Monday, April 12, 2010

The gambit

It was very hot and the weather was oppresive.Gupta was reading the morning newspaper reclining on his easy chair in the drawing room.His wife Savitri was busy in the kitchen cooking lunch.When he heard the door bell, he went out to the verandah that was secured by steel grills and found two men in khaki uniform standing. There was a blue colored jeep out side.They appeared to be from police.

When Gupta asked them to wait telling them that he would bring the keys to open the gate, one of the men said”This is what you should not do.How do you know we are really from police department?You should not go by the uniiform.Luckily we are from the police department.You must be aware of a spate of complaints about plain thieves posing as income tax officials and entering the houses in the day time when old people are alone.They would say they have come to search based on some complaints..When gullible people open the gate without suspecting mischief, they mesmerise them into doing whatever they wanted.. They would ask for papers, keys for almirah and the cash kept in the house The old people would realise they have been duped only after the impostors have decamped with all valuables.”

“I am aware sir” said Gupta.”But I see the jeep and both of you appear decent.It is very hot outside today and you two are perspiring a lot..Do come in and sit under the fan. I will fetch the keys,” he said.The two men thanked Gupta and smiled at each other.

Once in they sat comfortably in the sofa and said ’We are making house to house visit in the afternoons primarily to educate the senior citizens of the hazards of trusting unknown starngers and letting them in without verifying their identity cards and handing over the valuables without even making an inventory and collecting a receipt.The department is concerned about this growing menace.”

One of the two men proffered what appeared to be an identity card but Gupta waved it aside saying he trusted them .Then the other guy wanted to know how they secured their valuables, where the almirahs are kept , whether they kept cash and jewelry in the house instead of in bank lockers so that they can advise them of the precautions if any to be taken..

Gupta told them.” I will answer all your questions and show you the locations of the almirahs.Before that I would request you to have some cold drink first. Both of you have come from outside, a literal furnace”

He walked towards the kitchen and spoke audibly”Savitri, please bring two glasses of cool drink, preferably chilled lime juice for the two guests here.”

The lady soon brought in a plate two glasses of lime juice and offered them to the two cops.Thirsty as they were, they thanked her profusely and drank the cool juice with immense satisfaction.Soon there after the two persons felt drowsy and slumped into a deep slumber.

Gupta smiled at his wife.She said “I have already called 100 and the PCR van should be here any time. I knew what you wanted when you winked at me asking for juice for them. We had discussed earlier when our neighbours were duped.the strategy we would follow.”

Gupta said ’I suspected when there was no name on their uniforms.The stripes were also in different colours.The jeep had no sign or board to indicate that it belonged to police.I wanted them to be handed over to police.”

In a few minutes the PCR van arrived and took the two impostors away.


  1. They have tackled the situation in a wise way.

  2. When someone ring..ring..
    the doorbell
    and its a person who pretends to be someone else !!
    Do you have a big problem ...

    Today we learned that
    you can not trust anyone in a uniform...
    Short but powerful story !!!

  3. Dear Partha,
    Good Evening!
    This a short but timely story.Thanks for updating and bringing awareness!
    Keep writing!Your stories carry strong messages!
    As and when you get time,hope you may read teh enw post.:)

  4. Clever man...I thought he'd be cheated but it was the other way round..wish could know the reaction of the thieves when they would have found out what happened to!!!great story as always!

  5. A good story ,and lot of information. thanks.

  6. Parthaji,

    that was a clever thought by them...
    an eyeopener to many

  7. Good presence of mind and yes it highlights the number of thefts that occue due to such imposters.

  8. Haha, I really liked that...God, as someone said, really wish I could have seen their face when they woke up to reality...hahaha!!!

    Good One Dost...

  9. Good one. Smart couple turned the table on the thieves. Not just the elderly, everyone should be wary of letting strangers into their house...

  10. What a way to begin a day….
    I think such incidents do happen more often these days everywhere….
    Other day I read a piece of news that sounds similar to this…

    Looks like we just have to be on alert always….
    Nice post as always ….

  11. absolutely fantastic!! clever as only you can be. how do you manage such simple sraight sentences, that convey so much with such clarity!!

  12. Midway to your story, I already knew what will happen...I could outwit you here!

    That the wife will give a drink laced with sleeping pills!

    And that they will cause the arrest of the two gambits!

    I enjoyed reading it anyways...I wish to as smart as the couples in instances like that!

  13. dear
    And that was again a wonderful message for all..nicely conveyd
    wishes prayers and love

  14. ahaa :) clever couple..

    yes u r right, none can be trusted these days!!