Sunday, November 18, 2012

The kidnap

“Uncle, let me go. Why have you brought me here? I am scared. My parents would be worried and looking for me” said the ten year old boy.
“Keep quiet, I warn you.  I am not letting you go so soon. Let me get some money from your dad and I will think about it later” said the evil looking man with a big drooping mustache.
The boy started crying loudly. The man slapped the boy hard and asked him to be silent if he were not to get hurt. As the boy continued to scream “Ayyo, ayyo.It is paining. Please allow me to go. I will ask my dad to pay you whatever you want”, the wicked man put tape on the boys mouth securely. He tied his hands behind and also the legs.
“You ignored my warning. Now suffer the consequences” said the kidnapper as he spat the pan through the window. He closed the shutters and started smoking. Scared beyond wits, the boy turned silent and was looking at him plaintively. More than an hour passed and the man had exhausted his cigarettes.
He was pacing in the room restlessly waiting for a few hours to elapse before he made the ransom call. It was then he heard loud knocks at the front door. He immediately lifted the top of a hollow centre table and thrust the boy inside.”If you make even a small noise I will kill you. Beware” he warned the boy as he replaced the top covering it with embroidered table cloth and keeping on it a flower vase.
As the pounding of the door became incessant, he opened the front door to find a policeman with two other men.
When he looked askance at them, the policeman said “We have come in search of a young boy. This man here who was in the tea shop across the road says he saw you with a boy. Where is he? The other person is his father and says the boy is missing for two hours from the house where he was playing.”
“I know of no boy. What crap is that man talking? He must have seen someone else”
“Any way let me make a search in the house” the policeman replied and went from one room to the other and searched thoroughly opening the shelves, lofts and almirahs.When they drew a blank, the policeman said “This is the room where this man has been staying as it is filled with cigarette smoke. Call your boy by name” he told the father of the boy.
“Ambi, Ambi” he called loudly twice. The boy heard his dad but could neither make any noise as the mouth was tightly taped nor could he kick the sides of the centre table as he was cramped inside. He became terribly afraid that they would go away.
The policeman turned to father and said “We are not finding him here. Come to the police station and lodge a formal complaint. We will take further action. No point in wasting time here. Let us go”
As they turned the man from the teashop suddenly exclaimed “Look there under the centre table”
They saw a watery liquid trickling from below. The policeman caught the kidnapper who tried to flee even as both the other men removed the top to find Ambi there tightly bound. When they removed the tape the boy proudly told “Daddy, when I heard your voice I tried to shout or make noise. When I could not, I started pissing though in fear hoping you will find me”


  1. Interesting way to inform about presence :)

  2. Ha , like that intelligent chap.

  3. Very intelligent boy! Good story!

  4. LOL :D hahaha very clever boy and your imaginations KP :D hahaha

  5. You made me laugh today, thanks for that! Presence of mind is most important and today's kids are too smart!

  6. Clever need to be smart. :)

  7. thats with some sense of humor...
    but a similar one i guess i had read from you some time back

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  9. that was such a short and sweet story with a happy ending. Kids are smart and think faster than adults, for sure :)