Sunday, September 6, 2009

Krishna’s cow

Santosh was scared in that dark and dingy room.A fearful man was standing outside the room keeping a vigil on him.He saw through the window he was in the midst of a dark grove with lots of trees. He was crying and pleading with the man to let him go to his mom.The man threatened that he will thorw him in the well if he cried or pestered him.
Santosh was just six year old. He recollected how happily he had started with his mom to the Venugopala swami temple in the morning.His mom had told him there was a special puja that day being Gokulashtami. The temple was very crowded and jampacked with devotees, he remembered.He could not see the diety and his mom had to lift him on her shoulders for him to have a glimpse of the God.More than the Krishna in blue colour with his flute in hand, he liked the white cow behind him with its head lowered and touching Krishna’s leg.
“Amma, I want that cow with Krishna I will hold it in my hand.It will give milk for the house.Please get me the same” he pleaded with her
She replied”It is Krishna’s cow.You should not desire what is God’s. I will get you another cow when you grow a little older.They have horns and will hurt if one is not careful.”
The boy was adamant and cried “No,I want that cow only.I do not need any other.”
She took him away from the sanctum and waded through the crowd with the boy in hand.He wrenched himself away and ran inside the crowd telling”I will not come without the cow.You go home.”
She got scared and went behind him calling his name.The boy mysteriously disappeared. In the crowd.No amount of shouting his name and the efforts of others to trace him yielded any fruit.He had just vanished.The crowd was so much that she could not easily move.The boy was lost.She wailed with many devotees sympathising with her.
Santosh saw the man walking towards the well.He quietly slipped away thro the open door and hid himself behind a bush a little away.He saw the man with two others frantically searching for him.They were hoping to get some ransom. .After a search for quite sometime they gave up.The boy was afarid of the darkness but dared not come out.He remmebered his mom telling him to pray to God when in difficulty.He thought of Krishna, prayed to Him to take him home but his mind was only on the cow.He started crying and slowly drifted to sleep.He didn’t know how long he slept till he found something licking his face.He woke up with a start and found the white cow he saw with Krishna .It nudged him to stand up.He held the rope that had several bells around its neck and walked with it till he found himself opposite his house very soon.
It was late night when he rang the bell.His mother came rushing out fearing some bad news.She was greatly surprised to see Santosh standing as if nothing had happened.When she asked where he was and how he came alone in the dark night,
He said”Amma look at the cow that Krishna had with him.It brought me here safely.I hope it will stay here with me hereafter”
His mom surprised said “Where is the cow? I don’t see any.What are you prattling? Are you dreaming/”
When Santosh turned around and found no cow, he started weeping loudly.


  1. Great one Sir. I simply loved it. Though it looks simple it has profound meaning.

    God comes to us as we desire. That's why Krishna's cow came to Santhosh.

    God knows to what extent his devotees must be helped. His help is perfectly up to our needs. Nothing more and nothing less.

    Great Sir! Please come up with more such stories.

  2. dear partha,
    wow!my KANNAN with HIS cow in your post!amazing!partha,AshtamiRohini is on 11th sept.Kannan's birthday.
    i have white coloured Kannan with white cow.
    i do strongly believe,miracles happen by Kanna's grace.our sincere prayers will be always answered.
    i'm happy,i'm the first one to comment.thanks,partha,for such a wonderful post!you reminded me a story achamma used to tell us in our childhood about Kannan.
    i simply loved this post!hearty congrats!!

  3. Got a little confused..did the man catch hold of him and brought him near the well or did he catch hime in the crowd?

  4. Hi!

    You have a very interesting blog. Glad to have come to it now. I can see that I should be coming back and cruise further down your page... which I am pretty sure would be quite a huge delight.

    Came to thank you for dropping by my site and for your lovely message. Wish you and your family all the best in life. God bless you all.


  5. Lovely story Sir..

    I wish I could have come up with such stories... It would have helped when my children were younger and were insisting on a story every night at bed time..

  6. As vishy quoted i think i wont be having that problem :) I can always check on your blog to pick a story for the bedtime.
    He is omnipotent, He is omnipresent :)

  7. "...sambhavaami, yugae, yugae." Krishna bless you, Appa Parthasarathi. I started reading you because you carry His name. You have not disappointed me :)

    Beautiful story. Thanks a lot.

  8. Dear Kp,
    Its always good to have beleif & faith as it gives one confidence, thus showing us the right path to reach our destination.

  9. Oh my God!! totally awesome story partha...if i had a kid near me right now, i would be reading out this story from ur blog to him/her....u are too good of a storyteller.

  10. WOW! A great story indeed :-) I loved everything about this story....a true, innocent wish is always fulfilled :-)

    Thanks a lot for the wonderful story sir!

  11. HI Uncle,

    It reminded me the words which i said for the previous post, "Imaginations are really helpful at times"..:)

    Good one.