Wednesday, June 29, 2011

55 W fiction

Chain snatching
I was taking evening walk alone in the lonely road. Two men in their motorbikes suddenly ambushed me and sped away after snatching daringly my chain. I neither resisted fearing harm nor screamed to attract attention. Instead I smiled to myself.
I use the glittering brass chains for my walks

They were young pretty girls clad in jeans and T-shirts.
When I stared, one of them said “Just 200Rs Sir. You will be happy for the visit”
I was hesitant wondering at the open soliciting.
“Come I will myself attend on you” she offered
My wife nudged and said “Try, it is a new salon”

Beating death
It was a complicated and long heart surgery for four hours.
The cardiac surgeon emerged triumphantly announcing ’Operation success. I can beat death”
He told his assistant ‘Keep things ready for the next surgery. Will be back after a short rest”
After an hour, assistant was waking up an inert doctor. Death was laughing

Man delivers baby
In the exhibition the marquee screamed “ONLY 25 Rs.SEE A MAN DELIVERING A BABY
With disbelief people rushed in to see the strange show
When the hall was full, the showman ordered silence. Lights focused on stage.
A man walked from behind the screen and placed a basket with a new born babe in it


  1. Interesting. Makes a god reading wish I could think so too.

  2. Two women told us during our morning walks, that they do that - wearing gilt chains for walks! Their husbands insist on them to remove the thali chains and leave them at home!

    Second one is a nice one!

    Third: Haha!

  3. Nice one about death.,,it never knocks before it arrives!

  4. chain snatching - good idea
    soliciting - worth trying
    beating death - oh poor doctor
    man delivers baby - oh nothing much to say

  5. Now that we know you twist it in the end,I wish to read it from bottom up.


    I like the doc story best

  6. this chain snatching is happening too often ...

    Ohhh he he he I like that The salon ...

    OUCH on the beating death

    :) made me laugh the last one

    lovely little stories ..

    Bikramjit Singh Mann

  7. yeah.. the doc story is nice.. and the last one too..