Monday, October 4, 2010

The fortune line

Anand was in despair as all his efforts to secure a job had failed.He was tired of attending interviews only to be rejected.He was just a graduate with no special skills He stood no chance in a job market where overqualified persons were ready for smaller emoluments.He knew his dad had no high opinion of him and thought that his craze for singing film songs would lead him nowhere.True he had an arresting voice and could enthrall his friends by singing very much like the famous playback singers.His mom used to say that if she closed her eyes she was unable to distinguish his singing from the famous names.He was already 26 and his dad would retire soon.There was the compelling need to augment family income

As he was sitting in the park lost in his sullen thoughts, one man with a big kumkum on his forehead sat by his side.After some silence he said ”I can read faces and hands.I can see you are worried about your future.Let me read your palm and tell you what is in store for you.” When Anand ran his hand over his empty pocket,the man said ”you don’t have to pay anything’ After reading his hand intently for sometime,the man did not utter one word.When he rose to leave ,Anand asked him to tell what he had found out.

The man said ”I am sorry.There is no fortune line at all in your palm.It is very hazy and broken at many places.That would signify a life of want and misery.Still I see other signs of prosperity.I am confused as I have rarely come across a palm like yours.”

That night he had a weird thought.”Why not I make strong well etched fortune line and change my life” He took a pen knife and drew a line on his palm with the sharp knife. In the sudden pain,he fell down cutting his artery in the wrist as well.There were none in the house then..Luckily he was later taken in the nick of time to hospital.He had to remain in the hospital for some was here destiny played its queer part.He fell in love with the nurse Sindhu attending on him..She too took a fancy for him.She contrived to spend maximum time with him.

When they exchanged information of their interests and passions, she came to know his craze for singing.Being a music buff herself she made him sing for her.She was totally mesmerised at the ease with which he sang, his rich voice and his ability to imitate the legends in the field..She became more attracted to him and their love grew in intensity. But she knew he was jobless and she was willing to wait.He was discharged from hospital.The wound had healed but with a clear line where his fortune line remained hazy earlier.They both laughed over the funny incident that brought them together.

Back at home he started with renewed vigour to find a job.It was then after a month, he received a call on his mobile.The voice said “Is it Anand? I am assistant to Music director Tuneking.He wants you to come for an audition at his studios tomorrow”

Anand asked in a perplexed tone ”I am Anand alright.But I am not in the cine field.Are you sure you have the right number?”

“Music director himself gave me the number which he got from someone who had recommended you.Please come without fail.This could be a big break” he said

He had to wait for long time .There were many going in and coming out.Finally just before 6pm he was called in.. The director looked a hefty man and was quite tall with an imposing figure.Clad in spotless white, he said ”So you are Anand.I heard from someone you sing well and can imitate the big stars in the field.But I want you to sing any song you like in your own style.If I like your voice and am satisfied that you will suit me, I will make you sing with accompaniments.Come on. .Be free from fear.”

Wondering who could have mentioned about him,Anand sang one catchy and popular song with effortless ease.Taken aback the director asked him to sing one more.That done, he kept asking him to sing again and again.He finally stood up and came near him to hug him saying “I have found a rare gem.You have great talent. You will turn the music world upside down.From now on you are working for me and no one else.We will draft an agreement tomorrow” He drew from his pocket a bundle of notes and gave him saying ‘Keep this.This is a token appreciation”

When Anand lingered, the director asked him “Yes, what do you want?”

“May I know who recommended my name to you for no one in the field knows me.This is a private hobby of mine”

On hearing this he laughed aloud and said “That pretty nurse girl in the hospital spoke for you.I was there for some treatment.She took a promise from me that I would hear you once.Are you in love with her or what?’

Six months later when Anand was in his home cutting apple with knife, his wife Sindhu snatched the knife from him and said smilingly”I would not trust you anymore with a knife.”


  1. Dear Partha,
    Good Morning!
    It is a beautiful love story.Anand was lacking inspiration. But then,I wanted his Amma to be the source of inspiration than Sindhu.:)
    Partha,this is an interesting story.
    Time,it is time that plays the tricks.
    Patience and trust work wonders.
    Wishing you a lovely week ahead,

  2. life plays a lot of tricks in the form of coincidences...........

  3. Awwww thats a lovely story. Sometimes miracles do happen in real life or we can say destiny takes the right course, but when this doesnt happen, a bit of hardwork cam\n make us find our way...though a little late but we would find it for sure :)

  4. Wonderful story. Well penned to tell confidence and hardwork is more than fortune lines

  5. Woww!!!!! Fantastic. No One can Know how the life takes & even cannot know Where The Destiny Is......Beautiful Fantastic Quite Inspirational Write Up :) :)

  6. So a cut and a knife did bring miracle and happiness in Anand's life. Ends on a positive note. Good.

  7. Thank God Anand did not fall into the 'Fate' trap and decided to literally, carve out, his own destiny. Divine Intervention in the form of ministering angel Sindhu had enabled Anand to fulfil his dream !
    The author hass conveyed a strong message through such a simple story.