Saturday, November 26, 2011

55 word fiction

1) Impatience
“Daddy, here is the report card”
All Cs and couple of Ds with ‘Very poor’ remark
“You bring shame, you fool” said dad and slapped the boy
“That is brother’s. He didn’t attend school. Here is mine” said sobbing boy
All A plus with one A
Daddy shrank in shame as he hugged the boy

2) Double standard
“I am bored stiff. Let us go to casino and have fun” prodded Sunita
“I am in no mood. Let us watch TV” replied hubby
“No, we are going”
“Mommy, let me come. Me too bored” said her small daughter
“No, play with nanny”
“She doesn’t. She talks on mobile”
“Then watch Tom and Jerry”

3) Vanity
The girl in tatters swiped the car clean at the signal.
He dropped a rupee coin in her hand.
“Daddy, you paid ten rupees for the gateman at the restaurant”
“He opened the door”
“He did his duty. This girl voluntarily cleaned the car, daddy” said the girl
“Shut up Be your age” snapped daddy

4) Surprise
It was the third day after marriage.
Her dinner was a total failure again.
She trembled as hubby said “Drop everything. You are going out. Get ready as I bring the car”
Crest fallen she feared the worst as she sat in the car.
He drove silently and stopped the car before Pizza hut

5) Reality
The baby looked at her mom crying
Mommy was forcibly feeding something through a device.
“Don’t cry” said the cute baby. She didn’t hear
“Mommy, my stomach is burning. Please stop feeding”
Deaf must be mommy but tears rolled faster
“I love you mommy” said the baby girl as she closed her eyes permanently.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Archana's accomplice

Archana was addicted to the computer. At 35 without children and husband by her side, it was a humdrum life for her. There was little joy in her life what with a husband like Arul, an obese no gooder, she had married by mistake. She was wealthy and a rebel and years ago fell for his smooth talk and bold advances. She never bothered about the admonitions from her old daddy and went ahead marrying him. She soon realized her mistake. He was a drunkard and was after easy money. He was also a poor lover and gave her no joy. Since he was troubling her daily for money, she drove him out but paid monthly some amount for his upkeep. But he was still pestering her with his demands. She spent her time in facebook, Orkut and a few other social sites and befriended young men and chatted with them endlessly. Some she met and with some she dated. While she enjoyed these, she was on the lookout for one reliable guy easily amenable to her wishes.

She found this young man Virat in the chat room repeatedly pinging her and wanting to chat with her.. There was certain warmth and forced intimacy in his words. A single, he said, he was unattached. Her age did not matter, he said, as he preferred slightly older women. Any particular reason, she asked to which he said they loved better. She did not easily agree to date him but when he persisted for an early meeting she was tempted to give him her number. His voice was masculine and so mesmerizing that she did not want the call to ever end.They agreed to meet at a restaurant. In person too he was captivating. After the pleasantries, she asked him how he took special interest in her in the chat room and whether he had heard of or knew her earlier. He shrugged his shoulders and smiled. After the dinner she took him home and she had a wonderful night with him. She knew in the morning he had fallen for her hook line and sinker. He continued to stay with her giving her pleasant time and gradually won her complete confidence. She confided in him how her life had been ruined and this was the first time ever she is experiencing the joy of masculine company in full. She told him how Arul without agreeing for divorce was taking advantage of her and how she keenly desired that this nuisance is put to a permanent end.

“Will you do this favour for me? I shall reward you amply in several ways” she tempted him with a mischievous wink.

“I would do anything for you, my sweet pie. But let us go out now to a posh restaurant in your finest dress and all bedecked with dazzling jewelry” Virat replied

“Surely, I will get ready in a few minutes But tell me when will you finish him off” she asked

“Tomorrow morning I will look into this the first thing. But right now I will choose what jewels my darling will wear tonight for our dinner outing” he said as he gave her a peck on her cheeks.

She then opened her Almirah and took out all the boxes of jewels and laid them before him. There were so many different kinds of jewelry in gold and diamond, various types of necklaces, unique pendants, classic earrings, celebrity-inspired jewelry, exquisite pearl sets and many more. It must be worth a life time fortune. She told him “Select what you want me to wear before I come back after change of dress”

When she came out in her beautiful dress fresh after a shower, he showed her the jewelry he had chosen for the night. He pushed the boxes away and said as he pulled her to the bed “Let us have some real fun before we go out for dinner, you seductress” When she was happily enjoying his warm embrace with her eyes closed after the passionate encounter, she failed to see the nylon rope he put around her neck. She became limp after some struggle. He collected all the jewels and left the place quietly locking the door by closing and leaving no trace of his presence.

“Virat,I am pleased that you accomplished the job given to you perfectly. With her dad dead and with no kids, I would get all her wealth and become rich. Here is the promised money in the envelope. But we must celebrate this successful completion of the job. Just one second’ Arul said as he went in to fetch two glasses of champagne.Virat with a fortune already in his house was in high spirit as he pocketed the envelope. After clinking the glasses, he gulped it in one go. He never got up as he slumped on the floor. Arul had a hearty laugh unaware that Virat had left on Archana’s bed his mobile that linked him to Arul.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Mohan’s gift

It was her birthday.Anjaly’s mom pressed her to visit the temple and offer her prayers. She hurried back from office, had a shower and left for the temple to much relief of her mom. She bought a big bundle of flowers and a garland of basil (Tulsi).It was a small temple with Kothandaramar as the principal deity. She went to the main sanctum and could not find the priest. She prayed silently with closed eyes for a few minutes. Then as she took a step backwards, she collided with someone and the flowers fell from her hand on the ground. It was a young man who said sorry many times. As she bent to retrieve the flowers, he also bent for same purpose with their heads now colliding. She stared at him in anger and when she saw the confused face of the handsome guy, she suddenly broke into laughter with him joining her.

“I am Mohan. Please keep aside these flowers. I will right away get fresh flowers” he said

“No need. I can get them myself. It was not your fault” she replied

But without waiting for another moment he rushed out only to be back with larger bundle of flowers and Tulsi.When she opened her purse he stopped her by touching her hand on an impulse.”It is for God. It does not matter who spends. Probably you missed it .I said I am Mohan” he said

“Sorry,I am Anjaly.Thanks a bunch” she said. He seemed a pleasant guy and an engaging conversationalist. He came walking with her till her house. She learnt that he worked in another city and that he had come on a month’s leave to his parents place. Much to mom’s surprise her visits to the temple became more frequent and the friendship with Mohan correspondingly grew into deep love. They met daily till he left and thereafter wrote to each other. She was thrilled but knew that it would be difficult to get her parents agree to this. She hailed from an affluent family of a different caste. Mohan was also not highly qualified and had an ordinary position.

She broached the subject to her mom who conveyed it to her dad. As expected he hit the roof and would have none of it. He searched vigorously for a good match till he found a highly qualified well employed young man. He was also a charming person coming from an equally rich background. There was no single reason for her to protest except profess her love for Mohan. Brushing aside all her tantrums and objections, her dominating dad went ahead finalizing the arrangements. Mohan suggested that they elope to which Anjaly was not agreeable. He swore that he would not allow her to get married to someone else and that he would meet her dad to inform that they would go ahead and marry in a temple come what may. She dissuaded him saying harm will come to him as her dad had political connections and was a toughie. She pleaded with him to forget her saying she had no nerve to go against her parent’s wishes knowing well her father’s nature. But he was not convinced and accused her of ditching him for a better person. She stopped meeting him. She did not extend an invitation for the wedding fearing he may create a scene in his frustration. Luckily the marriage passed off smoothly.

With the honeymoon over after the wedding, Anjaly had settled down in her new apartment. Life was good though the painful thoughts of Mohan often visited her. She tried her best to forget him though she was grateful he never did anything to scuttle her marriage in anger and disappointment. She knew he was a bit emotional and impulsive. It was 6pm. She was reading a daily in her living room when she heard the door bell. When she saw through the window, she was shocked to find Mohan standing.He also saw her and smiled. She was alone in the house and did not want to open the door and let him in. Why had he come, was he up to some mischief she wondered.

“Mohan, no one at home. I am alone. Please do not mistake me for not inviting you in. My husband is expected any time. Tell me what brought you here” Anjaly said

“It is okay. I could not attend your marriage to wish you well. I just wanted to convey my good wishes and give a small gift. Please take this” he said as he gave her a small packet wrapped in colourful gift wrapper.”I will not trouble you any more” he said and left hurriedly.

With beads of perspiration trickling from her face, she opened the packet (if you expected a big Blam you are mistaken).It contained all the love letters she had written him neatly folded with a small note on the top.”I will always love you, Anj. You can sleep in peace from now on wards. I wish you well, Mohan”..She could not suppress her tears when she thought of his consideration for her well being and his gentle ways.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A story for Halloween day

I had recently shifted to this multi storied apartment complex. My apartment was bright with lots of sunshine in the mornings and had a great view of the road and the green golf grounds across. My wife who was with her parents on a short trip is expected to join me soon. She would love this place as it had a gym, an open swimming pool with a colourful fountain by its side .There was a small store selling milk, bread and other essential things that one would need to buy urgently. There was only one thing that bothered me. The apartment just opposite mine was not occupied. I have heard that it has been lying vacant for long.

When I opened my door to receive pizza from the delivery guy, I found the door of the opposite apartment ajar and the hall brightly lit. I heard some music mingled with some conversation. May be the TV was on. It was then I saw a middle aged man in a loose trouser and a check shirt coming towards the door. He smiled at me that was bizarre with rather well aligned big teeth and said hello. When I responded with a smile and a hello, he said “I am Santosh.Would you mind joining me for a glass of beer?”

Surprised I replied “I am Guna.Give me a minute. I will be with you.” I had a quick wash, dabbed some perfume and changed the shirt to a casual T shirt. He welcomed me and indicated the cozy sofa for me to sit down.

“New here? he asked and added ”Nice complex with beautiful setting. I am sure you like it”

Yes, I like the ambience. You too new, I believe. I saw your apartment closed” I said

“No, I am an old resident. True it remained closed for a while. I am living alone here and generally busy with my interests” he said

“Oh, I see. I remember the real estate people who showed me my apartment had mentioned that yours were vacant for long” I said. He did not answer.

“Give me a few minutes. I will get the glasses and the drink” he said and disappeared towards kitchen.

The air was stale and a putrid smell was emanating. I was about to sneeze and I looked for my handkerchief in my pockets. I stifled the sneeze with my fingers on my nose when I found I had left my hanky in the house. He suddenly appeared with some tissues in hand and said ”Help yourself. Give me a few minutes more” he said as he went away. The tissues were ice cold. I wondered how he knew that I was about to sneeze and my searching for hanky in my pockets when he was away at the kitchen. May be I had let out a stifled sound for his sharp ears to catch.

In a while he came out with two tall glasses and a bottle of possibly red wine. I remembered that he had mentioned beer earlier.

As he set the glasses on the centre table and poured the red drink, the smell of a rancid stuff assailed my nose triggering a feeling of throwing up. I looked up at him to see his big white teeth in what was his face, a dark hollow when he smiled. It was a scary and grotesque sight to watch the lean man laughing with his loose attire.

“Have this drink once and you would forever be like me yearning for it” he said

As the fear and uneasiness arose from the pit of my stomach, I made a hasty exit, leaving my mobile behind by mistake, to my apartment that I had not luckily locked. I was perspiring in fear and drenched in sweat. I rang for the security to rush immediately. I opened the door only after the two security men assured twice that they were from security.

I narrated the fearful incident. When we looked at the door, it was closed. They pressed the bell with no response. When I insisted what I had witnessed, they said “No one is living here for years. It remains locked. No one has ever come to this to our knowledge. There is an alarm system that would alert us if the doors are forced. I am sorry, sir, you are imagining” he said

“You cannot dismiss my complaint like that. Please open the door. I had left behind my mobile in my haste to get out.

When they opened the door with a master key, it was full of dust and cobwebs with no indication that it was ever occupied. When I mentioned about the wine,they saw no glasses and when the security opened the fridge it was empty and disconnected. They looked at me with strange expression when I told them about the missing mobile. It was not on the centre table where I had left it and again there was a worried look when one of the security shouted ‘it is here”. It was In the waste paper basket along with clean tissue . There was now a confused look in their faces.