Sunday, April 18, 2010

Was it a miracle?

The Chief cardiologist sent for Sevanthi’s brother in the morning after her rounds.When he met her, she said “I am sorry.I have no heart to tell her husband Sharath.that Sevanthi is not making it.It is three days since she is on ventilator support.There has been no improvement.I intend to remove it tomorrow and she may in all probability collapse immediately.You can inform your close relatives.But be careful with Sharath.He is a doting husband ,I can see. You must break the news gently to him.”

Sharath was shattered when he was informed and became very quiet.After a long pause he told his brother-in-law “Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. Would it not be possible to request her to allow Sevanthi be in ventilator for one more day.I am praying all Gods incessantly.I hope a miracle can happen in the intervening period through His grace.”
“OK.I will meet her immediately and make a request though I am not sure what she would do,” said his brother-in-law
The chief cardiologist said” I don’t know.I will have a word with Chief anaesthetist.Frankly I feel she has lost the will to survive this time.On the earlier two occasions she fought the disease with determination and survived the crisis.”

The next day morning Sharath entered the ICU.The nurses knew the couple and had taken kindly to them.He had a big bouquet of flowers in his hand besides some packet.He gave the bouquet to the nurse and said “Today is our wedding anniversary.Please place the bouquet in a prominent place where she can see.”

The nurses who knew the seriousness of her condition wiped their tears unknown to him and kept the flowers by her side after showing it to her.She was in no position to move her head with her mouth and nose attached to several tubes.They withdrew discreetly to the sides leaving the old couple alone.

Sharath waved a big greeting card one foot long in pink colour before her and smiled at her saying “Sevanthi, can you see this? Today is our thirtyeighth wedding day.” He signalled with his hands the tying of the nuptial knot around her neck.”There was a perceptible movement in her eyes and he saw her blinking her eyes twice as if in acknolwedgment with a trace of faint smile.He then unwrapped a packet showing her a gorgeous Mysore silk sari in blue color with a zari border.She had a fancy for blue colour and always wanted one in Mysore silk.He could see her smile a little more.He clasped both his palms tightly and said ”You will be fine very soon and wear this sari after you reach home.You are getting better and I expect you to come home very soon.” He could hardly suppress the tears flowing from his eyes.

The nurse came near him and told him softly”Enough for today. She should not get excited.You may please leave now.Doctors are expected any time”

The Chief anaesthetist also pleaded successfully with the Chief cardiologist independently unaware of the developments that she be allowed to remain in ventilator for a day more and that he would gradually withdraw the support the next day watching her ability to manage with reduced support.The doctors did not fail to notice the shining flowers by her side.

It was a great surprise to both the Chief cardiologist and Chief anaesthetist to see her come out of the crisis without any adverse effect as the ventilator support was withdrawn gradually. In a couple of days she had shown remarkable recovery and was soon discharged home.

Two instances stood out in her case though it could not be said with certainty what helped her overcome the crisis.One of the nurses had gifted aunty Sevanthi with a copy of Bible which the latter had requested be placed under her pillow for His grace.It is beyond our understanding whether the loving gesture of the husband in bringing flowers, a big greeting card and a sari in colour she liked , brought about a will to live in her which the doctor had earlier felt she had lost.

Be that as it may, there are many things that are beyond the ken of human understanding that can bring about a miracle like abiding faith in God, the prayers of the dear and the power of love expressed and demonstarted in apt time. .But suffice it to say that Sevanthi lived long after the incident and wore the blue sari she liked best.


  1. Variety, consistency and no dearth in sweet, friendly topics that will make the readers smile …
    You are back to your forte sir…
    Keep going …
    love, faith and i dono where to place saree..!! :-P, niways.. all significant

  2. dear uncle
    ofcourse there are things beyond human understanding...v are the makers of our does it all..
    love from joe

  3. Certain things can never be explained by us mere humans :) its a magic wand that God uses...changing people's life :)

  4. I prefer to believe it as LOVE brought her back to it her husband's love for her, or god's love for her...and maybe even her love for live...and love...

  5. Emotions ... you pack it so well in ur stories..

    Even today morning the thought of the disputed topic, whether God exists or not crossed my mind.. well I believe in God.. else how can Life be so different, yet balanced like an equation.. there is a kind of mystery in life as it unfolds.. and i believe God is the Master planner of everything.. God is Love.. Where ever there is Love, there is God.

  6. Change people's life
    is not always easy !!
    Wonderful written (as always)
    I can feel the love from God ...
    in this story :)

  7. Hello KP,
    That was an emotional story uve come up with, i read a story few weeks back where god designates someone to be in charge of deaths on earth, when he refused seeing the sin that he may get, god granted him reasons that may cause death, so came illness when time comes...the reason will be there...nothing can stop it, and if the time is not near...then death has to wait...
    lets live our life as u say with kindness touching every heart... :)

  8. Beautifully woven tale of faith and love!