Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The interview

(It is a bland story with no big twist)
The large door was pushed open by a security as I entered the imposing building. I had an appointment for interview with MD for staff officer’s position for the CEO. It was a middle rung position that carried enormous clout and influence from what I learnt from insiders. I had an impressive profile with a   famed B school diploma and experience in leading companies in the industry. I was taken to a large room where five others were waiting.
 I had a cursory look at them. One was short and stodgy in an ill fitting suit with buttons at the waist waiting to burst. Another one with two days stubble, a long side burn with disheveled hair looked like a zombie. There was another that stood out by his height a six foot plus something, a vacant look and lean like a scare crow giving the impression of getting blown away by a strong wind. The fourth seemed to be a character, highly tense biting his nails nonstop and twitching his lips, possibly worried about the interview. The fifth seemed a bit of a rival with a smart face but dressed horribly in a hurting yellow shirt, a tie that was askew in his collar and a trouser that could have been two inches longer. I am tall, curly hair, square jaw, sharp features and a mix of Hrithik, Salman and Ranbir all rolled into one and in a smart suit. A popular dude attracting females like ants to treacle, I had a way to push myself ahead of others in the work place.
Across the room there was a small table with one young lady in mid twenties seated in a chair and two other young things standing by her side. The lady in the chair was strikingly charming but there was an air of insolence by the way she turned and looked around. A clerk from HR she must be checking perhaps who had all turned up with the names in a list in her hand. I was the last to be called by her.
“Your name?” she asked
“Sandip, Sandip Saxena” I said
“Where is your profile, I mean CV?”
“I had sent it when applying. I haven’t brought it”
“Oh, should you not carry it when attending interview? If they ask a question about the profile, where will you refer?” she asked with certain irritability
“I had not thought about it”
“You seem to have a casual air about this interview and are not adequately prepared” she said
My temper rose as I heard muffled giggles from other guys and a stony look from the two girls. I thought to myself why this bitch from a lowly position in HR is making snide remarks. I quickly controlled my anger and put on a charming smile before saying “I hope you wouldn’t send me back. As for questions from the interviewer, I can handle him. Leave it to me and not be concerned”
“Far from it. Why should I be concerned when in fact you should really be about your gaffe?”
“Measure your words, Miss.As a reception clerk I would expect of you better civility in dealing with people” I said curtly and returned to my seat. The girls by her side were gaping at me, when the young lady left the place insouciantly with a leer in her face.
After about 30 minutes, the girl who came to announce the commencement of interview said the MD was busy elsewhere and that CEO would meet the candidates. One by one they were called in an interval of about 15 minutes and the candidates left by another exit. I was squirming in my seat waiting for my turn. I rued my forgetfulness to bring the CV and was seething in anger at the taunt by that young woman.
I was the last to be interviewed and was not sanguine about the outcome. I wished it ended fast. When I was called in, as you would have rightly guessed, it was the young lady, who was at the desk screening candidates’ papers, who was at CEO’s chair. I was shocked and started perspiring. As I wiped my face and neck with hanky, she said in pleasing voice “Mr.Sandip, please take your seat. Make yourself comfortable”
As she signaled someone, a glass of cool water was placed before me. She patiently waited for me to drink the water before she asked “Shall we start?”
“In your resume on page 2 you have mentioned about role responsibilities and in the second line you had mentioned…”she stopped with a mischievous smile in her face.
“What did I say?” I asked
“You should know better” she answered with a smile that did not fade.
“Sorry Madam. As I had mentioned I forgot to bring the resume” I replied with my face down
She let out a loud guffaw and said “it does not matter”
After many searching questions and answers about the various aspects of my work experience, she asked “how soon can you join? I need quickly someone to assist me, someone who is not forgetful but alert. Nothing uncivil I suppose in my expectations”
As I smiled rather foolishly, she extended her hand and said “I will give you a fortnight. I look forward to a  happy and fruitful association with you”
“Sorry Madam, I was indiscreet talking about incivility. Kindly excuse me” I said
“No, it was your anger that clinched the position in your favour.I hate timid guys” she remarked and accompanied me  up to the foyer as a gesture of goodwill.



  1. Loved the description of Sandip Saxena but I am short of imagination. Well over confidence could bite and snap at you too! As always great narration.

  2. Of course retorting ethically will gain us something.impressive.

  3. Works both ways. But it is always better to be your natural self. Honesty pays.

  4. I love such stories too... the ones without twists and turns :)

  5. Great narration! I don't know , he probably was lucky and destined to get this job, because short temper even when it is expressed in the right context is mostly considered as weakness.. Mostly :-))

  6. Interesting episode. However, I cannot imagine a CEO questioning an interviewee in front of many people in the waiting room. It will never happen in USA.

  7. Generally, dummies and 'yay sayers' are preferred for such 'assistant' positions. Probably, this is one-off case where the CEO is either very different or very inexperienced.

    Destination Infinity

  8. Interesting, I like this story but its not bland as u said :)

  9. Stories from day-day life seem to be your speciality Twists or no twists, each one is worth the read.