Saturday, February 6, 2010

What is honesty?

The film 3 idiots had just been released.There were rave reviews exolling the acting of Ameer and the much liked theme of the story.Houses were running full.Rajesh’s wife and children pestered him to take them to the film.Try as much, he could not get the tickets for any class.They were bookde for a month in advance.The chilldren pulled their faces long and never sat with him in the living room as they were wont to when he returned from the office.They were busy in their rooms sore that they could not relate their views on the film which was much talked about amongst the school mates.

Unable to bear the stuffy atmosphere at home Rajesh went to the local video shop and asked him for hire of a copy of the film.The shop keeper went in and brought it with the name of Mr.Beans movie inscribed on it.When Rajesh pointed out that he wanted 3 idiots, he said it was that film only and for safety the title was different.Being a pirated movie of a very new and successful film, they had to be cautious he was told before collecting a hefty amount.

The children and wife had all gathered after an early dinner before TV.The family in the opposite apartment had also come.The eager expectation was seen amongst all faces.When the DVD was played curiously there was a French film with no subtitles.Rajesh tried sevearl times.The dealer had given a wrong copy.It was Saturday and the shop was closed.On Monday he could not return early from office due to a late meeting.When he went on Tuesday to the shop and complained

“There has been a mistake. I had asked specifically for 3 Idiots.I even pointed out the wrong title about Mr Bean.You confirmed it was 3 idiots only.Please take this and give me the correct film in lieu” said Rajesh

“You had kept the DVD for three days denying me the opportunity to hire it out to others.You must have seen this movie too.I cannot give 3 idiots in exchange.You must pay foor it afresh” said the shop keeper.

Rajesh got furious and said ”Be reasonable.I wanted only 3 idiots and no other crap.I specifically pointed out the wrong title.You assued me it was 3 idiots.If it were Mr.Bean, we could have had atleast some laughs though we had seen his films many times.This was a French film with no subtitles.I will not pay again for 3 idiots.”

“If it was a wrong film why did you not return it immediately? Since you have retained the DVD for three days, you have to pay whether you have seen or not.I am sorry I cannot agree” the shopkeeper replied.

“Why did you not carefully check and give me the correct film I had asked for.It was all due to your initial mistake.Would you not own it up”Rajesh asked

“Yes, I would have, had you returned immediately.Sir; I am busy with many customers waiting.” replied the dealer

Exasperated Rajesh said loudly”There must be some honesty while doing business.You should be fair in your dealings with all.Your attitude is disappointing.”

“Sir, you have come here asking for a pirated DVD.Have you been honest? Practise before you preach.Funny you talk of fairness and integrity.”

There was a giggle from amongst the other customers as Rajesh stomped out in shame.


  1. Ya this is true. we preach honesty to others and we fail in it.

  2. It is a fine thing to be honest, but it is also very important to be right ......

    Happy weekend
    Anya :-)
    Kareltje =^.^=

  3. That should open the eyes of many.I am not a movie buff and we have decided we will not go for pirated ones. If we don't then who will?

  4. Dear Partha,
    Good Evening!
    Nice to see you back in blog.
    ''Honesty is the best policy''.very nice quote;but real life doesn't allow you to be so honest.
    I watched Three Idiots from Trichur and I had written in my earlier post.It is inspiring repeating,''All is well''.AAmir has done a good job.
    A different post from earlier ones.good job,Partha.
    Wishing you a relaxing Sunday,

  5. heyy.. a vry true story it seems to be..yes often we forget to chck ourselves, while we always expect others to be honest..vry well narrated..!

  6. Very true......... Really after a long time in you space :) HONESTY gone for toss these days >>>

  7. 幽默並不是諷刺,它或許帶有溫和的嘲諷,卻不傷人,它可能是以別人,也可以用自己為對象。 ..................................................

  8. Ironical and true!! One must indeed practise what they preach.

  9. look who is talking....the shop keeper..the owner of the hub of one wants to own up for their mistakes.
    A great story with a valuable lesson!!

  10. You brought out the meaning of honesty well through this true!

  11. often the situations and life style make us what we are ...

  12. Most would not consider hiring a pirated DVD or buying tickets in black as something unethical. Good one

  13. Honesty is best policy...when it comes to others..when it comes to us it becomes Honesty is "flexible"policy..

  14. Lol...a lesson learnt well indeed!
    And is this Rajesh a real character under a fictitious name?

  15. A meaningful post, very well-wrapped in humour! We often don't follow what we preach. Many a times we do wrong things knowingly but we don't bother. We are ever ready to give suggestions to others but seldom do we adapt them into our own life.