Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sushma’s grandpa

Sushma was sitting in the well maintained lawn with her grand ma.She loved her very much and spent the spare time with her when she was not busy at work.Sushama shared with her all her personal matters with her more than with her mom.Grandma Meenakshi was nearing eighty but was in good health.
“Grandma,one thing is intriguing.Tell me the answer.Why is it my mom is looking so different from the rest of her sisters.My mom is fair with an aquline nose while all my aunties are dusky in colour with a stub nose.It looks as if she doesn’t belong to the family” asked Sushma
Meenakshi smiled and said “All fingers are not alike, isnt, it?”
“No, that is not the answer.I am not convinced, grandma”
Meenakshi smiled again and said in whisper ”I don’t mind letting you into secret if you promise to keep it to yourself.You are twentythree and I see no harm in sharing it with you at this stage of my life.You are more a buddy than a grand daughter.”
Sushma drew closer and became attentive
“I loved a handsome man Sunil by name when I was your age.We were going steady and decided to get married.When he learnt that I was pregnant with his child, he developed cold feet and avoided me.His parents were very rich and they found a girl for him from an equally rich background.I was shocked.But to my great surprise my parents were very supportive.I didn’t want to abort the child.Your mom Sindhu was born.” said Meenakshi
“I can never believe, grand ma, that you were such a bold and passionate person in your younger days falling in love with someone and getting into a problem”said Sushma
“My dad found a very good man in Sekhar who knew about this foolish Meenakshi and was willing to marry her nevertheles.He regarded Sindhu as his own daughter.No one knew except my parents, he, Sindhu ofcourse and now you.”
“Did you or my mom ever contact the other man ever? asked Sushma
“No, I did not meet him again.I cut him off from my mind for ever.But your mom when she grew older around eghteen or so wanted to meet her bio dad.He was a very big man in business then.She was rebuffed and ridculed when she met him at his office and she came back crying.That was the last we ever had anything to do with him.Luckily she had the warmth and total affection of Sekhar without a trace of any differnce from your aunties”
“OK granma, the secret is safe with me.This has also answered my question but I have decided to confront my bio grand dad once and give him a bit of my mind” Sushma said
“Banish such thoughts.He is a heartless and rough man.He may refuse to meet you or throw you out.Don’t ever do such a foolish thing.You mom may not like it also” warned Meenakshi
Sushma was adamant and managed to get an appointment with him the next day itself.Except grandma she didn’t tell others.
“Who are you? What is it you wanted to discuss with me in private and urgently on a matter of importance according to you” asked Sunil in a gruff tone from his tall richly upholstered red chair.
“”Sir, this is somewhat personal.You must relax and be calm” said Sushma
“Tut, tut, I have no time for small talk.Tell me whatever you want to say quickly and get lost” roared Sunil
“Cool down, grandpa.I happen to be Meenakshi’s grand daughter and you happen to be my bio grand dad” said Sushma cooly in a soft tone
“For a moment he was flabbergasted at the nerve of this young and bewitchingly beautiful girl.He recovered immediately and said “I don’t know any Meenakshi or her daughter.I would also not like to know..I am a happily married man with my own family.Your time is up.Please go away.”
Sushma made no sign of getting up from her chair.She said”How can you be so cruel and heartless to your own daughter Sindhu.What was her mistake in your misadventure with grandma? I have come here to point out your insensitiveness, not at the behest of anyone, but on my own volition.”
He stood up as he pressed the bell.A messenger entered the room.”Please take this lady out and see she is not allowed to enter my room” he said curtly
Sushma could not suppress her tears at his callous and unfeeling manner and came out crying to the lounge even as many eyes stared at her.It was then she felt an arm entwining her and drawing her close to him.
It was her grandpa who carressed her hair “Sushma darling,if you had asked me ,I would not have advised you to come here.Meenakshi told me just in time for me to be here.When I am there for you as grandpa, why do you look to strangers.Am I not giving my affection in full for you? Tell me.” Her grandpa asked in loving tone.The tears of anger and disappointment gave way to tears of joy.
“One minute grand pa” she said as she ran to a spittoon in the lounge and spat with all her force.
“”Come now, grandpa.Let us celebrate in Nirula’s with a cool fruithshake.You are the world's best grandpa.You have opened my eyes to what is true love and affection.I am proud to be your grand daughter “even as she hugged the frail and bent man tightly


  1. Sweet story. Whoever said Blood is thicker than water??

  2. HI Uncle,

    very heart warming story..the way u have portrayed the relations in mind is what i enjoyed while reading it..

    i still have some characters and the true flavor of love with me after reading it .. very well done..

    But wanna say one point on ur "TRUE LOVE" phrase.. LOVE is always true, if not, its not the love anymore..

    Thank You..

  3. Was Sushma crazy? :o
    But her grandparents seem to be level headed. Hats off to the grandpa not for ghiving sushma his love, but for accepting her grandma as his wife in the first place! :)

  4. Dear Partha,
    a well narrated story!we have good samaritans everywhere giving love n life to the deserted!some forget the past,the roots for the status n reputation in society!
    Grandparents are more loving than parents!:)Sushma is lucky to enjoy the care n love!
    happy blogging!waiting for more amazing stories,wishing a great weekend!

  5. such a luvly story it b'fuly framed..hats off to the grand pa..:)
    luckyy sushma...

  6. Great to read ur story after a long time. This one is such a wonderful story. I was blessed with great grand parents too. Now I have only my granddad from my dad's side left. I'm thankful to god that he is still there with us today.

  7. Relationships are ultimately about feelings. There are many blood-relatives who make no positive difference to us because they have no love for us.

    The whole universe is related; so, anyone who truly loves you is your relative, in the true sense. Other 'relatives' are just by-products of circumstances, blood-connected or otherwise.

    Such is life..

    Beautiful story, Appa.

  8. ekdum filmy, i must a scene from a tollywood movie.
    grandma was ekdum cool, grandpa was super cool...loved that.

  9. Hi Partha uncle..

    U have been tagged at my blog..:)

  10. Those who dont deserve to be loved should not be loved at one in this world can take anyone elses place, in this case her real grandpa was surely a scary dream, from which she came out.
    Thanks for the great story!