Sunday, December 9, 2012

Prema's wish

Prema whenever she found time in the evenings wrenched herself to the lake nearby. Sitting alone and watching the darkening sky as sun went down made her forget her gloomy life. With mom sick, dad slogging at a textile shop for long hours for a measly salary and four siblings, she bore the brunt of the work. She could not join college. Although smart and attractive, she was not fortunate in circumstances but had a positive outlook hoping for a miracle.
She saw a little yonder on the sky a dark blackish smoke like thing emerge from the lake that soon morphed into a tall figure that was broad in the middle but tapered into a narrow line. She got up hurriedly to leave the place but it stood before her in a trice. In a booming voice it said "Don't be afraid. I will not harm you. I am a genie and remained bottled up for many years by an evil man. I got released a little while ago when the bottle was pushed against a rock by a fish and the bottle broke. I am in a happy frame of mind and wish to grant you a boon being the first person I saw on my release. You can choose one of the three wishes that can neither be modified nor taken back. I will appear after two years to see how you are. Listen now carefully. Are you ready?"
Prema gathered courage and said “Shoot out. I am in a hurry."
"The first one is you can become very rich but remain a spinster all through life.The second one is you will remain poor but get a very handsome and loving husband.
The third one is you will get rich and get a reasonably good husband also but you will live only for three more years. Think carefully and tell me what you wish"
It was a tough choice for Prema. She thought about her needs, her family’s needs and also about the future. It was difficult taking considerable time
“Be quick. I give you two minutes to decide” said the genie
“Okay, I have decided to go for first wish”
“Oh my god, do you wish to remain a spinster all through life for the sake of money. It is your choice. I grant it now. Will see you again after two years. Good luck”
Within a week she became a crorepati in KBC and made wise investments in textile business that turned highly profitable. She had a new house bought, educated the siblings, got her mom treated well. Everyone was happy and life very comfortable with servants to assist. Prema was also cheerful and had put on some flab in her happiness. It was all hunky dory for them.
Exactly after two years when Prema was sitting in her usual spot at the lake side, the genie appeared as promised.”How are you, my young friend? I can see signs of prosperity and you also look healthier. But I am sorry that you remain unmarried at an age when you should be enjoying life”
“When were you bottled up by the evil man?” she asked
“Ah, must be more than sixty years though I don’t remember exactly”
“Never mind. Much water has flown under the bridge since then. The world has changed. What if I am a spinster? Haven’t you heard of ‘live-in’ relationship? I have a handsome guy living with me and we are not married in deference to your condition. I am very happy and  indebted to you for life” she said and laughed loudly.
“I never knew that as otherwise I would have worded the wish differently. Where is the world headed to, I wonder?” the genie exclaimed as it vanished.


  1. Good thinking KP, Prema's attitude very typical of the young generation, they make the best use of opportunity.

  2. I love all your stories... But this one I did enjoy a lot... Very thoughtful decision by the girl. :-)

  3. Namaste....
    Must blessings to you and yours.

    Prema is wise in her choosing, while money can't buy you happiness it can allow you to purchase the things that can enable you to attain happiness. Her mother was ill (healthcare/live in help), father working hard for measely paid (comfort/work less spend time with his ailing wife and children), siblings unable to attend school (education/affordability, access to better jobs)all of which brings happiness because then one is able to have and maintain a decent standard of living without the worry.

    Nicely done my friend.
    stay blessed.

  4. story so far:)

  5. Ha ha. Prema found prem in a live-in, is it? The genie might be sitting somewhere contemplating

  6. hahahah good one KP :D how you have got the humor in the changing world scenario :D

  7. good choice. poverty will bring only tug of words.nice thoughts.

  8. Live-in... nice... genie from old world and the girl from new world.. nice combo...

  9. you seem to be in a rush these days...
    not able to catch up with you...

    this is an enterprising one

  10. She's one smartie, isn't she? Nice one KP. Quite different from the rest of your stories. I liked the way you brought in KBC into it - so much for making it believable and not some cock and bull story of turning rich overnight. :)

  11. what a twist :) never expected live-in relationship concept with genie :) good one KP