Thursday, July 12, 2012

The choice

Kunal was happy with his accommodation in Chandigarh. The house owner Sethi and his wife Basanti were very warm and caring. He had chosen to stay with them as a paying guest for a month. They had no paying guest earlier but had agreed at the request of a common friend. Their hesitancy was understandable as Kunal was a young man of 27 years, handsome like a matinee idol and had a good job. One may wonder why these desirable attainments should pose a problem until one knew that the couple had three beautiful daughters who were all 22 being triplets. The girls were talented both in academics and sports.Sethi's concern was not that one of his daughters may fall in love with the young guy but what if all of them desired him simultaneously. The girls being a look alike Kunal would also find it difficult to choose. While Sethi was in two minds about having him,Basanti was neutral. The matter was however clinched by all the three girls pleading in chorus with their parents to take him as a paying guest.

If you thought the matter was resolved happily, you are mistaken. It was rather the beginning of the problem for all the three girls took an instant liking for the young man. Each one offered to clean his room or take breakfast to him or press his clothes with the attendant friction of choosing who will do what. The girls who were very close to each other till then were found at each other’s throat.The diplomatic young man was friendly with all with each one thinking he loved her the most. The guy loved the attention. His problem seemed bigger than that of girls as unlike them he had to choose one among the three with each one appearing better than the two. Their identical looks and equal talent made things worse.

One evening while Sethi was talking to him alone, he said “Kunal, I have observed that all my three daughters have taken a fancy for you and that you too are friendly with them. In the first instance, I would like to know whether you would like to marry any one of them and if so who the lucky girl is."

“Uncle, yes I would very much like to marry one of them but the problem is my inability to choose"

"I understand and I am also aware that all the three are fond of you. Since they look alike with similar attainments, you must make a choice by their traits Talk to each one of them casually, find their likes and dislikes and choose the one who is compatible with you. The alternative is to draw lots which may not be appropriate"

It was a Sunday.Ankita came early with morning tea and newspaper. "Good morning. I have been looking for you. Let me come to the point directly. What is it you like in me for you to fall for me? Please be frank as there should be no secret between us"

She was taken aback by this blunt question but recovered quickly."Do you want me to be candid? I am a great fan of Amir Khan and love his looks. I simply adore him and go gaga whenever I see him on TV. You have a close resemblance to him and I would consider you as his nearest approximation What more do I need?"

"Thank you for considering me as good looking as Amir. It is a great tribute. It is so sweet of you to be outspoken" Kunal said. Then they spent time talking about his latest TV show Satyameva jayathe and exchanged some pleasantries.

Around 9am Amruta came with a tray containing breakfast. She looked dazzling in her Patiala suit."Hey, Amrit, you look stunning. Are you going out anywhere?"

"Why do you ask? Is it because of the dress? I wore it only to show you. How do I look in this?"

"I told you that you are awesome. Tell me one thing truthfully. I know you love me immensely. What is the main thing that attracts you to me?"

"You want the truth, unadulterated truth (laughs) One day I peeped into your room as you came out of shower in your Turkey towel. I was amazed by the six packs like John Abraham,the ripping muscles glistening and the hairy chest. That day I decided you will be mine. You exude strength and stamina (winks)"

"Ha ha ha, thanks, you are no less trim with your workouts and jogging. What is the latest of John you saw? Come on, share with me the breakfast. Do you think I am a glutton?"

After some small talk, he went out to the bank. He was late for lunch .When he came; it was the turn of Anjana to bring the lunch to his room. She was in her jeans and T shirt."You are late for your lunch. Don’t you feel hungry? Please eat before it gets cold" she said

Thank you for your concern. Can I ask you one thing? Please do not be shy. Do you love me?"

She looked down at her toes keeping silent. When he nudged her with his fingers, she giggled and asked "Don't you know the answer, yourself?"

"I know that you love me sky high but would like to know why"

"It is easily answered. You are a good natured man, well mannered and had not taken any advantage of our fondness for you. You have been a gentleman, kind and compassionate by the way you talk to the less fortunate people like, the mali, servants, maid and driver. I have heard from them that you give alms to the needy every week. I wish to be married to a good man. Looks and physical features are secondary though you are a handsome man yourself"

Kunal extended his hand to her and said with a smile “You win. I was undecided till this moment. I like your attitude and the importance you give to being good and kind. Can I tell your father that I wish to marry you? Give me a hug if you say yes"

Needless to say they were talking to each other for long holding each other’s hands till they heard mom's shout “What is happening? Has Kunal finished his lunch?"


  1. chandigarh and Sethi.. oh ho .. Sethi's are our neighbours , I know for a FACT :) but he did not have three daughters or maybe I am not good looking :)

    you said he asked for a hug , so did she hug him :)


  2. Cute story there. Attitude is that which decides all. Keep writing more KP.

  3. LOL :D CUTEEEEEEEEEE one :D hahaha papa those two girls were also so truthful :D
    I like the names Kunla ;) Ajantha Amrit :D nice!!! Good light fun filled story ;)

  4. Nice story. Sad, these days weddings and love depend on good looks rather than character...

  5. hahah..What's happening? at the end..:)Nice one

  6. This was too predictable.. like the kind of stories you read in Mills & Boon romance. And very unlike your style.

  7. Nice story. Reminded me of the modern version of one of those amar chitra katha stories where a moral was given after each tale. Its the personality and attitude of the person which matters more than appearances.

  8. Cute. But Basanti!! isn't that too outrageous a name :)

  9. So cute story. A blog ribbon award is waiting for you at my space.

  10. ha ha ha:) John and Amir Khan also found some space on your blog.. Nice story.

  11. That's interesting. When I was in college (Bangalore) the conversation came up among a group of girls, "What do you expect in a man you would marry?"

    One girl said, "he must own a bike and take me around places". Another said, "I can't settle for anyone without a car". Someone said, "he has to be fair" and another "totally agreed" saying, "very true! I don't want dark skin babies". I was shocked at the shallowness of these girls and knew right away I couldn't stay friends with them longer as we were on completely different frequencies.

    When they insisted me to share I said, "God fearing,loving,dark skinned, with mustach and glasses". They had a hearty laugh on my wish.

    Well, my wish has come true; hope theirs did too!

  12. Hope she meant what she spoke! But I am not sure how the other two sisters will take it, they will be heart broken :-(
    Good plot!

  13. This is s super story KP,one of your best !

  14. A very interesting story. :-) You're in your usual top writing form in this.

    Hope you're having a good day.
    Blessings to you and your loved ones.

  15. Wat a story !! triplets :)

    Wat if the 3rd girl was very smart to answer him in a nice manner , but her thoughts were similar to her sisters ;)

  16. Nice Story and nice message sir. We must accept others for the person they are and not who they resemble!