benefactor telling him that assurances were meant to be observed. After they left Ramesh gave the cheque to his wife. Without a moment’s hesitation, she tore it into two pieces and looked at her husband’s proud and understanding face. She knew that from what we get, we can make a living and that what we give, however, makes a life. To give without any reward or expectation invests the kind act with a special quality and charm of its own.

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  1. the act of giving brings joy to the giver as well.
    good post.