Sunday, April 25, 2010

The miraculous glow

Agnes was getting ready to leave for her office.She was near the door putting on the shoes when her mom came running to her from behind and tapped her shoulder.Her mom was a superstitious person.She never called from behind when one was about to leave.

‘Agnes, please say a prayer to Lord before you leave’she said

‘Why, what happened? Anything you are worried about?’ asked Agnes

‘No, nothing in particular.I had a bad dream early in the morning’ she said

Both of them stood before the huge picture of the Lord and said the following prayer
‘Our Father in Heaven, Holy be Thy Name
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done
On earth as it is in Heaven
Give us this day our daily bread
And forgive us our sins
As we forgive those who sinned against us
Do not bring us to the test, but deliver us from evil.
Her mom smiled at her and said ‘You are a sweet girl and you always please me’

The work in the office was very tight.She had no time even for a cup of tea.She looked out.from the third floor of the seven storey building.It was dark even at 3pm and there was a heavy drizzle. She did not like it and wanted to leave for home sharp at 5pm. It was then she heard some strange rumbling sound with thuds.Soon the furniture started moving and before she could run towards the exit, the buildng started to collapse and the floor leading to the entrance to office had given away.

With great presence of mind,she went under a strong table.She heard piercing screams ,deafening noise of the entire building collapsing and the shrills of the people hit by the falling debris.The power went out and it was all covered by darkness.There was a sepulchral silence except for the wails and distant voices in muffled tone.She could not move as some heavy object lay over her.She was cramped in a small space and could not extricate her legs and one hand. .It was paining but she was not seriously hurt..She could not locate her hand bag and the mobile to contact others..Luckily the watch with luminous hands was running.It showed 7pm and there was no sign of any rescue people near her.She could hear the cranes, the fire men and the rescue team working but trapped as she was in the centre of debris she remained invisible.Her screams for help were not heard.

It was then she remembered her mother’s dream and her request in the morning for prayer.That made her recite the prayer again with all devotion.She pleaded with tears in her eyes ‘Father, I lift my hands to you. Please pour down upon me your loving grace, light, peace, mercy, protection, help, and healing. Humbly, I praise and thank you, Lord. In Jesus' Holy Name I pray. Amen.

She was thirsty and hungry but tried to remain alert.She tried hard to fight the drowsiness that was enveloping her as she did not want to end her life in a concrete grave.After what seemed an interminable wait, she heard around 11pm some voices nearby lifting hopes in her heart. With a big piece of wood or concrete covering her mouth, her shouts were not audible even to her..As she repeated the prayer again and again, she found the place was filled with unusual light that was ethereal and comforting.It was as if the Lord Himself was present there to care for her.She mumbled ‘Lord ,in you I surrender.You are my only resort ‘ as certain calmness descended on her.It was then she heard faintly the bark of some dog closeby before she passed out.

The rescue workers, who were working from above and avoided horizontal rescue , heard the dog barking.They rushed to see that It was circling around a particular area. One of the workers managed to enter through a small opening to find a glow from inside a void where a victim could remain trapped.The glow appeared as if a torch light was burning inside.It was otherwise pitch dark around..With help from others he managed to reach the place to find an outsreched hand..There was no response to his calls.. He slid his hand through the opening and felt.the hand was warm.They worked carefully using props and removing the debris ensuring that nothing collapsed on the victim.

The source of the shimmering light from the area that attracted the attention of the dog and the rescue men was inexplicable as no torch was found there when she was removed in a stretcher to the waiting ambulance..What was strange was that the miraculous glow disappeared once the rescue was completed.


  1. Nice story
    but very different as usual ...
    You should have a lot of imagination to write this story !!

    Anya :)

  2. When all else fails, 'who you gonna call'? Remember the movie 'The Ghostbusters'? Loved that movie. :-)

    Anyway, we all acknowledge a greater Being than ourselves or of the entire universe. We in our diversity of cultures and creed have given that Being so many different names through which we relate for our needs in our life journey. But one word we acquiesce to call the Being --- GOD.

    GOD.. three letters but in those letters lie our safety, provision, enlightenment, protection, hope, faith, strength, trust, healing, miracle, guidance ... and so much more that our entire existence and life center on His power, might, love, mercy, blessing, and magnificence. The whole world rests on the palm of His hands.

    When in trouble.. who we gonna call? Who do we always call?

    I know of nothing else or anyone else above and below who can be all that to mere minute insignificant creatures like.. us.

    A man of faith stands ten-feet tall .. men of titles wealth and position stand weak and small. Faith is a core value .. anything else are but skin deep.

    Your storytelling this time has made an impact far more than words can say. Keep writing and make a difference.

    God bless you and your family.

  3. Hello Partha,

    All life's around are indeed given the magical glow of god, seldom people realise them, the glow that have reached u umpteen times in different forms, thats what we should remember, & that belief have to take us forward....
    Believe in ur belief, let it be a pure and helping mind, a loving mind, the glow will exist in such minds....

    Partha, ur mind too, have to be like that right? :)

  4. Uhmm...While I was reading tht...i was imagining myself beneath that debris...It would be so pathetic to escape the collapse and still doesn't get rescues...During all such earthquakes, building falls and all, there could be so many number of people who might have been alive even after the accident and died bcoz they were not rescued on time...That death is worser than the other...

    I felt suffocation on imagining IF I WAS in there...Indeed, God's hand is everywhere and only that we have to hold it on time...Here maybe Agnes's watch's light might have been the glow - God's Helping Hand...

  5. DearPartha,
    Good Evening!
    A different story!
    Prayers work wonders!The strong belief In God makes the mountains move!
    I'm so happy that you spread positive energy!
    A well narrated story!
    Wishing you a wonderful evening,

  6. That was indeed a miracle...which can be wrought by a heartfelt prayer. Faith can indeed move mountains...Byron once said, "Waiting for a spark to fall from Heaven" to waiting for some such thing :-)
    I was delighted to read your wonderful creation.

  7. Good morning Dear KP,

    Only when anu referred to me about my statement in the above comment for you, did i realise that it could also give a negative meaning.
    But i wrote it in the affirmative sense confirming that you do have a mind where light glows within...
    Like when someone says that they have bought something, we reply: you should have good money right? which means he has money,
    I wrote it in that sense, but , yes we can read out a negative meaning too, in that.
    You know, once i finish reading a post, i just pen down my thoughts as comments, the right perspective is in my mind and i believe that too is communicated to the blogger, but sometimes these kind of sitautions too may occur...
    Im really sorry if i have hurt you, atleast when u read my comment, and when ur thought might have gone in the negative way, you should have thought what kind of a person I am....
    but i assure you that my thoughts while writing was in the positive manner and i wrote it as a compliment for you.........a truth :)

    Have a gr8 day sir....
    sorry once again :)

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  9. Beautiful post gp..iM IN AWE OF YOUR WRITING...i had goose bumps by the end of it!!!
    I dont know how the above comment reached here was meant for anothe story where a young man dies leaving his beloved alone....
    Will try removing it!!!

  10. God is so good! I believe that glow is from Jesus...her angel...her trust in the Lord saved her!

    What gave you such plot of a story that's so overwhelming? Your imagination is great! Gifted!

    I learned a lesson..... "as long as there is a thin thread of hope, never give up"! Right?

  11. you ve got such a robust imagination! excellent work.. n very different!

  12. you are back at it again ha?
    just got a chance to peek in and this is what i got!!! uff seems like, you just cant sleep if you dont bring in deathly scene here ha?
    but yeaa i mustnt face other side of this truth! shadow of misery thats prevelent... nihow, you have a smooth landing.. cool as ever