Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Neelam's surprise

Neelam saw a little ahead of her a young man with a walking stick walking slowly but unsure of himself. He had stopped abruptly at the signal presumably to cross the road. There was a park on the other side. The traffic on the road was heavy with cars and buses whizzing past in great speed. She hurried her steps to be by his side. Just as she feared, he got down from the platform on to the road even when the signal was in amber. She held him back by her hand and said "Please wait. The signal has not yet turned green for pedestrians to cross"
"Thank you. I couldn't notice it"
"Never mind. I will take you across the road" she said without leaving his hand.
"I can manage as I am accustomed to walk alone"
"I am going to that side only. It is no trouble for me. I think it is pretty risky crossing the road alone even when the way is clear as some drivers are always in a hurry"
She led him to a bench in the park and was about to leave when he asked “May I know the good name of my benefactor. I am Mahesh living in a complex Green heights nearby"
She noticed that he was around 27 or 28, very handsome with a rebellious hair that refused to subdue and a gentle voice that was mesmerizing in effect. His eyes were open but had obviously lost its power, it seemed. She wondered why god was cruel in endowing him with great charm but denying him the vision."I am Neelam and residing in Apoorva complex a few blocks away from yours. Do you visit the park daily at this time?" she asked
"Yes, I do. Thank you, Neelam A sweet name.I am lucky to meet you. From your voice I infer you must be young. What do you do, studying or working?"
"I am 24 and a software engineer. What do you do for living though it may sound silly asking this question"
"I am a writer and a poet but I need help to write .I employ people for that" he said
“How nice to know you are a writer. I love poetry and even dabble in it. I can help you at this time for an hour or so if you can dictate"
What started like this soon turned into love within a week though both did not openly express it. She was not sure whether her parents would ever agree and she herself was in two minds. He had also not indicated his love for her as he was presumably averse to imposing himself on a young lady with bright and happy future. Nevertheless they kept meeting daily with her helping him out amidst small talk. Both of them evidently seemed to look forward to this daily meetings.
.One day when it was drizzling, she suggested that she would accompany him up to his house but he declined. Asked about his family he said he had an elder brother who was married and younger sister..Neelam also did not invite him home for fear of what her parents would say about this friendship.
A week later she met her friend Mandira in the mall after a long time She was working in Mumbai and had come down to her parent's place on a short holiday.Neelam suddenly recollected that she was also residing in Green heights as Mahesh did. Neelam asked her "Are you aware of a young and handsome guy by name Mahesh, a writer and poet but unfortunately blind living in your complex?"
"Yes, I know one Mahesh who dabbles in poetry but the guy is not blind. May be someone else or in some other complex  you are referring to" she replied.
"May be another person but this guy dictates daily his poems or novel and I write for him since a fortnight. He said he has an elder brother married and a younger sister. But this guy is very handsome but sadly blind"
"Neelam, I think I know this guy and what he is upto.Why don't you come today at 4 pm to my house? I think I will be able to unravel the mystery" Mandira said
“What mystery?”
“You come and you will know” said Mandira
At 4 pm sharp when she pressed the bell and Mandira opened, Neelam saw to her great bewilderment Mahesh watching TV with his parents and laughing loudly at some scene. She wondered." How come he watches TV?Is he a liar and cheat?"
Mandira said “Mahesh, turn round and see your scribe Neelam. Why do you play this dirty trick on her? Do you know we are great friends from college days?"
A highly embarrassed Mahesh turned to Neelam and said “I am sorry. I didn't know how to befriend you initially and employed this trick.. I was about to surprise you by revealing my ruse but my sister spoilt it. Please excuse me but I can tell you .It was difficult to pretend as blind. It is good that you have come. My parents would be happy to meet you"
“I suspected as I found you always staring at me” she said with a giggle.


  1. Interesting One, as always liked the twist at the end. Trust you to retain the tempo for whole of December.

  2. So I was right; it is a story a day :)
    Sweet story, but I hope young men don't start getting ideas ;)

  3. Sweet story...but if I was the girl, I would have blasted him left n right....:P

  4. The girl is too soft! She took it easy! Anyway, the story was good!

  5. all is well that ends well...
    some guys should learn a thing or two from this post ;)

  6. all is well that ends well...
    some guys can learn a thing or two from this post ;)

  7. Yes, appearing to be blind or helpless seems to be a good way for guys to attract a woman's sympathy and therefore her attention :)

  8. Nice idea. In a Malayalam movie Mukesh tries to befool a girl like this.Anyway she was also playing a trick.