Saturday, December 8, 2007

Renuka's revenge

Renuka was just 23 when she got married. She pleaded with her father that she would like to continue her studies and not get married. He pleaded that he had found a good match and that she should not let go.Kishore looked handsome and was in a decent job. There was no specific reason for rejecting him. She agreed and the marriage was soon fixed. But it was only thereafter the real nature of Kishore’s parents was revealed. They were greedy by nature and as the wedding day approached their demands grew higher much more than what was initially agreed to. Renuka’s father was not very affluent and he had two more daughters to marry off. Nevertheless he strained all his financial resources to meet their requirements to ensure that the marriage went off without a hitch.
The initial six months after the wedding passed off peacefully.Kishore in his new found marital bliss was not complaining though his parents were grumbling that the girl should have brought more dowry and riches. They were always pestering her to approach her parents for getting the money to buy a new car for Kishore.Renu knew the financial situation of her dad and ignored their pleas. Meanwhile she gave birth to Sharanya, a baby girl. Every little function associated with the birth of the baby provided a ready excuse for fresh demand. Daily there were fights between husband and wife at the instigation of his parents. They stopped all the servants except one maid and made Renu do all the drudgery, go out on all errands and even tried to keep Sharanya away from her. It was becoming intolerable for her. That servant maid knew what was happening and was very supportive to Renuka. She did not reveal her pitiable position to her parents. She was not allowed to visit them except to bring some jewelry or money.Kishore who was initially neutral turned to side with his parents. He wanted to buy a flat and was short of funds despite the bank loan. He started beating her when she refused to seek any further money from her father. They became cruel and even starved her.
It was then one afternoon when Sharanya had gone to KG school, the tragedy occurred. Renuka was electrocuted in the bath room when she was taking her bath. It was reported the accident was due to a leakage of current in the geyser. Her parents suspected foul play and reported to the police. Even the neighbours were aware of the strained relations and suspected mischief. The police made enquiries and in the absence of any firm evidence police could not proceed with the case. They however did not close it.
It was three months after the death of Renuka around 8pm Sharanya came down crying from the first floor telling everyone that she saw her mom in the room and that she was beckoning her. The grandparents and husband thought it was just imagination of the child but she told the same thing every day and that her mother smiled at her though she would not answer her questions. When they went up they saw nothing. The maid told her husband who was the son of a tantric. He said the deceased lady was trying to convey some thing, possibly some unfinished work and that she should go up around that time to find out what she wanted.. The maid on the pretext of being with the child went up. She too saw Renuka’s figure standing by the flower vase and poring into it. She could not follow what Renuka was trying to convey. The figure moved away from the flower vase and again came near only to look into it. It did like this three times and beckoned her. The maid understood what she was trying to convey and removed the plastic flowers to find a folded paper. She could not make out what was written therein. She carefully inserted the paper inside her blouse. The figure smiled at her. In the evening her husband read it to find it was a letter addressed to Renuka’s parents. She had written that her life was in danger and that her husband was threatening to kill her for failing to get the needed money. He was contemplating another marriage with hefty dowry after her demise. She did not want to burden them with her problems.. She wanted them to take away the child in the event of her unnatural death. It became clear to the maid and her husband that Renuka was done to death by tampering with wires. They handed over the letter at the police station after keeping a Xerox copy with them. Eventually the parents were put behind bars for seven years and Kishore for ten years rigorous imprisonment.
The maid was happy that Renuka’s soul was finally at peace as she stopped appearing thereafter.

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  1. Another outstanding post by you, Parthasarathi.
    The husband who was supposed to protect Renuka, tortures and kills her and the maid is kind and does justice! Indeed, stereotypes fail in relationships.
    Lovely choice of the name for the daughter: Sharanya.