Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The unspoken love

Deepak was scrutinizing the day’s mail stacked on his office table early in the morning. He was puzzled to see a small envelope in office stationery with the words “Personal, for your eyes only” typed in bold. He quickly opened to see a typed short unsigned letter.

You may not know my deepest love for you for I have never expressed it. The sole motivation for my coming to office daily is to see your irresistibly charming face. I want to be bound together with you and lead a life of eternal bliss. Won’t you open your eyes and see for yourself your love-struck admirer

Deepak a handsome young executive was aware that he was the object of adoring eyes not only in office but elsewhere too. He had no girl friend in particular that could be called romantic. He was sure that this must be from someone in the office as the envelope bore office logo and address. There were three young women in his small office.

Lavanya, a charming, chubby but petite one is married with a small child. Her husband worked in Singapore and came twice a year for a short holiday. Though she was friendly and spoke animatedly with him, he could not discern any romantic inclinations from her side. But then she found innumerable reasons to come frequently to his cabin and linger for a while.

Ipsita, secretary to the Managing Director smiled at him always but was taciturn. Conscious of her position and privy to all important decisions, she never spoke much for fear people may ask her questions. Deepak always took care not to embarrass her and for this reason she dropped in to his cabin for an occasional tea whenever MD was away. She was a single, tall very attractive but had no fiancé to his knowledge. Here again there was never an oblique suggestion of any amorous interest in him.

But Lalita was a different. A bubbly extrovert, she was a flirt, not with him alone but with everyone including courier and pizza boys who came to deliver. She was in the accounts department and reported to him. Knowing her well, she is not the type to write secretive letters. If she were in love she would have told him openly and even take the bull by the horns by hugging him on the spot. But he had heard that some young man frequently came to the office and took her in his bullet after office hours.

He was actually curious to find out who out of this three would have written this love note. It was unmistakably for him for his name was typed legibly both on the envelope and the paper inside. It was then his colleague Pinto entered his cabin. He was in the marketing wing and was mostly outside the office except in the morning hours and sometimes in the evenings. They were good friends. But strangely he never mingled with the lady staff. He was formal with them most of the times but curt occasionally with Lalita especially. The girls had even complained obliquely about him to Deepak who consoled them saying he was an enigma to him too.

Pinto asked him “Hey Deepu, why are you wearing a worried look on your otherwise charming face? What happened? What is that paper on your hand?”

“I am not worried but only surprised. Just have a look at this confidential note and tell me who could have written this to me” said Deepak

Pinto glanced at it and then said with a mischievous smile “Whoever has written is shy of telling you directly on your face of their love and would probably wish you to find from their body language. You are a smart chap and should be able to unravel the mystery of your ardent lover very soon. I give you two days time and in case you fail, I will help you find.”

The next day he showed Lavanya the note and said “I know it cannot be you. I am just checking with all the three lady staff” She just smiled and said she did not write.

Ipsita’s response with a big smile when she saw the letter was ”Deepak, you could have shown me this note a month earlier. It is late now. My parents have finalized a match already. Bad luck”

“For whom?”Deepak asked with a grin

“Me of course” she said and vanished

Lalita said “Sorry, my dear. I have a fiancé already as you might have known. I would have readily upgraded for you but I have gone too far with that guy”

Next day when Pinto came, he plunged directly into the subject. Deepak narrated his conversation with the three ladies.
Pinto then said with a roguish smile “Think out of box. If it is not from a lady in the office, can it be from somebody else?”He left abruptly saying “Have your answer ready. I will be back in a few minutes”

It was then it struck Deepak like a sledge hammer blow that though Pinto seemed a normal guy, he often smiled roguishly without provocation and spoke in a soft voice, and simpered whenever he greeted him in the mornings. He had seen that he never befriended any girl or spoke of any one. There was an effeminate side to his personality and often talked holding Deepak’s hands of his great affection for him. Now he realized the bitter truth and developed an instant dislike for him.

When Pinto entered, Deepak threw the letter on his face and said “it is you. I hate you. You find your quarry elsewhere” and dismissed him telling “I am sorry Pinto, I am busy and have some urgent work to attend to.”


  1. Nice turn, please clear the mystery of the earlier story..to me thae characters were so alive that i want to know the truth from their creator only:)

  2. Ha ha ha.. Really? Ha ha ha... Thanks for the smile that the story brought on. :)

  3. A topic as shunned as the previous post in Osu's blog.
    Well honestly the feeling of physical intimacy for the same sex, though , is a topic I do not feel fascinated. As a story yes you may have a plot.
    It reminds me of the movie"Making Love" which was the story of two men who live together.

    The fact of life is that there are many who are bowled over by their own sex.

  4. Oh Gosh! Was it really Pinto to have written the letter? Nopes please.. but who else can it be ??

  5. Oh Gosh! Was it really Pinto to have written the letter? Nopes please.. but who else can it be ??

  6. it is intriguing to see how the three girls reacted to the given situation..
    limiting the no of female staff to three and describing their characters was leading to something different..
    though the clues were given earlier.. the suspense was carried along..
    though this is a small story and there are five characters, there is a glimpse of each one of their personality..
    and It is very difficult to pack so much of human nature with these few words..
    good story ..

  7. The moment you introduced Pinto I knew how the story was turning. However I was hoping it was Ispita who only smiled as a response...

  8. ROTFL.
    this is pwetty normal these dys. Stil cn't stop laughin at deepak's situation.
    Good one GP

  9. Aww... its cute and sad and funny :-)

  10. He he I didn't guess it.. but knew that you were up for some mischief here.. lol! good one!

  11. Lovely story
    it was a romantic story
    but not 100 %
    you made it very mysterious...


  12. i guess a 'love' story of this nature is first of its kind from you!!!

  13. I thought it must be a prank from one of the male colleagues to baffle the guy and make him loosen up a bit :).

  14. now thats a different take from you sir, coming here after break.. and worth coming, loved the climax :)

  15. hahah. This is funny. lol


    Megha Sarin