Saturday, February 27, 2010

The premonition

Major Chandra was sipping the hot tea that was soothing in the biting cold but his thoughts were far away with his family in his native place.He had written that day a couple of letters to his wife Sweta and parents.He was unusually silent and not talking much as he was wont to with his colleague and friend Major Aravind.The latter knew the reason for his low spirit.Both of them were leaving the next day for the front that was very active and war ridden.Aravind was not married. He knew that Chandra dotes on his wife and his two children a daughter and a son.The son hasn’t completed a year yet.But for this urgent call of duty, Chandra would have gone on leave to be with his son whom he had not seen and his beloved wife.

Chandra broke his long silence.”Aravind,However much I try to avoid, my mind is full of negative thoughts for the last few days.I have had bad dreams.There is a nagging fear at the back of my mind that I may not be able to see my family again.”

Aravind cut him short.”Stop it, Chandra.I have never known you to be afraid and in fact you have inspired me on many an occasion with your fearlessness.Have trust in God and do your duty.I am sure you will be with your family very soon once we overcome the assault and drive the enemies away.”

Chandra was quiet for some time and then spoke.”I have this request to make.In the sad event of my not coming back alive, will you promise me that you would take care of my family.Sweta is well qualified and can easily get a job..Financially there wouldn’t be a problem.She needs someone as a mentor and a guide.Please assure me that you would fill this role and my mind would be at ease.”

“Don’t worry.Nothing will happen to you.It can be the otherway too where you may have to be a support to my aged parents.We can both be assured that we will not let go the other’s family uncared for.I promise you that from my side.”

Chandra patted him on his shoulders saying”Agreed.Thanks buddy”

Six months later Major Aravind was at Chandra’s house.The bloody war was over but not without its heavy casualities on both sides.Chandra’s premontion had come true and the posthumous decorations did little to lessen Sweta’s grief.Aravind narrated to her Chandra’s unusual fears and the conversation they both had the day before they left for the front.

”Sweta, I have taken voluntary retirement from the army and have decided to settle down in this city and be of assistance to you and your children as I had solemnly promised my friend. You can freely ask me of any help.I will arrange for speedy settlement of pension and in financial matters.I will also assist you in finding a job whenever you choose to look for one.The baby is hardly one year.You know Chandra and myself were very close friends.You can therefore be free with me” he said.

As if he remembered suddenly, he took out and gave her a sealed envelope addressed to Sweta.”Sorry I forgot about this.Chandra wrote this letter after our conversation and wanted me to deliever to you in the event of his not returning from the front.”

“Thanks.I am grateful to you for your offer to help me.It would certainly reduce my apprehension of managing all alone.I would certainly avail of your help whenever I need.I will now go through my husband’s letter in private”Sweta replied
“Dear Sweta,

When this letter of mine is read by you, I would have laid my life for the country in the war.However much I wished to be with you and the children, the call of duty could not be ignored.Grieve not at my passing away.I will ever be with you in spirit. We were aware of the risks involved in serving for the country.There is little point in bemoaning your lot.For the sake of the children and yourself,you should reconcile yourself to the harsh realities of life and change to meet the years ahead with enthusiasm and courage.I have one request to make to you which I think you would not spurn .

I have mentioned many times about Aravind.He is my age , a very close friend of mine and we share all secrets.He is a very pleasant person, caring and considerate and with commitment to the job he undertakes.I had requested him in the unfortunate event of my dying to take care of you and the children as I would do if I were alive.This is possible only if you marry him.Please be assured that you have my blessings and support for this move.You would be making me immensely happy by marrying him as I would be at peace that you and our children are well taken care of.He is a shy person.He is not aware of the contents of this letter.You may request him to live in the front room and over a period of time I am sure love would blossom between you two facilitating an union by marriage.I am sure you will abide by my last wish.

With blessings for your continued happiness,

Aravind had moved to the front room and was a great source of help.In the course of a few months they were drawn to each other and fell in deep love.When he proposed to her, she wasn’t surprised.They married and led a very happy life.

Aravind however suffered from pangs of guilt and remorse.Unable to bear the regret and his culpability, he decided to come clean.One night when they were in bed, he said ”Sweta,I have a confession to make.I did a grievous wrong and my mind is not at rest.I betrayed my friend and the guilt is hurting me unbearbly.I have seen your picture many times before when Chandra showed me.I was struck by your beauty.The thought of marrying you occurred after Chandra’s death.I drafted the letter in his name,typed it and forged his signature.I thought with his blessings you would readily agree.I seek your forgiveness for the wrong I had committed.Kindly say that you have pardoned me.”

“You don’t have to sob.I knew that letter was not written by my husband on the very day you gave me the letter He always addressed me Sweeta and never by Sweta.I married you on my own volition as Chandra had spoken well of you and also I took a great liking for you.The fake letter never influenced me in my decision.I am glad you have got rid of the burden of your fault. You may now be at peace, my dear” Sweta assured him as he drew him close to her.


  1. Lol....that was both a touching and a romantic story...uhm...It again proves that a relationship should always be made on the foundation of trust and love...

    Good that Sweta knew that the letter was a fake...else if she had known it only when Aravind told her..Maybe she might have got the best shock of her life...

    Nice one Dost...

  2. :) pretty romantic one ...

    but seriously the people in the defence sacrifice a lot..

  3. The beginning of the story reminded me of the movie- border..of the sacrifices our soldiers make. And it ended with a twist I did not expect. Nice feel and a good read!

  4. thats a nice story..sometimes things take their own turn in life :)

  5. I do not think an average woman that loved her doting, valorous martyr husband would take another man like this in the first place...... that too after knowing he cheated she would not "draw him closer......."I don't know from where such crooked plots occur!!!!! !!!

  6. I agree with Gayathri's comments! I do not know how people can come up with suck crooked stories..... It demeans love.... This woman has a doting hubby who lays his life down for his nation...... She would be a proud widow of his than take another man that had the temerity to forge her husband's sign...... And the ending is nothing short of revolting and disgusting.............

  7. I do not see any need for her to take another man soon after losing her martyr hubby who doted on her....... whose loss made her inconsolable as in story..... I cannot believe she can take another man in a few months...... where is the love? Is this marriage a business contract? Are all the love the couple had, the moments shared before his death meaningless pass time?????

  8. May be men can take another woman after the funeral pyre of his wife has been lit...... But a woman that is in deep love with her husband CANNOT take another man, that too in a few months....... foolish plot...... This shows the author's regard for women.........