Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hook,line and sinker

Anita ,a bit short but beautiful, will be 25 by June and her parents have been pressing her to get married. They were worried as she was not showing any interest. She had no boyfriends too. She was assisting her father in his company at Chennai. It was a large trading firm with many branches across the country. They were very rich.

When they were having dinner, her dad broached the subject again telling"Anita, do not think we are hustling you into something that you do not wish. I will be 65 soon and would like to hand over the reins to you in a couple of years. My health is not that good. Please do not think I am blackmailing you .I give you a free hand to choose your partner. If you wish we can suggest some or you can yourself find one. Our only request to you is do something about it before you turn 25 .Our astrologer tells me that the next two months is auspicious."

"Kannamma, please listen to papa..He is telling for your good only" added her mom very softly.

"Okay, I have hit upon a plan. You must allow me a free hand. I will have an advertisement issued asking applications for a senior executive position in our company..The parameters would be young men above 25 but below 30, professionally qualified, willing to work in Chennai on permanent basis. I will shortlist and call for interview only the unmarried. If I find someone good, you may take over for carrying things forward. Is this acceptable to you?" she asked.

There were thirty candidates in all who turned up. Anita with a MBA in HR took the interviews.

Some of them were not agreeable to a long binding contract and some of them though had the qualifications and the expertise did not impress Anita. There were two who seemed passable but Anita was not wholly satisfied. She almost lost hope till a young and handsome guy entered as the last candidate.

."Mr.Arun, please take your seat. I am sorry you had to wait long for your turn.." she said

"Thanks Madam. It is okay" he said as he settled down

"I have seen your resume. It is quite impressive. I have no intention to test your knowledge. This company that has asked me to select a candidate has certain values and regards itself as one large family. I am to choose one who can merge in it. So my questions may be personal in nature which you should not mind. Okay?"

When he nodded his head she said "I see from your resume you are not married and you are nearing 30.Any reason for being single?"

"No specific reason. I haven't seen yet the lady I am looking for" he said with a shy smile

"That is interesting. What sort of a person you have in your mind?"she asked?

“I thought I am attending an interview for a job and not a matrimonial bureau" he said with a grin

"Not like that. These questions are intended to ferret out the personality traits. You don't have to answer if you are not comfortable with" she said

"Not at all. I am looking for basically a good natured lady who has some aim in life and can get along with people. I mean a pleasant girl who will be a good wife and a mother for our children. Am I asking too much?" he asked.

"Not at all. Let me carry it further. What sort of a figure you would look for, tall or petite?"

He kept quiet for some time and then said with a mischievous smile "Someone like you, Pray do not take me amiss"

"Thanks for the compliment, Arun.One important thing. Would you be agreeable to work in Chennai for the rest of your career?" asked a pleased Anita

"Why not? I belong to this place and love the city" he replied.

“Okay, in a few minutes the company's Chairman will meet you to carry this forward. Please wait in the lounge"

After about 45 minutes Anita's father and Arun came out with former's arm around Arun's shoulder."Anita, congratulations. I find Arun a perfect choice by you. I have discussed the details. He is willing.. You may talk to him while I telephone your mom” said her dad.

Shaking hands with her he said "I was not aware of your clever plan. Why not we have dinner outside tonight? I have some personal questions too to ask you. Anyway I am happy I have got the lady of my choice"

Meanwhile her dad was telling Anita's mom “Our ploy worked admirably. Anita fell hook line and sinker for the guy we had chosen."


  1. Ahha
    That’s twist within a twist…
    Hopefully some parents take note of this and carry forward :P

  2. Partha Sir, we fell for your story hook, line, and sinker :-)

  3. Loved, absolutely loved the twist at the end!

  4. Very good. The last line was a twist...interesting twist.

  5. Hmmm An Interesting Story, a good ploy of the parents, the last line took the cake.

  6. Hee! I love it. Its like a hindi film story.

  7. Ha ha ha:) A similar story line I saw on a regional TV serial recently.

  8. Really sweet. I sort of expected something like that - good of the parents to work it out like that!

  9. That was as amazing as always.

    Lovely story with a classic KP finish!

  10. That was as amazing as always.

    Lovely story with a classic KP finish!

  11. I guessed it already but still loved the way you told the story!

  12. Loved the drama and the title of the story too

  13. Hehehhehehe!!!

    Superrr...!!!! How do you come up with such wonderful twists...and the Title, loved it:)

  14. hahaha....predictable, but nice once :)

  15. What a plan, Yes,If we are clever, our parents are 10 times cleverer than us :-)