Tuesday, March 8, 2011

On Women’s day

“Can you give meRs.100 towards bus charge for going tomorrow to Thiruvallur?”

“Why do you have to go there? Don’t you have your classes to teach? “asked her husband

“I am to participate in a meeting as chief guest in a girls school there. I must go early in the morning for the function starts at 7 am” she replied

“Who will cook in your absence and take care of children? What about my old mom who needs a bath? You know she cannot bathe without your assistance. You do not have to go” he said in a peremptory tone.

“Please, I have already committed as my Headmistress wanted me to go.I will get up at 4am cook the food and give a bath to your mom. You should only see off the kids to the school. I will return by noon. I have requested our co-tenant Parimala mami to take care of your mom after you had left for office” she pleaded

“I cannot waste RS 100 on such wasteful trips. I am sorry. You are not going” he ruled out

“I am not asking from your salary. I am requesting you to pay me out of my monthly salary that you take from me at the beginning of the month” she said in obvious chagrin.

“How dare you backchat with me? I can even stop you from your going to school. Beware, I am allowing you as my income is inadequate. Serve me dinner. I am to go out to meet my friends for a session of Rummy. I will be back by 11.30 pm.Don’t fall asleep and forget to open the door” he said with finality

“I beg of you. Please allow me this time. I will not commit myself without telling you beforehand” she sobbed

“What is the big function you are to be a chief guest. Could they not get better person?”he taunted

“I am required to give a talk to the girls on the Women’s day movement” she meekly answered.


  1. “I am required to give a talk to the girls on the Women’s day movement” she meekly answered.

    ...How sad!

  2. How true and how sad. The story of so many houses in our country. With a story, you bought out points of dependence on husband, husband's control and rude behavior,and also the fact that the poor lady though working and earning has no respect and dignity in her own house. She can't even spend 100 Rs. on her own and with her own wish. Coming from a man, a very introspective story!

  3. Gr...the feminism in me is infuriating my peace of mind now...I know of many such woman who are being kicked around by their husbands or boy friends...and I hate that...

    Many a times, my husband say that I sound like a Feminist very often..I am not...I respect those men who are good enough to be respected...

    But then, why woman need to suffer in silence...why cant they raise their voice for their rights...This is one thing that I dislike in our traditions & the long lived values of life and marriage...

  4. ♥ A woman is the epitome of tenderness, care, and wisdom !!!!! ♥

    Could you not write a happy story for women's day, you made us all sad :(

  5. Very Sad. Should Have Slapped Him Mercilessly.

  6. yepp she is required to givea lacture to the girls who are probably or will jsut sit while TXTING there boy friends :)

    SAD situation we have ,, women's day Now how is it a womens day for this lady.. and people are going on about celbrating till women like the one you mentioned do not stand up and get waht they deserve women's day means nothing ...



  7. Sad but true. This is the state at many homes in our society. Will never understand the mean mentality of some men.
    I think they will continue to hurt us till we allow them do so, so as my mentor says Remove the Shackles and stand up for yourself.

  8. Dear Partha,
    Good Evening!
    You said the present situation of teh women very well.My blood boils..
    I agree with Anya,Dear!
    You are the one Partha,who respects,loves and cares the women..
    So,the post on this special day could have been sweet and spreading happiness.
    The woman behind the successful man should come infront...
    Wishing you a lovely evening,

  9. Thats how women are understood by many..!!!

    Need to be changed.. it will change I'm sure..

    Thanks for the post uncle..

  10. Its really sad to see such women subjected to miserable conditions as mentioned in your story. Irony while the world celebrates Womens day, there are millions of the same who wish for liberation still.

  11. Very realistic write-up...
    Before making others cultivated about women's right......,
    We should teach our family what women are for..Things does matter with Equality than liberty...

    From ur words....it's easily understandable that u r a man who respects women..
    A perfect Gentleman!!

  12. Blessings....

    Are we to surmise that she did not go because he husband forbid her? Quite an oxymoron

  13. Not really exaggerated or from your rich haven of imagination… it s the sad and sorry state of affairs prevalent mostly in our country…

    I m glad and hope that these women flock stopping by in your blog don’t have to give a reason to someone at home! :P

  14. certain notions in society would never let us lift certain barriers of life....its for women to understand their worth and be strong!