Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Karthik,Kausalya and the tantric

Ever since Karthik met Kausalya at the Japanese class, he fell in love with her. She was a bubbly girl extrovert by nature and talked to him pleasantly when he befriended her. Both were working in nearby offices and met each other often over coffee. He talked to her many times over mobile phone, chatted with her and texted her. He professed his love for her but she had told him that she did not love him but liked him as a good friend. But Karthik was not unduly worried for he hoped she would come round if he persisted with her. Two years passed by and many a time he broached the subject of marriage only to get rebuffed with a polite no. But poor Karthik could not think of any other girl and nursed the hope she may relent in due course.

It was then his friend Shankar suggested the name of a female tantric. Karthik found at the address, a shop selling incense sticks, pictures of gods, religious books, rosary, lamps and many other sundry things used for prayer. He saw at the counter a young lady with a large bindi and a string of Tulsi beads around her neck. He was not sure whether he had come at the right place as there was no board to indicate her as a tantric. He finally made bold to ask her whether she knew of any tantric as he was given this address. She smiled at him and said “I am the tantric. Tell me what do you want from me”

Karthik hesitated as she was herself quite young. When prompted by her he blurted out of his love for Kausalya and her disinterest despite her spending lot of time with him. He wanted the tantric to give him some device like an amulet to make her fall in love with him. The tantric laughed and asked him to come inside to the inner room. When he hesitated, she made fun of him as a timid guy unfit to fall in love. He found the room slightly dark with only an oil lamp before pictures of gods and their idols. There was the smell of incense sticks, camphor and burning oil. She took out from a small box a yellow thread and chanted some prayers with her eyes closed for what appeared to him a long time.

When she opened her eyes, she told him “Listen carefully and follow my instructions. Tie this thread on her right wrist on a Friday morning after she had taken her bath but ensure you put only one knot and not more. Tomorrow is luckily a Friday. You will see a change in her and she would be drawn towards you soon”
“How much does this cost?”he asked

“Nothing.Whatever you feel like, you put it in the plate kept opposite the god” she said.

The next day they met at 9am in the coffee shop. He said “I got this sacred thread from a temple .Let me tie it around your wrist. It is supposed to beneficial for your general well being and growth in your career”. When he wound it around her wrist and put one knot, she wanted one more saying it was loose and may fall down. But he declined and said it was adequate. She got annoyed and insisted on his putting one more. He didn’t want to displease her and tied one more knot. She wanted one more which also he did.
The moment he did this, he saw her face brightening up and her eyes sparkling. The next moment she suddenly hugged him tightly and smooched unmindful of the presence of amused glances of everyone in the restaurant. He was very much embarrassed and wrenched himself from her clasp. Something strange had come over as she snuggled close to him and said “Karthi, I love you. I cannot live without you one moment. Please marry me.”

Karthik could not believe his own ears.He was amazed at the high powers of tantric’s thread and led her away arm in arm from the restaurant. The whole day she did not allow him to work telephoning, pinging on the computer for chats and texting him fifty messages professing her love for him. When he came out of the office at 6pm she was standing there and when she saw him came running towards him shouting “Karthi and again hugged him in the presence of all. He hastily took her to his car and offered to drop her. Once inside with the doors raised they embraced each other warmly and kissed. She wanted him to marry her immediately which he agreed.

When he stopped the car at the gate, her parents were seen standing at the portico. Before going inside, she embraced him passionately to the shock of her parents and Karthik himself. He freed himself and drove straight to tantric’s house. He thanked her for the help but wanted her to do something to reduce the power of the thread to prevent her from behaving undesirably in public places.

The tantric asked him how many knots he had put. When he said that he had put three, she said “A great damage had been done. You have not paid heed to my instructions. The spell is irreversible. She will continue to behave like this and make you both a laughing stock”

“No, no” he cried loudly

It was then he felt the nudge and heard the soft voice of his mother “Karthi, get up. Did you have any nightmare? You were screaming at the top of your voice.Get up.I will get you coffee.”


  1. Poor Karthik............
    too much of anything is surely going to lead to disaster.......sort of saying - aasai veipathe anbu tholai...

  2. Oh..oh..
    Dreams can be nice
    but also weird !!!!
    My compliments
    for this great fantasy story :-)

    Have a nice day ..

    Kareltje =^.^= ♥ Betsie >^.^<
    Anya :)

    Nowadays I am more active here ..pls do check my blog :)

  4. Interesting to read. Nice twist in the end.

  5. Dear Partha,
    Good Evening!
    Love is beautiful when it flows like a smooth river......a soft the gentle breeze...
    An overdoze spoils the beauty of anything and everything.

  6. OH and you had to write the last few lines ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I was enjoying and hoping to email you to get me the address of that tantric ... he he he he

    Excellent :)


  7. Alavukku minjinaal amirthamum visham...anbuththollainnu ithaiththaan solrathu!

  8. Poor Karthik,on waking up he might have been both dissappointed and also!!!Happy bcoz he dint have to reverse any tantric power but disappointed as he again need to try hard to win her love...

    That brings in a doubt...was the whole love also part of the dream or just the tantric part...Dost u confused me...

  9. Woww!! Great Story :) :) Fearful Dream For Karthik :)

  10. A nice ending KP. Loved the story absolutely.

  11. What? Gosh I was made to believe it was happening in real life, only to find out it was just a dream?

    What a twist! It's your trademark and I like it!

    Btw, I wish there are karthiks here, ha ha ha and buy a golden thread and tie it to a poor victim, ha ha ha, nope just kidding...I really enjoyed your story...:)

    Keep writing!

  12. This was good fun. Totally unexpected.