Thursday, June 10, 2010

The party at Pizza Hut

Meena had overslept after seeing Indian Idol late in the night and it was past 7am when she woke up.Her husband Nataraj would be leaving for office by 8.15am and the breakfast should be ready.Milk was not yet delivered.She took the only packet available from the fridge and boiled it for making coffee.It curdled to her dismay..The maid had abstained the previous evening and was yet to come.The vessels were in the sink unwashed.To add to the misery the power went off suddenly..The day had not begun well for Meena.She was fretting and fuming at Kavitha her maid for playing truant repeatedly and decided to tell her to stop coming if she cannot be regular.

Her daughter Neena and son Kartik were still sleeping blissfully being holidays.Her husband was busy with his mobile opposite to the TV and asking Meena now and then to bring coffee, his specs or his diary. The last straw was when the gas was over in the cylinder needing to replace.She started shouting “I am not a slave in this house to slog while others enjoy sleeping or watching TV.My parents have not sent me here as an unpaid servant.I am not making any breakfast.Let them order from Saravana Bhavan or anywhere if they need to eat.”

Nataraj shouted”Meena, talk slowly.Don’t you see I am on phone? Someone is ringing the bell..Please answer and keep ready the flowers for the puja.”

“I am on strike.You can do your things.I am not the only one to answer the bell.Ask your children to get up and do the needful.I am having severe headache and I am going to lie down.If Kavita does not come,let them order food from caterers” she replied

Nataraj left for office in a huff without taking breakfast.The children woke up in the noise but were afraid to come near their mom.It was around 9.30 am when Kavita made her appearance along with a sob story that her husband took ill suddenly and had to be taken to hospital.When she saw Meena buying her story, she requested Meena to advance her Rs.1000 towards medical expenses.Meena flatly refused saying that she had more than two months salary as advance already.

Kartik was telling his sister that he needed Rs. 1000 for the treat ,a lunch at Pizza Hut, he had promised his friends for being a topper in the class and he was afraid to broach the subject to mom in her present mood.He sought her help to get the money for him from mom.

When Meena started shouting at the two for being lazy and late in rising from bed, Neena thought it prudent not to talk about the money Kartik needed.Meena being a good natured person could not deny the advance the maid had wanted.She kept Rs. 1000 on the dining table to be given to Kavita after she had finished the work.She went to rest after asking the local caterer to send food for lunch.

Kavita finished her work quickly and left in an angry mood that her request for advance was turned down.Neena was not aware that money was kept on the dining table to be given to Kavita.
When Neena was taking bath Kartik found Rs. 1000 on the table and thinking it was kept for him he pocketed it and was thankful to Neena for getting it from mom.

When Kavita came in the afternoon and pleaded with Meena for the advance, she shouted”How dare you ask again after taking Rs.1000 kept on the dining tablein the morning?What do you think we are?”

“What Rs.1000, amma? What are you talking about?I have not taken any.’she replied

“Neena, where is the money I had kept on the table for Kavita?”asked Meena

“How would I know? You never told me of any money kept on table.Ask your son?” she retorted

The bell rang then.Kartik was seen entering the house laughing along with his friends after a hearty meal of Pizza ,Pasta, garlic bread and coke.He was surprised to see the angry face of his mom and the quizzical smile on his sister’s face.He asked her innocently ”Hi,wassup?”


  1. Hi...watss up??

    hehe..good entertaining one uncle..

    U mentioned the show Indian idol which i love the most..:) .. keep writing such ones..

  2. Hi..watssup on like icying on the cake ha ha!great one gp!!Youre great at short Id say!

  3. wazzup? I would never tolerate what he did...I'd grab him in the neck and give him a spanking he deserves and tell him how stupid he is that who taught him to get money without any permission?

    entertaining story, reality exists like this one, but not at home...

  4. Dear Partha,
    Good Evening!
    I must tel you,Fifa 2010 is coming up!Just hours to go.:)
    I used to watch INDIAN IDOL......
    well woven theme;but Kartik can't preend to be innocent.
    We must encourage children a treat at home is more welcome!Parents get to know the types of friends their children have.
    Wishing you a lovely evening,

  5. Good one. How easily children spend well-earned money! This should be sent to a childrens magazine or the Hindu - Young World.