Saturday, January 7, 2012

The smile

It was at a party that I had met Sudhir.Strikingly handsome with a muscular body that was very fair and his curly hair, he caught my attention immediately as I entered the hall. He had not obviously noticed me as he was chatting animatedly with a few young ladies. His smile was magnetic as I could see from the expressions of his listeners .I moved closer to him to catch his eye.

For the last few months I have no boy friend after the last one moved away preferring someone else may be for her money. Though I was dating some, I had not found the right man. This guy appeared to be a good catch. He dressed well. I liked the dimple in his cheek when he smiled. As expected he turned and his eyes fell on me. It seemed they froze on me forever till I smiled at him. He returned the smile and abruptly left his company to move towards me. It was only when he came close that I noticed it wasn’t a dimple but a scar. But did it matter when it added to his charm?

After the introductions, he asked very courteously whether he can hold my hands for a dance. His lavish remarks on my beauty and the ease of my dancing steps, his soft whispers and the gentle touch and his winning smile made my legs weak aware that I had fallen for him head over heels. After a while he took me out to the darker side of the long corridor to hug me and plant his first kiss. Cuddling close to each other, we sat on a cold bench for a long time and expressing our wish to carry forward the friendship further by frequent meetings. A sudden cold breeze swept across and he held me tight. There was some uneasy feeling when he stared at me with his smiling eyes. I didn’t know why but his eyes suddenly reminded me of a viper.

“Why, what happened, Savitha?”he asked anxiously.

“Nothing, the wind is chilly” I replied

“Okay, let us go inside. I will pick you up tomorrow evening from your office for our first date. Be ready” he said.

He was there sharp at 6pm outside my office. We went to a film and then had dinner at a posh restaurent.He behaved with me very gentlemanly.”Would you mind visiting my room before I drop you at your place? We can have some drinks and some cuddling” he asked

“Why not? I do not mind so long as you behave yourself. From what I have seen you so far, you seem to be fine gentleman. I consider myself fortunate to become your friend” I replied

It was a well kept place and things neatly arranged showing Sudhir in bright light.I was happy and said “I am cleanliness freak. I think we have similar taste.”

He wrapped his arm around my waist and drew me close to kiss me. It was the same smile that I saw the previous day. I involuntarily shuddered in fear and drew myself back.

“Why what happened, Savitha? You did this last evening also” he asked

“It is nothing” I said

“No, I don’t believe you.You are scared not without justification. Your inner instincts have warned you correctly. I am an evil man since one year. Have you had a boy friend? Tell me” he said

“Why, I did have a few but nothing clicked .II never got close to anyone. It is only you that I have really fallen for and it is my wish that this stays for a long time. What evil you were talking about?” I asked

“Don’t get scared of what I am about to tell you. I love you and would not harm you. I had a girl friend. We were in deep love with each other and were very intimate. We had plans to get married. I was making all arrangements till I saw her one day betraying me with another man. When pressed she confessed that he was her ex friend and have been having affair on the sly. I lost my cool and in a fit of rage strangled her to death. Her man had run away. Due to lack of adequate evidence I was convicted on some minor account and let off after a short tem in prison. This incident affected me mentally and I have lost faith in women. I befriend young women and when alone with them suddenly the rage in me swells up and I in a fit of madness kill them, may be a way to remove the bitterness in me” he stopped for a while when I interrupted

“Can I go home now, Sudhir.You can tell me the rest later. I am feeling giddy” I said

“Savitha, do not be afraid. I am no psycho. I am changed. No harm will come to you. I love you very much and wish to spend the rest of my life with you” he said even as he embraced me as if to assuage my fears.

It was then I felt a burning sensation in my back. I tried to free myself from his steely grip even as I saw a patch of scarlet on the floor around my feet, warm and sticky.Oh my god, what has happened to me I thought and looked at him.He was smiling at me with the same scary eyes staring like viper. The brightness around me dimmed as I crumpled on the floor.


  1. Sivappu rojakkal range-kku story. Keep rocking as ever.

  2. oh god..

    the story reminded me of someone and the betrayal .. thank god i did not turn a psycho but then who knows he he h ..

    I liked the story though the end i hoped would be happy and savitha could love this guy so much that the bad in him goes away


  3. nice one...I like d fiction ones so much....
    Take care

  4. So she survived it? How lucky cos the others before her didn't. Quite a twist in the story.

  5. It took me to a suspense plot for quite some time... Very interesting and great narration.

  6. It took me to a suspense plot for quite some time... Very interesting and great narration.

  7. It is scary, made me shudder. Poor girl, she had nowhere to go. Very well told!

  8. This was out of the way Gp. Not wat u usually write... Couldn't guess much :D very scary :D

  9. Reminded me of shivappu rojakkal, my favorite movie.. yes, betrayals can impact very strongly.

  10. it was with her now..:) very nice one uncle..twists..:)

  11. Interestingly narrated! Felt a bit scary!

  12. why this kolaveri???:p liked it anyway!

  13. i had goose-bumps!
    superbly narrated

  14. Waiting for the next part.. Very interestinggggg

  15. How do you get these plots? All of them so varied? Quite unexpected..

  16. Gripping tale, great way to start 2012.

    I second radha's comment.
    Keep them coming.~

  17. Kp I thought you excelled in love stories with romantic endings.Why the sudden switch to a horror thriller ? Anyway it made nice reading.
    Best Wishes Ram

  18. Nice story....

    Liked it much

  19. Eagerly waiting for a comedy twist, in your next story. :-)

  20. Yes... it is Sivappu Rojakkal certainly! Surprising we do not listen to our instincts when we should!

  21. Is there a sequel to this story? kept t me hooked till the end.

  22. That's the mistake most of us make. People tend to get into a relationship too quickly without being aware of what the person is about. Gripping Story Indeed :-)

  23. soo good.. and bloody twisty narration..! the confession was classy! (nice idea)