Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lalitha's wish

“Saro, you can go to your friend’s house today in the evening at 3pm and return after 7pm.Some young man and his parents are coming around 4pm to see our Lalitha.If she asks you to stay back, tell her you will return very soon but remember to stay back till 7 pm” mom was telling Saroja.

Lalitha who had just come there to talk to her mom stopped at the door when she heard this conversation.This was nothing unusual.It has happened many times before.She was wondering why even her dear mom should hurt her by such thoughless words.Lalitha was slighltly dusky, a little obese and heavy built but had very well defined charming features.Saroja on the other hand was petite,very fair complexioned, slim and attractive.Lalitha was well read, very bright,topped her classes always, sing well and could converse very intelligently.Saroja was no match to her elder sister. On one initial occasion when Saroja was present when someone had come to see Laitha,the young man’s mother had the temerity to ask for Saroja’s hand for her son in lieu of Lalitha’s..Since then her mom ensured that Saroja was nowhere in the vicinity of the house at such times.

Lalitha felt disgusted with these bride seeing occasions when her parents agreed to anyone coming for seeing her without even an initial screening through exchange of photos.They were labouring under the impression that photographs often lie and that the young men would like the bride once they see face to face and talk to each other.Somehow nothing clicked not because Lalitha looked plain in comparison to Saroja but for various reasons including some young men feeling inferior before Lalitha’s intellectual prowess.

It was one evening that Lalitha’s mom got a ring from Chella mami informing that her son Vishwa had come from New York on a short visit to select a girl.Vishwa an extremely talented chap had done his Masters in Business Management from Harvard and was employed in UN.He didn’t believe in traditional meeting of girls at their houses and instead had requested his parents to arrange an informal get together when all the girls whom his parents wanted him to consider would be present along with their parents.There would be a high tea on the occasion.He would interact with them during the party. Chella mami wanted Lalitha’s parents to come with both Lalitha and Saroja..She however wanted the purpose of the meet be kept a secret from the girls.

Vishwa’s house bore a festive look with about dozen girls in their best attire along with their parents gracing the occasion.Vishwa in his jeans and embroidered kurta looked very handsome.A tall, muscular guy with chiselled features reminded one of Sylvester Stallone.He was an out going and gregarious guy greeting everyone warmly and putting at ease the shy amongst the girls and drawing them out of their shell.There was lot of gigling and laughter.Most of the girls had brought some small gifts.Vishwa thanked them and requested them to exhibit their talents in singing, dancing or playing instruments.He set the pace playing guitar and saxophone.

The girls then took over and Saro as usual stole the lime light with her filmy music,ghazals and jigs.The other girls were also not wanting.It was a laugh riot with the parents watching with amusement at their daughters endeavour to catch the eye of the most eligible bachelor.Lalitha in contrast was silent and subdued.She sat in one of the chairs and watched with shy smile the other girls outdoing each other.Saro was seen all the time by the side of Vishwa picking small conversation with him and joining him in his applauding the others.

Lalitha after sometime silently moved away unseen from the crowd to the adjacent spacious verandah.She wished to be away from the noise and she had a mild head ache .She kept her mobile by her side on the sofa and opened the purse to take a tablet.She then found her mobile missing by her side.Evidently it had fallen into the edge of sofa.As she bent and was looking for it,Vishwa was right by her side asking ”What are you looking for?”.When she said her mobile, he took the number and dialled in his.The ring came immediately from under the sofa and he retrieved it by going on his knees.Lalitha was shy but muttered her thanks.

Vishwa said “You know I am Vishwa.Why are you sitting alone here? Aren’t you keeping well?You haven’t introduced yourself except mentioning your name which also I forget. Now.If you are not in a hurry, please sit down for a small chat.Tell me everything about you,your interests,the work you do,your goals if any , and such like ”

Lalitha introduced herself and spoke clearly about herself,the work she did,her reading habit and her favourite authors, her love for classical music both Carnatic and Western,It was more than thirty minutes he was with her.Lalitha felt very comfortable with him and secretly wished for his hand.But she had her doubts as he was also seen talking to other girls including Saro.Lalitha did not fail to notice how Saro kept him in splits with her banter and humour.

It was next day morning when Lalitha,Saro and their parents were having their morning coffee,the telephone rang.It was Chella mami who had called their mom..“I have a happy news to convey..Vishwa has given the green signal for your daughter.We would like you to drop in for further talks” she said

“How can we proceed further with younger daughter’s marriage when the elder is there,Chella mami?” asked Lalitha’s mom presuming it was Saro’s hand they were wanting..

“Arrey, how could you assume that we are asking for Saro’s hand? Vishwa is taken in by your elder daughter Lalitha and has said if he were to marry anyone from the lot he had met yesterday, it would be only Lalitha.He is all admiration for her and feels she would complement him in many ways and be an ideal partner”said Chella mami

As her mom hugged Lalitha,Saro abruptly left the hall.


  1. Touching story !!!
    I think it could be a real story
    in your country.

    But Lalitha think always:
    ~I don't wish to be everything to everyone,
    but I would like to be something to someone ...~

  2. Dear Partha,
    Good Evening!
    Was it Lalitha's wish?how dow e know?A party could have been arranged in Lalithas's place to choose the groom!Who told marriage is the last word of life?
    How blessed Lalitha is!
    How talented she is
    She is such a wonderful gift!
    Why does the girl can't choose her partner?
    Why the guys can't learn music,learn the instruments and present themselves as the eligible grooms?LIfe is much more beautiful than what we think!
    Happy Holi!

  3. Hai Dost,

    Good one...reminded me of the story I heard when I was a kid...about the child who waited for the laddoo from the King...and got the last one after all the crowded kids..and ended up getting a broken laddoo but with a gold coin inside...Patience!!!

    Nice one...I think Anu got a bit of feministic here...but Anu, I absolutely agree with u...I too hate the tradition of girl trying to please the boy...I too prefer the other way round...Girls are the lamps of the house...consider them sacred and not Sale!!!

  4. Dear Mr.Parthasarathi,

    The story is wonderful. Though it began vaguely, the ending was right.Thanks for such a beautiful story.


  5. Yes it does happen in many households, though I do not quite like the ending. Would rather have a happy ending with the younger one sharing the joy with her elder sibling.

  6. yes this happens often..
    well narrated.. :)

  7. Talented girls are made to feel inferior if they dont look great..but days are changing. You narrated the story well. Thankyou for your valuable feedbacks at my blog:)

  8. Sielnce speaks volumes :) isn't it!!and talent has a greater tone. it outshines without a word!

  9. I don't know where my first comment went. Maybe my computer does not approve of opinions? lols Anyway this is an interesting story, as is your usual. Whatever choices be made by the man or the woman, I certainly hope that they stop to think if that choice will in essence....... build up or destroy. Because marriage is a serious matter and it is meant to be for a lifetime. One does not mess with something like this on a whim. A decision made out of love could stand a change of making good. On the other hand, if one discovers after so much time as passed that he made a wrong choice.... where to from there? Continue under false pretenses? Or seek out a fling or flings. It happens. So one's decisions can either make or break another person, a future, or a life.

    In families of more daughters, if a sister is chosen above the other siblings, certainly the ones left behind would feel a sense of insecurity - self-pity - inadequacy - and maybe resentment too. It's heartbreaking, don't you think?

  10. dear ,
    If personalities match,what has physical looks and pomp to do with it..."He is all admiration for her and feels she would complement him in many ways and be an ideal partner”----how nice if all the girls and boys have such wonderful thoughts..
    nicely conveyed..
    love wishes and prayers

  11. That was almost like Pride and Prejudice!
    I wonder why marriage is considered the be all and end all of a girl's happiness.