Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The curse of beauty

It was a very crowded hall.I was standing in a corner.People were moving past me with some staring at me and some may be in a hurry not noticing me.I always curse myself for the beauty god has endowed me with.The pity is I have heard people say that I am a knock down gorgeous woman and would figure above 9 in a scale of one to ten.You can put me in late twenties with a figure that is sure to win hands down a Miss World contest if I contested.The sharp chiseled features with a nose that could make Cleoptara jealous and eyes that could mesmerise even a sage were my bane.I hate being stared at and all the waking hours people ogle at me with covetous eyes. I am aware that extreme good looks can isolate people and make them objects of envy of women and adoration of men. There is also the tendency for people when they look at the beautiful women tending to assume that they are proud, arrogant and selfish which I am not.Be that may, let me recount the incident that happened today.

I noticed this handsome young man giving me all his undivided attention.He was not moving as others did after a furtive glance or a cold stare.He stood transfixed like a statue at a distance from me eyeing me all the time.I averted his gaze but could sense his deep eyes groping on me.No doubt he was very attractive, tall, muscular and dusky with dark hair that curled and fell on his face.I don’t know how to describe his pointed but curious look though I felt inwardly flattered.I didn’t like his eyes grazing on my midriff that remained uncovered by the sari that I wore.

When some people seemed to notice his standing for a long time at the same place, he moved to another area a few feet away without his gaze being shifted.I feared whether his intentions were honest and felt the comfort of the constant crowd around me..When the crowd started thinning, he came closer to me and walked around me though he made no advances.May be he was a silent admirer of beauty as I saw from my sideward glance taking pictures of me surreptitiosuly in his mobile. I didn’t object as I am used to this annoyance.

I don’t know how long I was standing lost in my thoughts.The hall was practically empty except for a few moving fast engrossed in their own preoccupations.It was then this young man made bold to approach me and audaciously stroke my bare midriff and kiss his hands.I was dumbstruck at his impetuosity though to be honest I was happy and even had half a mind to hug him.

It was then I heard the security shouting at him”Keep off the statues.Don’t you see the board warning you not to touch the articles under display in the museum.”


  1. Beauty is a blessing,
    because, well,
    who doesn't want to be beautiful ;)

    But it is also a curse
    because you want people to love you for you, not for your beauty...
    So if you are with someone,
    you may never know why they actually love you !!!

    Is it for your beauty,
    or is it deeper than that ...

  2. Good one. Could keep the suspense till the end.

  3. Ha ha ha...whatta twist in the end? A talking statue? I thought she was a warm blooded Venus-like creature who'd make head turns in her awesome beauty!

    How did u come up with this story na?

    Nice and interesting story!

  4. I was wondering why this lady does not go to some other place if she was so much disturbed with the stair... Now now... Good suspense... :)

  5. What imagination ! Loved it.

  6. its really good one..i like imagination like dats
    ..u know wat i jus pass throught ur blog n wen i read it....i can't wait ....to comment.

  7. yess this is awesome stuff......i liked the twist at the end.....just like O henry stories.....i like the narration and your imagination....great Partha.....expecting more of this kind......Thanks for sharing....

  8. Nice one, but somehow i could guess it was statue, but my second thought was she might be a beggar as she was also in standing in the same place for a long time :)