Sunday, June 19, 2011

The surrender

The time was past 1am. Her shift that was to be over at 11pm but dragged on as she could not leave till her reliever came. It happened often like this. But today it was and dark drizzling when she entered the parking lot in the basement. There was no one visible. She was always afraid to go into lonely parking lot alone. If she saw someone, it gave a scare instead of relief. Her mom has been telling her to take up a job in the general shift even if it meant lower salary. But the pay was good here and she was getting much visibility and name.

The road was deserted and she had to pass through a lonely stretch before she can come to the city proper. She could not see many cars and the few she saw sped away fast. She had an old jalopy that did the service of a car. She had already booked for a new car and was expecting a car loan from her bank. Though it started instantly after she inserted the ignition key, it showed signs of a rebel after a short distance. She coaxed it gently and drove along. In another 20 minutes she would be out this bad patch. There was the long subway a little ahead that got flooded even after a slight rain. Once she crossed the subway, she would be safe on the highway where cars kept moving continuously even at this late hour. As ill luck would have it, the vehicle came to an abrupt stop no sooner she entered the subway.. All her attempts to start the car yielded no fruit. She was scared to get out of the car in the dead of night and she did not also know the car mechanism. It was dark too. She closed her eyes with her hands and started praying not knowing how to get out of this mess. No car came along. Her husband was away on tour. To make matters worse, her mobile had nil credit.

It was then she saw silhouettes of two well built men with wooden logs approaching the car from either side of the road. They ambled along evidently drunk. Their wicked intent was crystal clear. There was little point in screaming. Beads of perspiration ran over her body. Fear enveloped her as she thought of their breaking the glasses. It is not the likely loss of money or car that bothered her but the harm they could inflict on her. Her mind became numb as they came very close to the vehicle swinging the logs in their hands.

Not knowing what to do, she resorted to the only thing that she knew. She prayed intently,”Oh, Krishna, Guruvayurappa, I totally leave it in your hands Please save me from this predicament and I will pay my obeisance to You at Your shrine at the earliest” and turned the ignition key. Lo, the car came to instant life as if by a miracle and as she pressed the accelerator the car whizzed past the two crowding men taking them by utter surprise. It did not stop till it reached the highway when a police patrol car screeched to halt by her side. Tears ran down her cheeks in wonderment at the compassion of the great Lord.

“It is such comfort to drop the tangles of life into God's hands and leave them there.”


  1. Namaste...
    Money cannot be compensation for lack of safety and security. At times we human beings make poor decisions and they attempt to pray our way out of it. Lucky for her the can responded. Unfortunately though based on her personality it is less likely that she would change jobs that would enable her a measure of safety and security as the lure of money is more important. If not she would have heeded her mothers request.

  2. All compromise is based
    on give and take,
    but there can be no give and take
    on fundamentals.
    Any compromise on mere fundamentals is a surrender.
    For it is all give and no take !!


    is a special day :


    Enjoy your day

    Kareltje =^.^= ♥ Betsie >^.^<
    Anya :)

  3. It is a nice story KP! Love it!
    What a relief to see her off safe and sound!

  4. True there is always a Divine Intervention when we need it the most. Firmly believe that we would not be let down by the God, more so when u pray sincerely.
    Just a thought, would he have helped if she had not promised to visit his shrine?

  5. Faith in God never gets let down.

  6. It is such comfort to drop the tangles of life into God's hands and leave them there.” It sure is!

  7. That was too much of a risk,pray when caught in difficult circumstances.

  8. do your bit and the rest is in His hands ha?
    but i am not sure if at all occasions, the engine will get a lease of life by praying !!

  9. As Lakshmi says here, faith moves mountains! Interesting!

  10. When you are in trouble , leave everything to God, how true it turned out to be. I loved the story because the saviour is Lord Guruvayurappan.

  11. I leave myself to God many a times when things are out of my hand...and He takes care...

    Brought tears to my eyes...I could feel her helplessness...

  12. Dear Partha,
    Good Evening!
    I am so sorry that I reached here late....
    It's a beautiful story.....
    When everything is beyond control,let us surrender at the Lotus Feet Of Lord Guruvayoorappan!
    My Pranets have wonderful experiences......
    My Achan always used to chant,''Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya!
    prayers work and miracles happen!

    Beautiful Guruvayoor Temple!
    Thanks a bunch!
    Wishing you a lovely day,

  13. It is a beautiful story! The beauty of total surrender to the Lord and the fruits of the action can be known only to those that have this experience.