Thursday, April 23, 2009

Castle in the air

Vijay was always there at 8-30am in front of his apartment’s elevator. He was on the fifteenth floor, the topmost floor of the building. There was another young woman whom he found most of the days, waiting for the elevator around the same time. There were many apartments in each floor and he did not know in which apartment she lived. She must be around 25, smart looking, attractive, a bit dusky and wore her dress well to enhance her charm. He has never been able to strike any conversation with her as a few other residents invariably joined to take the elevator. He had seen her casting furtive glances at him. Vijay was a tall and handsome young man with curly hairs that any woman would be happy to have a second look at..
The elevators were taking long time to reach the top floor. It was drizzling heavily and the sky was overcast. The morning paper had forecast a heavy downpour with thunder storm. She looked at her watch restively and repeatedly looked at the display panel. There were none around. Vijay smiled at her and said “Should be here anytime. The weather is scary.” She did not reply but with a faint smile nodded her head in agreement. Emboldened Vijay asked “I see you quite often here. I am Vijay in apartment 1516.” She just said that she was also residing in the same floor but did not indicate the number. Meanwhile the elevator came. They were the only two occupants and he pressed 0. .As the elevator started sliding down he heard a roll of thunder. The lift was going thirteenth floor, twelfth floor, eleventh floor…..
Vijay said “I am always scared to travel by lift during rain. This thunder is scaring me. I am somewhat relieved that I have some company.”
Just as she replied, “I am also averse to use the lift in such circumstances, but I am in a hurry today.” Even as she was speaking, there was a loud thunderclap and the lift came to a sudden halt. As Vijay swore “dammit’, the girl said softly the power must have been cut and acting coolly pressed the call button and asked for help.
She was told that the power had gone in the entire area by the rain and thunder and that they may have to wait for a while. Looking agitated at the reply, she said that she had an important meeting to attend to and that all the papers were with her. Vijay replied “There is nothing we can do except to pray God for the resumption of power. It can take an hour or more depending on our luck, Miss, er. . .” Viji “, she replied.
They sat down on the floor at two corners and were silent for a while.Viji was afraid to be alone with this young man whom she had seen several times but drew comfort with the thought that he was after all a co- tenant in the complex and appeared decent.. Vijay on the other hand was inwardly happy at the power break down and the prospect of spending an hour or more with this attractive woman alone in the small confined space. He had always watched her with romantic interest though he had no occasion to cultivate her. He saw from the corner of his eye Viji casting stealthy glances at him. Vijay started fantasizing how nice it would be if she were Mrs. Vijay. He told her that he was an IIT/IIM product, a vice president in a MNC bank, that he owned the apartment and that his parents were pressing him to marry soon. She looked at him with wide eyes and congratulated him on his bright career. She hoped a girl of his choice would materialize soon. Vijay took this as a subtle hint and was thrilled. He asked her what she was doing and was told that she had a PG Diploma from Xavier’s in HR Management and that she was with a reputed company. Vijay was doubly happy that if she agreed his would be partner would also be equally highly qualified. He had already started building castles in the air. He moved slightly near her and asked in a whisper what she thought of him as an eligible groom. She broke into a sweet smile and said “Which girl would refuse you? You are a talented and handsome hunk with a very nice position. She will grab you at the first opportunity.” Vijay concluded that this was an oblique remark to indicate her interest in him. He was in cloud nine. He decided to ask her out in the evening to take the matters to logical end.
Even as he was rehearsing the sentence in his mind, the elevator became alive and started sliding down fast. When he finally made bold to ask her “Viji, would you come out with me….’the doors opened at the ground floor with many waiting there.”She said “Certainly why not? How long do you think we should be confined in this sultry rat hole? Meet my husband Ravi” she pointed out to a young man waiting at the entrance and waving his hands at her.


  1. Very nice. An apt title. When I first started reading i thought the title had something to do with his apartment being in the topmost floor. I also like the choice of names which makes you assume they were destined to be together. The ending is very nice. The story written on a light note is very sweet and nice.

  2. Yes, such things do happen. There is no harm in expecting something; if it happens, well and good; if it doesn't it was not meant to happen. What is important is that one should not get obssessed with such desires or expectations.

    The story has been well-written. Thanks, and have a nice day :)

  3. A clear case of counting your chicken before they hatch. Quite hilarious and interesting,

  4. your stories are really interesting ...
    very simple as if you almost can conclude the end ... there pops the most intersting, bone-tickling punch line ...
    nice read sir ....
    but not be bad to be get caught up in an elavator situation like this! ;-)

  5. :) sorry am delayed and you know why, sir! nice story and thank u.. feels so good somw where, donno why :)

  6. A similar incident happened to one of my friend, Indeed very funny :))

  7. this was funny..and what's funny is that this actually happens..the moment we see somebody nice and attractive, we always want to think of marrying the other always comes down to love, in the end..