Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The secret mission

There was a gentle knock at the door around 9 PM.Who could it be, he wondered? Vinay had no friends visiting him.No neighbours in this complex ever called on him. He opened the door to find a young woman in her mid twenties standing. He had seen her many times in the complex but had never spoken.She smiled at him and asked with certain hurry in her tone.”My telephone isn’t working.The cell phone is also not usable.Can I please make an urgent call to my mom who I understand is not well”

As she was talking to her mom, Vinay pretended to be reading a newspaper but was overhearing the conversation. She was quite an attractive woman, petite and had a sweet voice.He could feel her genuine concern for her mom and learn that she was feeling badly in not being by her side. After she disconnected, she thanked him profusely.He introduced himself and asked her to be seated when he went to get her coke.She saw as he opened the fridge it was bare except for the small bottle of coke.She could see from the sofa where she was seated, the kitchen that bore no evidence of any cooking.When they were talking she came to know that he had lost his job about six months back and the money he had saved was spent, a sizable chunk towards mother’s medical expenses and the balance on his food and rent.He owed rent and was pressurized to vacate.He was frantically looking for any job but nothing was forthcoming.She expressed her sympathy and her wish that he find a job soon.They met each other in the next few days several times exchanging small talk that gradually became longer.

He was turned away wherever he went for a job He was at the end of his tether and even toyed with the idea of taking his life away. It was at such a critical juncture that she came to him and asked him” Are you willing to do a job for me and if you accomplish this well, it may possibly open the gate for brighter future.But there is a condition.You should not ask much details but simply carry out the work entrusted to you without any demur. Do you have trust in me? If you trust me fully you must carry a packet to another city safely with you.This is a secret and important
assignment.You must not discuss with any one and you should not carry any other luggage.The man who would be meeting you at the airport would deliver you a box with new dresses and other essential things. He would take you to the place where you are to hand over the packet”

“How will I know the man at the airport”he asked?

“My man will identify you and utter the password that I would be giving you.He will take you to the destination.You should not ask any question what the packet contained and whom you were going to meet.Certain secrecy is necessary.If you trust me you can agree not otherwise. I will give you air ticket and also some money for the help .Be assured that at the end you would be happy that you did me this job”’ she said.

Vinay thought he cannot be in any worse situation than he was now and the lady seemed nice.Infact he had taken a great liking for her and often spent time thinking of her.She was paying some money too which he badly needed. He decided to agree notwithstanding a lurking doubt about the possibility of drugs or some secret documents exchanged on espionage activities.He told her”I need a break from this depressing atmosphere.I have full trust in you and am aware that you would not put me into any trouble.I am ready to start any time.”

She replied “You may leave two days later.I will hand over the packet to you this evening along with tickets and pasword.Please do not try to contact me till the packet is successfully delivered.”

Vinay carried nothing except the secured packaged box .It passed through Xray without problem as he feared.He was thinking of her and her mysterious ways during the journey and knew he was in love with her.He hoped that this could be the beginning of a closer relationship.

The man who received Vinay at the airport was curt as he gave him a box.He gave him 15 minutes to change his dress.There were a pair of nice suits with shirts and other garments.He was surprised at the way money was spent on him when he was a mere courier and a strange fear came over him whether he would turn to be the sacrificial goat.The car took them to a posh apartment.As he was waiting at the drawing room he started sweating despite the airconditioners..It took ten minutes and no one appeared.He felt some eyes were watching him though there was none.He wished she could have been a little more open.Suddenly he heard a door opening and saw a figure approaching him.He stood up involuntarily wonder struck in total amazement and surprise when he saw the person.
“Are you surprised, dear, seeing me here to receive you? Please open the box yourself and see the contents” said the lady he had met at his place.

When he opened, he found it to his utter surprise stuffed with scraps of waste paper and wondered why at all this secrecy.

She laughed and said “The whole assignment is a silly test to see whether you have implicit faith in me.I am glad you passed it admirably well.I thought you may back out.Lucky for me that you accepted”

“Why this test at all for me?” he asked with some eagerness

“I don’t know really.I had this strange desire to test you for I have lost my heart for you.I do not know how you feel towards me.But I want you to help me in looking after my vast business.If you like me as I do, we may spend the rest of our lives together.You will start a new life.That is the reason I requested you to discard everything from that wretched place” she said.

He extended his arms wide open for her to fall into for a long embrace.


  1. wow that is one romantic story......

  2. Back to business eh?

    And what a way to make it to here...

    I somehow knew half way down the story that she was assessing his loyalty, but could never guess it will be another way to propose to the guy....haha...

  3. Back in action !!
    A story with a sweet ending.

  4. Awesome!!

    It was nice way to propose a guy.

  5. Wow!!
    When you have an inspired thought, you must trust it and act on it
    Very well written Sir :-)

  6. Interesting Story! The twist was really unexpected.

  7. Interesting Story! Unexpected twist!Trust is the foundation.

  8. i am a sucker at romantic stufff .:)

    loved it


  9. Uhmm...Romantic...???I am not sure...

    If in reality, somebody has tested me like this, maybe I wouldnt like it...

    If in real life, this did happen to anybody, hope, their relation stays happily ever after...

    Sorry Dost, for being a ___ in my comment...but that is what I felt about the characters...

  10. wow..not this is something I really love..so much engrossing, entertaining and then feel good too.

  11. sorry for spelling mistake..its now..in place of not