Saturday, February 21, 2009

Miracles do happen

Saranya invariably brought her boy of six years in the evenings to the park. They would play on the slides and swings for some time, and settle down later on the bench adjoining the road outside the park. She would show him the various passing things and name them. The boy Asit could not speak since his birth though he heard well. She put him in a normal school but Asit refused to go as the other children made fun of him. Her complaints to the teacher were not of much avail as the boy was adamant. Her husband advised her to wait for a year more and in the meanwhile coach him at home. They went to all temples, undertook all vows and donated to all noble causes hoping for God’s grace.
As they were sitting one day on the bench watching the moving traffic of buses and trucks, a five year old boy came near Asit and stood by his side. Saranya found no one around .Must be a child of beggar woman, she thought. How careless of her to leave the child alone in the pavement by the side of a busy road, she wondered. She must be busy begging somewhere inside the park. Asit took out a toffee from his pocket and gave the boy. The boy almost snuggled around Asit. Saranya was restless seeing the boy left alone to fend for himself with his mother nowhere in sight. She turned her head hither and thither to locate her. Saranya wanted to leave for home but did not have the heart to go leaving the little boy just like that.
As she was thus engrossed in tracing the beggar woman, she heard a scream ‘Amma’ from Asit. She turned around to see in great shock the beggar boy walking towards the middle of the road with a big bus fast approaching the boy. Without wasting a moment and unmindful of the danger she jumped on the road and pulled the boy just in the nick of the moment before what could have certainly been a ghastly accident and instant death of the urchin. It was only when she brought the boy in her arms to the safety of the pavement, did she realise that her son had called her ‘Amma’.Her joy knew no bounds and she knew a miracle had happened. She sensed the presence of god when her fervent prayers had been answered. She hugged Asit and smothered him with kisses even as the boy started speaking haltingly.She firmly believed that God had moved his vocal chords while the doctor felt that it was the shock which did the wonder. Be that as it may, miracles do happen.


  1. Thanks for this beautiful story. Best wishes.

  2. yes....miracles does work out....
    amazing story...
    were does these stories come from???your thoughts???your heart???then hats off to you!!!!

  3. Very true and miracles do occur. A beautiful and heart warming story.

  4. Sir Ji Namaskar, may I with due permission share this wonderful story with some groups on yahoo.

    Thanks for sharing... God Bless...


  5. :) is still moving on,just ebcause of miracles n cos people believe in them..lovely story thatha..:*
    lakshmi :)

  6. Very nice story sir. You've beautifully written it. What was your inspiration to write this wonderful story? Any true incidents?

  7. Lovely story Gramps! I loved it.

    And I would like to believe it was a miracle from Heaven, a God-given reward for the mother's selfless concern and compassion for an urchin....

  8. Beautiful Story, yes miracles do happen and in this day and age when are beliefs are taking a flying leap. It God way to say that he's there.:)

  9. A very nice story. No matter how many scientific reasons are given, there is a Supreme Being watching over us.