Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ranjana’s dilemma

It was three days since five year old Nikhil had disappeared. He was playing opposite his house around 5pm and riding his tricycle when the incident had occurred. The tricycle was found lying on the lawn without any trace of the boy. One of the Hawaii he was wearing had fallen lending credence to the belief the boy was taken away against his wishes.Rajnana had not heard any scream. Ranjana and Rajesh were shattered. The police were keeping their telephone under surveillance for any call. Rajesh could not console his wife however much he tried. She was crying all the time. He stayed back home for two days with her. The police had nothing to work upon as Rajesh was neither wealthy nor had he enemies. There was no ransom call as yet.Ranjana’s parents who were away at Houston were expected in a couple of days. Rajesh had to go to attend an important meeting at Jaipur. He had left in the morning and promised to return late in the night.

She was alone in her single storied house at the end of the street in the suburb of the city. Normally a secure place, there had been no incidence of criminal activities here. People in that locality moved freely even in late nights though it was not densely occupied. There were no houses opposite Rajesh’s and some construction was going on there in one of the plots. The neiighbours in the adjacent house had gone on a pilgrimage.

It was 8pm, pretty dark outside and pretty silent..Rajesh would come only around 11pm.She was watching TV for any news. It was then she heard some shuffling of feet in the porch. She looked and found no one. After a few minutes she heard a distinct knock on the door. She switched on the light in the porch and saw through the open window grill. There was a big man in mid forties, muscular with strong biceps, unkempt hair and dirty T shirt over tattered jeans. When she gave a scared look at him, he said with a leering smile “Excuse me for disturbing you..I am very hungry and haven’t eaten for two days. I need something to bite and some drink to quench my thirst.”
The odour from his body and his sweaty shirt assailed her nose. She hesitated without replying as she was not sure what to do.

Please, I cannot bear the hunger. Kindly open the door” he said
“Please wait. Let me see if anything is there’ she replied without opening the door.

She soon came with a few slices of bread and a big slice of cake bundled in paper. She kept it on the grill and he took it instantly and started eating.

“Can I have a big mug of water?’ he asked

“Sure” she said and brought a large plastic tumbler with water. As she gave the tumbler through the grill, he grabbed her hand and laughed hysterically. She screamed loud in fear but no one heard her. He would not let go her hand and said as he caressed her hand”Do not be afraid.I will do no harm. I just played upon your fear. I thank you for giving me food and water that I needed badly”

He let go her hand. She was so much relieved and wondered whether he could be a mad man. As she waited for him to leave, he walked a few steps towards the gate and then returned.Ranjana looked at him with dread wondering what he was up to
He said in soft voice” Do you wish to see your son. The boy is crying hoarse asking for mommy and the men are hitting him to be quiet”

She could not believe her ears and she asked “What were you saying about my son?”

“Isn’t Nikhil the boy’s name?”

“Yes, where is he? Do you know the place? Please tell me” she asked in frantic tone

“I know. I can take you now in my two wheeler if you come with me” he replied
“Can you hold a second? I will ask my hubby.”she pleaded

“No, you should not ask anyone or use the phone. I give you one minute for you to decide whether to come with me or not.” he said with finality

“Please I beg of you. I will pay a large sum of money. Tell me where the boy is. I beg of you as your sister.” she cried

“I am sorry I am going. My life is in danger. I will only show you the place from outside. If you try to double cross me by using the phone, the boy’s life would be in peril” and he said as he started walking.

His leering smile, his grabbing her arm and his caressing it came to her mind. Would it be wise for her to trust him and accompany him in the night in his two wheeler? If not, was she endangering her dear child keeping in mind only her safety?

The bike roared into life as he kick started it. He turned his head towards her. What did Ranjana do? Did she open the door and rush to him or did she stay back calmly? What will be your advice to her?


  1. another police story... but not a part II of the previous mystery that was left unresolved...and here is another one left unresolved!

    i guess she would have opted for the ride after all it s her kids whose life is in danger...

  2. I guess her maternal affection will get the better of her. But its a matter for the Police.

  3. Wow!!!
    Very cool story ....


  4. If it was me in her place...I would have intimidated the Police without his knowledge like, thru an sms or smthing...as I am sure, in such cases they should be just around somewhere..as the house would or atleast SHOULD be under surveillance after Nikhil's kidnap...

    But never would I go with him, without somebody else...Bcoz...even if hes a genuine person and what he said is true...still, I would never be able to overpower some Kidnappers all alone...I would surely need some help...

    Haaa...whatever...I just hope, such things never happen to me in my real life...

  5. hmmm interesting .. you seem to be a fan of police and GOOOD ..

    after all they keep us safe


  6. I wonder how Rajesh can leave her when their son is missing for 3 days..
    scary though.. Poor Ranjana would've believed and go for the kid..maternal instincts are always less fearful.

  7. Ranjana should not go with him. If he was a good man, he would have told her where her son is. He is definitely a bad guy. He said he is afraid and his life is in danger. If he just leave her with those men who are keeping the child, what will be her fate.. So he is one of them or he is the main culprit...

  8. Namaste.....
    It depends on how she things and who she is. As a mother the first instincts is to just go and get the child however if she is a thinker she would set things in place so people know where she is and how to find her.

    Question...how could she ask her husband if he was not at home? hmmmmm....?

    what is "One of the Hawaii he was wearing had fallen" what is Hawaii?

    You are a good story teller.
    Have a great day.

  9. I think he is not going to help. why should he hold her hand in the first place when she was providing food? what kind of test was he doing?

  10. The father of the boy leaving the house when the child is missing is unbelievable.

    Mother should not take the risk of going with the guy.

  11. I guess she should go with asome preparation,leaving everything in written on a paper.

  12. I think she should ( and would) have gone with the man.. afterall wasn't her son's life in danger?

  13. If I were Ranjana, I will not go, my life is in danger, but I am torn between two significant decisions, my life or my son's life?

    This is an instance when we need to be always safe and have to install alarms to police without burglars knowing you have already alerted the police.

    Well, I am no detective or police, I could not give a just decision...but if maternal instincts could be at work, my first impulse would be to go with the man and get my son from him...coupled with prayers that God will spare us both.

    Prayers work you know!

    Very nice story, so many lessons one can learn from it! Keep penning...:))