Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Romance on the net

“Hi, I am Raja, 24/Chennai/M/Single/Engineer

“Hi, Sweta, 22/Chennai/F/Single/MCA

“My first visit to chat room and my first conversation’ said Arun who had given a different name

“Me too. We sail in the same boat.Nice to meet you.Working?’ said Lakshmi aka Sweta

Thus began the internet friendship between the two. Arun was on the look out for a job and spent time in the internet café browsing the net and chatting with friends in google chat. What commenced as a few minutes chat extended into hours daily. They became close to each other sharing all information except pictures and addresses. They seemed to like each other and found many common interests. Six months past they were still chatting daily with the same fervour and got to speak on mobile phones. When Arun suggested that they meet at a movie theatre, she politely declined. But the romance built up with each one swearing by the other. They felt they would form an ideal couple with both hopefully working on similar profession.

Meanwhile he noticed one tall young girl in her early twenties visiting the internet café daily around the same time. She was extremely charming with her long hair in plaits hanging up to her hip. She had hazel eyes and very well aligned teeth. Though Arun smiled at her, she ignored him.He made repeated attempts to pick conversation with her only to be rebuffed with a cold stare. One day as he was working on his computer in his cubicle, he heard a sweet voice “Mister, I need your help. My computer is not working. The man in charge of the café is not found. I am required to send an application today itself. Can you please check” and found the tall hazel eyed girl leaning on his the cubicle partition.

“Sure. One second, will be there” he said as he went to her cubicle. It took longer time than he expected. He said “I have no urgent work. You please use my computer while I try to set this right.”

The girl profusely thanked him. From that day their friendship blossomed. They spent longer hours outside the internet café talking to each other. Not a day was missed to be together though there was no suggestion of romantic inclinations from the girl's side.She considered him as good friend.

But Arun was torn between the girl who chatted with him daily and the new found attractive girl. He was not sure whom he loved more. The hazel eyed girl had an edge over the other whose face he had not seen. He was not sure how she would look like. Nevertheless the chats continued professing love for each other.

It was then one day Sweta mentioned during the chat about her birthday, Arun jumped at the opportunity and pressed her to come for a Pizza and coke at Dominos. He said it was a public place and she should have no objection. She relented. It was agreed that she would come in blue denim and a cream colour top and he would come in blue jeans and black T shirt. He would be carrying a bouquet in his hands for the meeting at 6pm sharp. Arun thought he would decide whom to pursue whether hazel eyed girl or Sweta after the meeting at Dominos.
Sharp at 6pm he entered Dominos with a bouquet on hand and was shocked to see the hazel eyed girl standing there. But he gathered himself, put a broad smile on his face and greeted her asking “How come you are here?”

“I have the same question for you.” She answered

“I have come to meet a college mate of mine here. She should be here any time” he replied

“Why bouquet? Any special occasion, Arun” she asked

“Yes, it is her birthday.” he replied

Abruptly she asked “Are you Raja by any chance waiting to meet a girl by name Sweta?”

He was shocked and mumbled incoherently “How do you know? She was supposed to come in the same dress you are wearing.What a coincidence?”

The next moment he heard a raspy voice “Raja, your game is out. I am Sweta with whom you were chatting daily.I hate you” she said.

Arun aka Raja went on his knees next moment and with a flourish extended the bouquet telling “Lakshmi, all is well that ends well. I wish to propose to you right away. Will you marry me?”

“I would have readily but for your duplicity,you two timer.You were flirting with Sweta professing your love for her while at the same time romancing with me at the internet café” said Lakshmi angrily as she threw the bouquet on his face and walked out.


  1. ho my god..

    she too chatted with some stranger and agrees to meet him at d|Domino..

    rules changing for boys and gals?

  2. Beautiful Fantastic Write Up!!!!!

  3. Reminded me of the movie-
    Mitr my friend

  4. but she also did the same thing right?

  5. wow....but why call him a two timer?/..may be you can write a sequel to this:)

  6. ha ha ha, what an interesting story?

    but i hate the girl dumping the bouquet of roses! and dumping him too!

    but the girl also hid in another name, so they're quits on that!

    very entertaining story this is Kp!

  7. That was some reaction. But she had double standards.

  8. I would have hated this story had the girl said 'yes' to his proposal. Again, if she had no romantic inclinations to this guy, would she spend hours talking to him outside the cafe? I have my doubts. Anyway, this was an extremely entertaining story. :)

  9. Even the girl was doing the same right?

  10. I thought it would have a hindi film ending. But this was good too.

  11. y did the girl continue talking to arun outside the cafe, thus indirectly encouraging him, if she had felt that he was "romancing" with her in the cafe, as she says at the end? i don't think she has the right to get on the moral high horse!

  12. truely making amends for the time lost with back to back nice stories...

    story wont be interesting without a fine twist ha? :P

  13. Interesting... But, she also did the same mistake!!!!

  14. Good story with correct ending.
    Thanks, Parthasarathi :)